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All the best to all call getters for their IIM Ahmedabad interviews. Please do post in your experiences. It'll help the call getters from next year, as much as the ones the previous years' experiences helped you! :) *Please post in the given ...
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Acads: Xth- 94.6 %,CBSE, 2008

XIIth-93.4 %, CBSE, 2010

Graduation- Engineering(Electronics and Communication), 81.98 % (upto 6th semester),

2014 pass out, BIT Mesra

Work-Ex: 0

CAT 2013:

Quant: 93.96 Verbal: 99.56 Aggregate: 99.15

Category: General

Extra curriculars: Literary

WAT & PI Experience

Venue: The Kenilworth, Kolkata Date : 26 March 2014

Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:

There were two essays.

1. Topic was 'Impact of Internet on society and economic scenario of the country'

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):3

2. Topic was 'Write about a younger person who has inspired you'

Rate your preparation(0-5):0

Rate your performance(0-5):2

PI: Questions and snapshot of answers:

Out of the seven candidates under Panel 5, I was the last to enter. There were two panelists-one, a man in his thirties who was all smiles(A) and the other about ten years older(B).

Me(entering):Good Afternoon!

A(all smiling): Good Evening!

Me(to the other panelist):Good Evening!

After the preliminary greetings, I handed over my certificate folder to B who went through it thoroughly.

A(with a smile as if he was working in an ad):So…how does it feel to be the last?

Me(Hurt…..Really!):All I can say is I may be the last but I am definitely not the least.

Both smile away and A clarifies:No, no, what I meant was how was the waiting experience? Would you liked to have been the first one and get it done with?

Me(feeling a little confused):Yeah, ofcourse. I have got a train to catch tonight. And plus, I have got other plans in Kolkata too.

A:Oh…I see. (They seem amused) What are your other plans?

Me(feeling terribly stupid): Ummm…I plan to eat Biriyani at Arslan's.

B: Okay….and where is that? Is it highly renowned? Because I have never heard of it.

There is a small discussion about whether Arslan's is in Park Street or in the opposite end. They ask me which train I have to catch that night.

A: So, you stay in Ranchi and you study in BIT Mesra. Was this your decision or your parents'? (BIT Mesra is about 20 kms away from home, hardly an hour by road)

Me: Parents' decision because of the distance and my decision because I was getting my favourite branch so it was kind of a win-win situation.

Both laugh hearing the term “win-wi n situation”. I feel a little suscipicious.

A: So, have you done any projects or internships in your college?

Me: (Tell them about internships and stuff. A 5-min technical talk about communication )

B: Are you placed in any company?

Me: Yes. Samsung Noida.

B: So, why don't you work for some years and then think about MBA?

Me: (Tell them about mind-getting-biased and some talk about entrepreneurship ensues. They ask me if anyone in my family is an entrepreneur and what my business idea would be. I answer all these quite well, even the question about whether Samsung had started out as an electronics company to which the answer is “No, the man behind it used to sell noodles at first.”)

A: You like travelling a lot. Where all have you travelled in India?

Me: (Told.)

A: Suggest us some place to travel.

Me: (Ask them where they would want to go and in which season and then say, Gangtok is the perfect place to go in winter.)

A: You have been to Ahmedabad. Tell us what salient things are to be seen there.

Me: (Told. Inbetween, B asked me something about the sculptures of Hathising Jain temple and a small discussion on Jainism, where it originated, how it flourished, whether Mahavira was the first or the last tirthankar and so on..)

A: Do you know Ajay Kumar?

Me: No.

A: Okay…do you know who is the MP from Jamshedpur?


A(maybe exhausted): So, you are not much into politics?

Me: The politics of Jharkhand is so dynamic with chief ministers changing every year that I have lost interest.

A: Okay…tell me is there a chance for Naveen Patnaik to become the Prime Minister?

Me: (Answer in negative. Tell them the reason.)

B: But, Naveen Patnaik has been constantly winning elections in his state. Why do you think the state people support him?

Me: (Tell them about the recent cyclone, Phylin and how the government tackled it efficiently)

A: Tell me about some news that you are following. Not the missing plane, not Ukraine. It may be within the last 2-3 years of time.

Me: There is this new travel website….

A( interrupting with a gigantic smile): Is that even a news?

Both of them laugh and I quickly think what else I can speak of.

Me: (Talk about rupee depreciation, how it started in US and cascaded to the other nations.)

They asked me about the current situations in Greece, Iceland and Egypt. Answered properly.

B:If I give you the money and the resources, where in the world would you like to go?

Me(smiling because this was my dream question): Italy.

B: No, no, name a place. Where in Italy?

Me: Rome. (give them a brief description of Rome and why it is interesting to me. Talk about the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' where the protagonist goes to Italy in search of good cuisine.

A( laughing along with B): I am sure with all this talk about food, you must be quite hungry by this time.

