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Please share your WAT/GD/PI experiences in this thread . Stick to the format given below: Name: cat percentile (OA): Sec1: Sec2: 10th and 12th Marks: Work Ex : Extra-curricular/Co-curricular: Anything special Date...
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Name : Neha Gulati

Cat percentile : 99.41 (OA) 99.31 (VA) 97.3 (QA)

10th : 87.2
12th :93.25

Grad : B.Com (hons) 2011 - 77

Work - ex : 12 months

Extra-curr : Decent

Date and Venue : 18th march 2013 Delhi

Wat Topic : Corruption in sports committees and government interference is degrading the quality of sports in India. Elaborate and provide remedies.

Preparation : 2/5
Performance : 3.5/5

Panel : Alumni resembling Richard gere (R)... Bong Prof (B)..... Prof resembling Lalu prasad yadav (L)

Me : Good Afternoon
B : Have a seat... good afternoon.

R and L : no response
Me: Good afteroon all 😛
R and L : good afternoon neha 😁

B : So u must be waiting for very long and preparing on questions which we are asking other candidates. (I was the 10th person in my panel )
Me : Yes Sir..... long enough to go and have vadas at the cafeteria... And i did not actually prepare for anything question except "Tell me about yourself".... (smile)

L : Not interested R : going through my file
B : but tell me wat are people's reactions after d interview and wat r v asking majorly from everyone.

Me: reactions have been mixed and ppl were usually dreading questions on maths and current affairs.

B: So is it okey to ask maths questions in an intervew? Reason ur answer
Me : Yes as one can check a person's logical ability and hence his decision making skills.

L : So r are saying ppl who cannot solve maths questions cannot be gud decision makers.
Me : No that is not wat i meant. A detailed heated discussion .... everyone convinced at the end.

R: So u said that u have prepared about tell me urself question. So I can ask u any question about urself.
Me : Yes Sir

R : Stressed on "any" n number of times and then says even ur deep down secrets....
Me : (Wat........ is dis sum roadies interiew going on) Sir u can as i dont really have any grey areas to hide but I dont think dat wud help u in any way to judge my suitability for ur b-skul.

R : Who r u to decide???
Me : (Wat...T F ) Smiled

R : Sittin on this chair does not give me the right to ask u any question but yes I can ask any question from ur profile... understood...!!! So can I say u dont think before u speak??
Me. : 😲 Dat is exactly wat I meant sir wen I said....

R : So can I say u r not articulate enough?
Me : I am . But as u Know a person cannot be perfect all the time 😁 So I could have articulated my sentence better here.

Me : Smiling

Everyone : Blue

L : So wat is ur percentile? told
: Wat all calls do u have? told

: Why not A and B? Sir grad marks

B : what would ur percentile be in ur university? 99+
: How can u say so ? I think u are over rating urself ?

Me: A whole discussion with me cookin up a story how der are 50 odd colleges offerin my course number of ppl getting 70+ as I had gone through the data with my frnd wen we did not get a A call....(LOL)

Smiles....Convinced..... 😃

B : So tell me wat is a median ? told
: Is der any link between median and percentile ? told
: With ur score in which quartile wil it fall ? told

R : So u have very scattered work-ex ? Why ? ( I have worked in a bank/ Big 4/ sold insurances/counselled students)
Me : sir sellin insurances and student consulting were during college days for my pocket money and it was part -tym... Met with an accident while I was workin in the bank was no bed rest for 2 months den got a better opp so joined PwC.

R : Give me ur brief for the insurance?
Me : gave

B : So have u heard about returns on asset?
Me : explained

B : which is better 10% asset or 7% asset?
Me : cannot say only on the basis of return other things needs to be considered... blah blah

B : Give a live example
Me : compared copyrights with printing machine both being assets.

All convinced.

