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Acads:X: 89 CBSE Board

XII: 83.6 CBSE Board

Grad: 8.3/10 Btech Mechanical IIT Delhi

Work-Ex: 42 Months, PwC, ICICI and iCreate

CAT 2012:

OA: 99.65

QA & DI: 99.96

VA & LR: 86.24

Category: Gen

Extra curricular: Nothing great to highlight

PI Experience

Venue: Mumbai

Date : 11th Feb,2013

Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:

“Direct cash transfer will reduce the problem of leakage in subsidy”

Average attempt: Not very factual write up but I ensured to conclude the essay. (Just an advice, manage your time so that you are able to conclude the essay, do not leave it in between)


Duration: around 15-20 minutes

Two male profs P1 and P2

P1: Professor from analytics and business intelligence domain

P2: Younger of the two, seemed to be quant expert

And here it goes

P1: So bhaumik tell us something about yourself

Me: Sir I did my graduation so and so……..for last 3 years I am working in BI…..(and he stopped me here before I can go on to explain my work)

P1: Ok, so what is BI?

Me: Sir if I explain it in layman terms, then it means….(stop)

P1: No, forget layman, let us actually talk what is BI

Me: I gave some gyan on what business intelligence is and what do I do

P1: Why the name Business Intelligence, what is so intelligent in it? Dont you think it is a very fancy name?

Me: I tried to convince him, it is about exploring information which is hidden in data blah blah (but he seems unconvinced)

P1: Ok, can you tell us specific analytical models you have built?

Me: Sir, I have not worked extensively on analytical models, my role has been more on functional requirement gathering and reports side

P1: can you tell us some report you have designed etc etc?

Me: took an example from my project with bank mandiri, Jakarta…

P1: But what is so extra ordinary in this work…any normal human being can do this….i do not see any intelligence in this

Me: tried to convince him with some more gyan…(but he did not seem happy)

P2: You have such a good profile and this work does not seem to be going good with your profile

Me: was speechless, could not think what to respond, again went on explaining on how my work is different, what challenges are involved etc etc..

P2 takes the lead from here on

P2: You have done graduation in mechanical, but you are now working in other industry. How do you think you are able to apply what u learned in mechanical?

Me: Sir, it is true that from technical perspective I am not applying what I learned in mechanical, but if I see from a broader perspective whatever I learned and did at IIT has helped me enhancing my problem solving and time management skills and I am able to utilize those in my current work

P2: problem solving.....Ok..... I will ask you a problem in math

Me: Ok sir

P2: Two men A and B are playing a game of throwing a ball into the hoop. Probability of A throwing the ball in the hoop is .2 and probability of B throwing the ball in the hoop is .3. Game stops as soon as one of them is able to throw the ball in the hoop. What is the probability that A will win

Me: It was such a simple problem to solve….but I made a lot of blunders. There were lot of questions in between on why u have done P(A) * P(B), what do you mean by independent events etc….at the end I still seemed confused and was not able to solve the problem

Both P1 and P2 seemed a little disappointed

P1: Ok tell me on what topic in maths do you want us to ask question.

Me: (this was a gamble, if I choose a topic and not able to answer I was gone). I told any topic should be fine sir

P1: (With a angry look, took a pen and paper and drew some random graph) Can you draw the graph of derivative of this function?

Me: thank god, I did not panic and somehow it clicked me on how to go about it. I was able to do it perfectly. There were questions in between on why this change from concave to convex etc…what is point of inflexion. I answered them all. ( My opinion, I think this was the only turning point in my interview, profs were not expecting that I would be able to solve it but I was able to and it seemed that they gained confidence in me after this)

P1: Ok, Bhaumik. So you have been to Jakarta. Can you compare Jakarta and delhi

Me: I spoke some random points

P1: What else?

Me: Are you looking for anything specific in the comparison sir?

P1: Tell us something about people, culture etc

Me: Blah Blah….

P1: ok, so lets say if you want to see penguins, what all countries of the world would you travel?

Me: Sir penguins are mostly found in antarctica

P1: No No …tell me the name of countries, Antarctica is not a country

Me: Sir - New Zealand, Australia

P1: More?

Me: don't know other sir

P1: Ok what about Zebra?

Me: (thinking on what to speak…….) before I even start P2 pushed another one

P1: Ok, at least tell me about Timbaktu. Where will you find timbaktu? This was in news recently, you would have heard about it

Me: I am so sorry sir, but I don't know about timbaktu

Ok, bhaumik ….we are done….don't forget to collect your belongings


Initially waitlisted at 13 in general, finally converted….. 😁😁

CAT 2012: OA-99.65; QA-DI: 99.96; VA-LR: 86.24 || Converted IIM A
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