Me:( smile awkwardly, feeling like a giant foodie monster)

B: Imagine you are the pilot of MH-370. You have all the navigation controls with you. Where would you take the plane?

Me (not really understanding where the question is): To where it is supposed to go, to Beijing!

There is an awkward second or two after which I continue: Ofcourse, if I am a pilot, I should be getting sufficient salary to sponsor myself a trip to Rome. So, why take all the people along?

They smile and A asks: Is there any question you would like to ask us?

Me:(Ask why we were told to write our essays on a separate sheet of paper while that sheet was already present in our application forms.)

They laughed again and replied that it was an afterthought. By this time, I was feeling like a joker and picking up an Eclairs at their request, I left the room quietly before I would say something more and they would start laughing all over again.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 2

Rate your performance(0-5):4

Predicted Verdict: No, it was too much of a conversation to be really counted as a good interview, or atleast I thought so.

Actual Verdict: Yes! 👏

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hi puys looks like there is no PGP ABM guy in PAgalguy......😟

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First of all sorry for posting it soooooooo late....but might help the next batch....


Acads:X: 89 CBSE Board

XII: 83.6 CBSE Board

Grad: 8.3/10 Btech Mechanical IIT Delhi

Work-Ex: 42 Months, PwC, ICICI and iCreate

CAT 2012:

OA: 99.65

QA & DI: 99.96

VA & LR: 86.24

Category: Gen

Extra curricular: Nothing great to highlight

PI Experience

Venue: Mumbai

Date : 11th Feb,2013

Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:

“Direct cash transfer will reduce the problem of leakage in subsidy”

Average attempt: Not very factual write up but I ensured to conclude the essay. (Just an advice, manage your time so that you are able to conclude the essay, do not leave it in between)


Duration: around 15-20 minutes

Two male profs P1 and P2

P1: Professor from analytics and business intelligence domain

P2: Younger of the two, seemed to be quant expert

And here it goes

P1: So bhaumik tell us something about yourself

Me: Sir I did my graduation so and so……..for last 3 years I am working in BI…..(and he stopped me here before I can go on to explain my work)

P1: Ok, so what is BI?

Me: Sir if I explain it in layman terms, then it means….(stop)

P1: No, forget layman, let us actually talk what is BI

Me: I gave some gyan on what business intelligence is and what do I do

P1: Why the name Business Intelligence, what is so intelligent in it? Dont you think it is a very fancy name?

Me: I tried to convince him, it is about exploring information which is hidden in data blah blah (but he seems unconvinced)

P1: Ok, can you tell us specific analytical models you have built?

Me: Sir, I have not worked extensively on analytical models, my role has been more on functional requirement gathering and reports side

P1: can you tell us some report you have designed etc etc?

Me: took an example from my project with bank mandiri, Jakarta…

P1: But what is so extra ordinary in this work…any normal human being can do this….i do not see any intelligence in this

Me: tried to convince him with some more gyan…(but he did not seem happy)

P2: You have such a good profile and this work does not seem to be going good with your profile

Me: was speechless, could not think what to respond, again went on explaining on how my work is different, what challenges are involved etc etc..

P2 takes the lead from here on

P2: You have done graduation in mechanical, but you are now working in other industry. How do you think you are able to apply what u learned in mechanical?

Me: Sir, it is true that from technical perspective I am not applying what I learned in mechanical, but if I see from a broader perspective whatever I learned and did at IIT has helped me enhancing my problem solving and time management skills and I am able to utilize those in my current work

P2: problem solving.....Ok..... I will ask you a problem in math

Me: Ok sir

P2: Two men A and B are playing a game of throwing a ball into the hoop. Probability of A throwing the ball in the hoop is .2 and probability of B throwing the ball in the hoop is .3. Game stops as soon as one of them is able to throw the ball in the hoop. What is the probability that A will win

Me: It was such a simple problem to solve….but I made a lot of blunders. There were lot of questions in between on why u have done P(A) * P(B), what do you mean by independent events etc….at the end I still seemed confused and was not able to solve the problem

Both P1 and P2 seemed a little disappointed

P1: Ok tell me on what topic in maths do you want us to ask question.

Me: (this was a gamble, if I choose a topic and not able to answer I was gone). I told any topic should be fine sir

P1: (With a angry look, took a pen and paper and drew some random graph) Can you draw the graph of derivative of this function?

Me: thank god, I did not panic and somehow it clicked me on how to go about it. I was able to do it perfectly. There were questions in between on why this change from concave to convex etc…what is point of inflexion. I answered them all. ( My opinion, I think this was the only turning point in my interview, profs were not expecting that I would be able to solve it but I was able to and it seemed that they gained confidence in me after this)

P1: Ok, Bhaumik. So you have been to Jakarta. Can you compare Jakarta and delhi

Me: I spoke some random points

P1: What else?

Me: Are you looking for anything specific in the comparison sir?

P1: Tell us something about people, culture etc

Me: Blah Blah….