B : so wat is npv ? told
: another method similiar to npv ? told
: which is better and why ? told
: why is npv = 0 when we calculate irr? told

out of the blue.... L : what is verma committee?
Me : started thinking about committees formed for financial purposes... sir dont know

all : wat u dont know verma commitee ? No Sir can't recall... 😞

IF we tell u will be like omg.... Me : Smiled shamefully

L : 16th December
Me : Yes sir and den told

R : we are done.
Me : got up .... thank u 😃

B : Wait...... Have u gone through our website???
Me : Yes

B: Wat is cems?
Me : Told

OK Thank u Neha...
Thank u 😃

Preparation - 3/5

Performance - 3.5/5

Time : 35-40 mins

Verdict : Converted 😁 😛 😁

" Joka"ing my way to glory.....!!!
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@steelyResolve  ·  751 karma

that was one roller coaster interview u had 😁

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@JINNI  ·  0 karma
@AshuIIMA In 2012 iim calcutta became a member of global alliancein management education.... being first b-school from India. Select students are offered CEMS masters in internatinational management as an additional degree....

@steelyResolve Seriously dude 😛
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Name: Anuj Sood

cat percentile (OA):99.86



10th and 12th Marks: 89.8 & 84.2

Work Ex : 20 months

Extra-curricular/Co-curricular: a few

Anything special : none whatsoever 😛

Date of Interview: 20 march

Location of interview: Delhi

WAT - topicWAT experience : state of wildlife conservation in india and the steps you will take to protect wildlife (something like that)

your view of your preparation(0-5): 2

performance(0-5): 3

No. of people in the interview panel: 2 guys -> 1 soft spoken middle aged guy(P1)

1 Strict guy (P2)

Questions in PI:

P1 -> (was going thru my form) u didn't write your grad specialization in the form. Why ?

Me -> ummmm...i missed it. He gave a stern look and asked me to fill it.

P1-> Asked about what i do at work ?

Me-> Told

P1-> asked about the Rand() function in C language and asked how does it produces a random number. There needs to be some formula ?

Me -> (good question..never thought of it). i told him that i don't know exactly how it works but said if i were to design a random function then i would blah blah... spoke for around 5 mins continuously not even knowing what i was speaking 😛 but spoke confidently and that was the best part of the interview...when i finished they were spell bound 😛

P1-> asked a maths question. if there is a student who got a 2nd rank in one subject and 4th in another, what can be his best and worst overall rank given both the subjects are weighted equally?

Me-> No paper, no pen and they were staring continuously at me for an answer. I asked for 2 minutes to think and then gave the right answers 😃

P2->You want drive innovation in this country(wrote it in the form) ? HOW ?

Me -> gyaan blah blah...

P2-> not convinced. gave me examples of innovators with no MBA

Me- > more gyaan....more blah blah...

P2-> never looked convinced

Me-> 😞 that was the worst part of the PI

P1 & P2--> thank you & all the best

Me -> thank you saars....sprinted out of the room 😁

Duration of PI: 15-20 minutes

your view of your preparation(0-5): 3

and performance(0-5). : 3

Verdict : Converted 😃 😃

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@Ani1308  ·  385 karma

even then.. R1R3 , R4R1 , R3R2 will be 1 , 2 , 3rd..leaving R2R4 as 4th..

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@bangbu  ·  0 karma

dude, if ther are only two subjects and this guy's rank is 2nd in 1 and 4th in the other, his rank can never go beyond 5th even if n students are present

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March 11, 2013 8 am slot

Bangalore, Monarch Luxor Hotel

OA: 99.81
Sec1: 99.87
Sec2: 96.69

10th: 86%
12th 86%

Work-ex: 19 months
Extra curricular/smthing special: nothing

PGDM call

Three professors - middle-age male professor (p1),middle-age female professor (p2) and old male professor (p3)

P2: have some biscuits

Me: thank you mam, I just had them.

P1: abe le le yar. It's ok. Interview has not started yet.

Me: thank you sir. I just had a healthy breakfast (smilesall around)

P2: ok then, tell us something about yourself.

Me: mam, myself…works in …had done engg from ….. in my freetime, I like to read/watch about fighter aircrafts, try to follow air shows if possible,cricket, follow Indian politics on a limited level and Hindu mythology, inwritten or visual form.

P2: how long did battle of kurukshetra take place?

Me: mam, I assume, you mean Mahabharat.

P2: yes

Me: 18 days mam, and 19th day, Ashwathama led a proxywar and killed sons of Pandavas.

P1: ok, you said, politics at limited level…care to explain?

ME: yes sir, India is a vast country with each state havingits own share of politics. Its hard to follow everything.

P1: what do you follow?

