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Updated 10 May, 2013.
Congratulations to all for getting the coveted WAT-PI call from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Please use this thread only for posting your WAT and PI related queries..

Please post your profile as well, under following headers.

UG Course:
Work Ex (sector) & years:

Some Pieces of Information:
1.Interview dates are unknown to us. Should happen in mid or end February.

2.Mentorship Program will go live in few days. Each shortlisted candidate will be allotted a mentor. The mentors are current students at IIM-K. You can discuss anything with them. Each one of you will be receiving the mail within a day or two

3. The GD/PI/WAT experiences of PGP 13, 14 and 15 are uploaded here for your benefit. Kindly check. In due course of time you will also receive the WAT/PI experience of the 2012-2014 batch

4.A group of seniors will also remain active on Pagalguy and will help you if you have any concerns/queries you people might have.

5.Relevant links (we will keep updating this section):

6.To understand what IIMK is all about and what goes on inside God's Own Kampus

·IIM K blog: K filesàhttp://blog.iimklive.com/

7.last years' WAT/PI threads on PG

a.[2012-2014] http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschools/iimk-wat-slash-pi-2012-2014-batch-t-78306/p-3252191/r-3268274?page=1

8. Some pointers

a. Documents required for Final day

You will receive a mail on submission of data form B as to what to carry and what not Take at least 2 copies of your personal data form A and B

You have to have proof of everything that you enter in your personal data form B i.e. if you are putting in extracurrics you ought to have certificates, if you are putting in positions of responsibilities you should carry a letter from college authorities in case u do not have a certi

Xerox copy of all certis required. Please do carry them, they are collected at the center. This is done is most of the centres

b. About the Form

The references need not be restricted to your project guides only. You can give references of your college faculty, trainers during internship, HOD in college, and any other on similar lines. But they must not be any family members, immediate or otherwise.

For aspirants with work experience, it would be preferred if you can get at least one reference from your work place.

**Appointment Letter and Pay Slips should suffice as requirements of work experience though there may be a case where work ex certi might be required. We can confirm only in days to come

The section 3 - Employee Details is to be filled ONLY by people having full time work experience. Please leave the questions blank if you are a fresher.

If no word limit has been specified, please make your answers long as you wish. However, please ensure that your answers are crisp and precise and communicate effectively your reason to go for a management career

Reasons why you took up those hobbies would help the panel better understand your personality. So, please go ahead with reasons instead of simply listing them out (**I was only asked questions on Defense and nothing else)

About the question on the Single biggest Achievement: The panel wants to know what you consider as your biggest accomplishment. This might be in order to understand more about you and your personality. It could be from your school life, college or even your professional career.

For NC OBC or SEBC, one needs to confirm the same with your respective village Tahasildars. The NC OBC certificate as mentioned in catiim.in has to be produced

c. Some general guidelines for placing achievements in categories:

Organizational achievements are meant to gauge your leadership/management skills. If you have organized any event (e.g. a part of the organizing committee in college techfest/culfest or club) or have been in the organizing team of any national/international conference, mention it here.

Cultural/social achievements are meant for events which are considered to be a part of our society and culture (like fine arts/music/painting/drawing/debates/quizzes).

Sports achievements should include excellence in any sports/games that you have played.

Achievements that cannot be put under the above heads (like scholastic, robotics, certifications) should be mentioned under "any other information". This section intentionally does not have a word limit so that you can mention your important achievements that can't be clubbed in other sections. However, please make sure that you don't dilute this section by mentioning trivial events.

It is advised that you mention only those achievements for which you have documents of proof. These may not be certificates. It can also be letters from relevant authorities, e.g the Principal/Dean of your school.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IIM-Kozhikode/101851176539713 Blog: http://blog.iimklive.com/
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