Hopefully, helpful for next years' aspirants.


Category : General

X: 89.6%
XII : 86.6 %
Undergrad : 6.8/10 (Engg, IIT)

Cat Score : 99.96
Work ex : ~3 years in i-banking/fin

PI : Broadly divided

North Korea (5 mins)
P1 : What have you heard about North Korea ? Why is it in the news ? {Out of the blue}
This followed a discussion on North Korea's Nuclear Policy, the current global nuclear scenario, and lot of cross questioning. A bit about CTBT, India's nuclear policy etc.

{Less factual, more opnion based.}

Communal Politics (5 mins)
P1: What's wrong when people (Praveen Togadia, Owaisi et al) give communal hate speeches ? Isn't it their Right to freedom of expression ? Where do you draw the line ?
{A discussion on these lines with heavy counter questioning on every argument}

Work-experince (8-10 mins)
P1 & P2 : What do you exactly do for a living ? Explain.
Some very specific work related questions. Exstensive use of paper and pen to explain stuff and equations

P1 : What does your firm exactly do ?
P2 : Why do you want to leave given you are already earning well ?
P2 : Your firm is going down !!

{He was smiling while bashing the firm !}

Undergrad (2 mins)
P1 and P2 : What were you doing in your undergrad ? What's with that CGPA ?
P2 : Okay, chuck it ! What's in the past is in the past !

{Respect !}

Student Formula Racing (2 mins)
P1: How did you perform and all ? What's the cost to build something like that ?
How much time ? Sponsors ? Racing details etc.

Maths: (5-8 mins)
P2: Qualitative explanation of Taylor Series ?
Explain significance, graphically, numerically ?
What is the value of Sin 1 degree ? Calculate ?

P2: What is this 'pi'?
Rational/Irrational why ?
Definition, approximation etc.
What about the movie 'Life of pi' ?
What about the book ?

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PGP, IIM Ahmedabad
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