Me: Narendra modi, Rahul Gandhi, UP politics, Nitish Kumar,Chattisgarh Raman Singh for Public Distribution system, a bit of Telangana andobviously Haryana, sir .

P1: explain to me this PDS. I don't know a thing about it.

Me: explained how Raman Singh kicked private vendors out,stopped leakage of grains as well as money. Divided needy people into groups. Used bar-codes. Set prices. Gave control to panchayats etc.

P3: been to Raipur?

Me: no sir.

P3: there are many houses, which have BPL family writtenoutside their house. Is it correct?

Me: yes sir. It helps kicking people who are taking benefitsillegally through social pressures, thus more making way to needy. Though, itmay hurt the pride of poor initially, they must understand that food comesfirst.

P1: #somethingabout pride vs food etc#

Me: tried to explain.

P1: ok, tell me. Why isn't Nano successful.

Me: in my personal opinion, people generally prefer to buy asecond hand alto instead of nano. They feel it hurts their pride. They even gowith a 1.5 lakh bike but wouldn't buy Nano

P1: but you just said, pride is not important.

Me: tried to explain on how poor shouldn't concentrate uponpride . a hungary family wont add to their pride, while person planning on nanohas around 1-1.5 lakhs in his kitty. He can afford to choose

P1: #not ready to let go, more discussion#

Me: I think, I explained well on similar lines.

P3: do you think, drugs should be banned in college campuses?

Me: yes sir.

P3: but, it's a constitutional right.

Me: I agree sir, but in a campus, people consuming drugsalmost necessarily end up missing lectures and doing poorly in exams. Finallyget an average placement and curse college and get depressed etc. Talked a lot about depression.

P3: you know why I asked that. That athlete from Haryana-punjab. You know?

Me: I know sir. You are talking about Vijendra singh. But, Ithought you are stressing on Rahul Gandhi's statement that 70% youth in Punjabis drug addict.

P1: we have 8 people to interview. What is your probabilityof getting selected?

Me: 25 % (shit.. yes, I said that)

P1,P2: 😲 😲

Me: I meant in my category sir. ( bal bal bache 😛 )

P2: relation between hectare and acre.

Me: didn't remember acre correctly L #p3 disliked this and askedme to say no, if I don't know#

P1: you seem to have an awkward interest in dog-fights. How?I mean seriously, how?

Me: sir, dog-fights between fighter aircrafts sir.

P1: is it? #P3explained to him that fights between fighter jets is dog-fight#

P1: ok, but why fighter jets?

Me: (told.. p3,p1 felt happy)

P1: did you try for air-force?

Me: #told,he seemed convinced#

P2: why did you leave your first job in 3 months?

Me: #somefunda, about how first company asked to shift to Hyderabad, I wanted to stay inBangalore with a part of family#

P2: your CGPA follows a sinusoidal curve. Bad in 1styear, ok in 2nd year, worst in 3rd year and great in 4thyear.

Me: #fundae, gyan# ( seemed to be a weak argument, butP3 came to my rescue and told others that Computer Science in Pilani is reallytough.)

P1: Name 3 fighter aircrafts manufacturing companies.

Me: (my strong point, told around 12 companies with fighterjets from each one of them 😛 😃 )

P3: you may stop #laughed very hard#

P3-me: #lotof discussion about Khap Panchahyat, is it needed, is it rogue, you want it,you want to abolish etc# told him one particular horrific incident, I find wrong (not honor killing) and why they'llexist despite judiciary and press's efforts.

P2: 1 bat and 1 ball cost rs. 110. Bat costs 100 more thanball. Tell individual prices in 2 seconds.

Me: #told,but was confused about why this? I was expecting calculus, matrices, vectorsand what not..Everyone giggled looking at my face#

P1: 1 bat and 1 ball cost rs. 125. Bat costs 115 more thanball. Tell individual prices in 2 seconds.

Me: #stillconfused, have I fared so poorly in my interview that they are asking this 😞 #

P2: which all calls you have?

Me: told.

P2: which one will you choose?

Me: Calcutta #fundae#

P3: anything you want to ask?

Me: asked a bit about MIS department in IIM C

P1,P2,P3: thank you

Me: thank you.

