Acads: Xth- 94.6 %,CBSE, 2008

XIIth-93.4 %, CBSE, 2010

Graduation- Engineering(Electronics and Communication), 81.98 % (upto 6th semester),

2014 pass out, BIT Mesra

Work-Ex: 0

CAT 2013:

Quant: 93.96 Verbal: 99.56 Aggregate: 99.15

Category: General

Extra curriculars: Literary

WAT & PI Experience

Venue: The Kenilworth, Kolkata Date : 26 March 2014

Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:

There were two essays.

1. Topic was 'Impact of Internet on society and economic scenario of the country'

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):3

2. Topic was 'Write about a younger person who has inspired you'

Rate your preparation(0-5):0

Rate your performance(0-5):2

PI: Questions and snapshot of answers:

Out of the seven candidates under Panel 5, I was the last to enter. There were two panelists-one, a man in his thirties who was all smiles(A) and the other about ten years older(B).

Me(entering):Good Afternoon!

A(all smiling): Good Evening!

Me(to the other panelist):Good Evening!

After the preliminary greetings, I handed over my certificate folder to B who went through it thoroughly.

A(with a smile as if he was working in an ad):So…how does it feel to be the last?

Me(Hurt…..Really!):All I can say is I may be the last but I am definitely not the least.

Both smile away and A clarifies:No, no, what I meant was how was the waiting experience? Would you liked to have been the first one and get it done with?

Me(feeling a little confused):Yeah, ofcourse. I have got a train to catch tonight. And plus, I have got other plans in Kolkata too.

A:Oh…I see. (They seem amused) What are your other plans?

Me(feeling terribly stupid): Ummm…I plan to eat Biriyani at Arslan's.

B: Okay….and where is that? Is it highly renowned? Because I have never heard of it.

There is a small discussion about whether Arslan's is in Park Street or in the opposite end. They ask me which train I have to catch that night.

A: So, you stay in Ranchi and you study in BIT Mesra. Was this your decision or your parents'? (BIT Mesra is about 20 kms away from home, hardly an hour by road)

Me: Parents' decision because of the distance and my decision because I was getting my favourite branch so it was kind of a win-win situation.

Both laugh hearing the term “win-wi n situation”. I feel a little suscipicious.

A: So, have you done any projects or internships in your college?

Me: (Tell them about internships and stuff. A 5-min technical talk about communication )

B: Are you placed in any company?

Me: Yes. Samsung Noida.

B: So, why don't you work for some years and then think about MBA?

Me: (Tell them about mind-getting-biased and some talk about entrepreneurship ensues. They ask me if anyone in my family is an entrepreneur and what my business idea would be. I answer all these quite well, even the question about whether Samsung had started out as an electronics company to which the answer is “No, the man behind it used to sell noodles at first.”)

A: You like travelling a lot. Where all have you travelled in India?

Me: (Told.)

A: Suggest us some place to travel.

Me: (Ask them where they would want to go and in which season and then say, Gangtok is the perfect place to go in winter.)

A: You have been to Ahmedabad. Tell us what salient things are to be seen there.

Me: (Told. Inbetween, B asked me something about the sculptures of Hathising Jain temple and a small discussion on Jainism, where it originated, how it flourished, whether Mahavira was the first or the last tirthankar and so on..)

A: Do you know Ajay Kumar?

Me: No.

A: Okay…do you know who is the MP from Jamshedpur?


A(maybe exhausted): So, you are not much into politics?

Me: The politics of Jharkhand is so dynamic with chief ministers changing every year that I have lost interest.

A: Okay…tell me is there a chance for Naveen Patnaik to become the Prime Minister?

Me: (Answer in negative. Tell them the reason.)

B: But, Naveen Patnaik has been constantly winning elections in his state. Why do you think the state people support him?

Me: (Tell them about the recent cyclone, Phylin and how the government tackled it efficiently)

A: Tell me about some news that you are following. Not the missing plane, not Ukraine. It may be within the last 2-3 years of time.

Me: There is this new travel website….

A( interrupting with a gigantic smile): Is that even a news?

Both of them laugh and I quickly think what else I can speak of.

Me: (Talk about rupee depreciation, how it started in US and cascaded to the other nations.)

They asked me about the current situations in Greece, Iceland and Egypt. Answered properly.

B:If I give you the money and the resources, where in the world would you like to go?

Me(smiling because this was my dream question): Italy.

B: No, no, name a place. Where in Italy?

Me: Rome. (give them a brief description of Rome and why it is interesting to me. Talk about the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' where the protagonist goes to Italy in search of good cuisine.

A( laughing along with B): I am sure with all this talk about food, you must be quite hungry by this time.

Me:( smile awkwardly, feeling like a giant foodie monster)

B: Imagine you are the pilot of MH-370. You have all the navigation controls with you. Where would you take the plane?

Me (not really understanding where the question is): To where it is supposed to go, to Beijing!

There is an awkward second or two after which I continue: Ofcourse, if I am a pilot, I should be getting sufficient salary to sponsor myself a trip to Rome. So, why take all the people along?

They smile and A asks: Is there any question you would like to ask us?

Me:(Ask why we were told to write our essays on a separate sheet of paper while that sheet was already present in our application forms.)

They laughed again and replied that it was an afterthought. By this time, I was feeling like a joker and picking up an Eclairs at their request, I left the room quietly before I would say something more and they would start laughing all over again.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 2

Rate your performance(0-5):4

Predicted Verdict: No, it was too much of a conversation to be really counted as a good interview, or atleast I thought so.

Actual Verdict: Yes! 👏

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