I came out of the room, my heart was still beating like crazy. sort of happy that it was all over. It's just that something inside me told me that I can have hope to get to wait-list at least.

Verdict : Selected \m/ \m/ 🍻

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@Tuskerr  ·  0 karma

March 13, 2013  8 am slot

Bangalore, Monarch Luxor Hotel


OA: 99.91

Quant/DI: 99.84

Verbal/LR: 99.05


10th: 91%(C.B.S.E.)

12th :93.4%(C.B.S.E.)

Grad:78.6%(8.65 -C.G.P.A)


Work-ex: 5 months(till 31st
Jan,2013) in Electric Vehicles


WAT/PI: The television media focuses
more on violence, disaster and negative news.Why is it so?

Experience: Very bad.Wrote a very
tangential essay, which never dealt with the core topic.


Interview(2 Panelists):

Q-Tell me about yourself.


Q-Why MBA?


Q- What other calls u have?


Q-Why did u apply for PGDCM?

A-Told who has been my inspiration and
the factors I would base my decision on if I am lucky enough to choose b/w the

Q-What according to u is the future of
electric vehicles in India?

A-Told that I am optimistic about
it.Gave a cost benefit analysis.Features,etc.

Q-Can u think of any alternative fuel?

A-Told ethanol(My father works in sugar
industry).Gave the short term and long term prospects.

Q-What is Fiscal consolidation?

A-Explained very well(I can say that because
I read about it in ET some days back.).

Q-What is Direct Tax code?

A-I don't remember sir.I read about it
in newspapers, but forgot.

Q-How good are u in maths?

A-I am okay.I have been out of touch,
but should be able to answer if it is related to the CAT syllabus.

Q-If I draw face diagonals on 2 adjacent
faces of the cube, what would be the angle b/w them.

A-60 degree.


A-Told it will be a tilted equilateral
triangle if I join the 3rd diagonal also.

Q-Draw the curve for “The more I eat,
the less hungry I am”.

A- Drew an exponentially decreasing

Q-Why exponential, why not linear?

A-I gave an analogy to capacitors and told
how the professors in the college used to compare the charging and discharging
of capacitors with a hungry man.(I am an E&C; engineer)

Q-Give the equation if it is a linearly
decreasing curve.

A-Tried.Did sth.Prof was not
satisfied.I asked again.He told what he wanted to hear and asked me to leave.


That is it. Overall, I was very satisfied
with the way interview was conducted.They tried to test me on various aspects.


Final Verdict:Converted(Both

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congrats to ppl who got selected please post your gd and pi experience on this thread...the thread is almost dead...rolleyesrolleyes

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. -TD
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How many seats are there in PGDCM ?

Final Converts-IIM A,C,L,S . Waitlisted - IIM B, FMS
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@lostwanderer  ·  0 karma

yes 52 is like what I had heard

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@CATroid  ·  0 karma

ithne dinon se c thread mein hee pade hue hain! ithna bhi bol nahi paaye toh kya hai! likh lo it's 52 😃

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I need help.

My profile looks like this:10th- 89.2

12th- 74.4

Currently pursuing B.Tech+MBA(integrated 5 year course) from NMIMS, MUMBAI

CGPA- 8.7

Do I stand a chance of getting a call from BLACKI?

Does having a PG already gives me edge over others?


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Converted IIMC PGDCM, WL-24 in PGDM. Also converted IIMA.

Now I am really confused what to join . 😠😠

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@lostwanderer  ·  0 karma

u still asking what to join?  :P 😛  Jao bhai WIMWI

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Converted both PGDM and PGDCM............. Calcutta here I come. mg 🍻

CAT'12: 99.96, Calls: A, C, L, FMS. Converts: IIM C, FMS, IIM L
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@Annie1234  ·  0 karma
@ledgic mine is really dicey rite now! m in WL 😉
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@ledgic  ·  0 karma

U will get through.... in the meanwhile congrats for L

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After a terrible C interview and rejection from B, thought IIM dreams were over, but no ..... I'm in HELL YEAH !!

@lostwanderer  ·  0 karma

Welcome to India.. After ur stunning NYU Stern 😁

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@sb3191  ·  0 karma

Haha feel like SRK from Swades 😛

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Any idea where international candidates can check results ... or is it only by mail?

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