P1: ok, so lets say if you want to see penguins, what all countries of the world would you travel?

Me: Sir penguins are mostly found in antarctica

P1: No No …tell me the name of countries, Antarctica is not a country

Me: Sir - New Zealand, Australia

P1: More?

Me: don't know other sir

P1: Ok what about Zebra?

Me: (thinking on what to speak…….) before I even start P2 pushed another one

P1: Ok, at least tell me about Timbaktu. Where will you find timbaktu? This was in news recently, you would have heard about it

Me: I am so sorry sir, but I don't know about timbaktu

Ok, bhaumik ….we are done….don't forget to collect your belongings


Initially waitlisted at 13 in general, finally converted….. 😁😁

CAT 2012: OA-99.65; QA-DI: 99.96; VA-LR: 86.24 || Converted IIM A
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hiii every one....,i completed my btech and planing to do my MBA...,am intrested in petroleum management...,can any one give me some suggestions

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Hey Puys! I called admissions office today to get clarification on 3 students being placed at w/l no 13 for PGP, General. He confirmed the same...n if any offer is made, it will be made to all 3 of us simultaneously.
He also told that there are 2 candidates at w/l no 6...rest of the w/l is occupied by one candidate each....till now, waitlist for PGP general has moved by 3...next movement will take place only on 24-25th june....As of now, all the seats are full.

PGP 2013-15 Golden Jubilee Batch of IIM A
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Any OBC puys leaving NITIE ? please comment so that we can get an idea of next WL movement

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I have a work experience of18 months working in my family business. Along with that I also started some online startup . To conform this the interview panel went to the extent of asking the website URL of my startup company. They asked several questions regarding the family business. One such question was regarding the biggest threat to our organisation.

Then they made me solve some calculus problem. Then they asked questions related to engineering (my academic background) . Next came questions related to geography, comparing the sizes of various countries.

In the end was asked to pick up a toffee which I couldn't hear properly so asked them to pardon me.
Final Converts-IIM A,C,L,S . Waitlisted - IIM B, FMS
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-- The interview seemed very different from rest of the interviews I read on PG. May be it is tailored more for GMAT entrants. I hope it is helpful for the next year call getters.

Honest Tip -- I had prepared so much fluff but what came about during the interview was mostly honest and I think it paid off. So, I guess you do not have to aim to impress them. You need to aim to find out the strengths in your and show them to impress the Interviewers.


Category : General

X: 91.8%

XII : 93.4

Undergrad : 4.25/5 (Engg, Nanyang Tech)

GMAT Score : 770/800

Work ex : ~3 years in I-banking/tech


PI structure:

2 Profs

P1 - Amazing chilled out Prof. Thankfully he was wearing Jeans. I felt better coz I was the only one who was NOT dressed in a business suit in the entire cohort of 50 well dressed individuals.

P2 - Amazing chilled out Lady Prof.

What's in the name?

P1: So, exchange student in Singapore?

R: No, Sir. I studied there for 4 years.

P2: Ah Rahul. Did we have another Rahul today?

R: Yeah, but not in your panel, Ma'am.

P2: Right. So what does your name mean?

R: In Arabic, it means a Traveller. Acc to Upanishads, it means Efficient. In Buddhism, it points towards a pious relationship - the relationship between Gautam Buddha and his son called Rahul.

P2: No, I was hinting at something else.

R: I heard my name also means Moon but I do not have any reference for that. Is that what you were saying?

P2: No, I meant Rahul means BOND.

R: Haha. Do you mean James Bond? Coz I do not mind that.

P2: How you wish! (smiled)

R: Btw I really like the Arabic interpretation of my name. Coz I am a traveller.

P1: Interesting. How did it come about? I thought Rahi is traveller and so may be Rahil name should mean Traveller.

R: May b Rahul is derived from Rahil. I am not sure Sir.

WHat's in the education?

P1: Ok Rahul, so what did you do at NTU?

R: Sir, I majored in Comp Engg and my minor was Business. I realised I had always been interested in Business.

P1: Then why engineering?

R: Sir, let's just say if in India you score well, it is a given that you take up Science stream and become Doctor/Engineer. But I realised Finance interests me a lot more. My first course in NTU was Accounting and I loved it. After that I took up Marketing, Corp Finance, Management Decision Tools, Organizational Bhevaior, Risk Management - every course strengtheing my interest in Fin. And My love for Finance did not end after graduation. I immediately started preparing for the CFA Charter.

P1: Good. So when do you take Level 1?

R: Sir, I have already taken Level 1. I am a Level 3 candidate this june.

P1: (surprised) Really good. So, how does that translate in your job?

What's in the job?

R: Sir, I am working with the FX Desk. So, some of the concepts I've acquired from CFA do help me get a better grip on what I am doing. But in all honesty, my current job does not really require Finance skills.

P1: why? What do you do?

R: Sir, I started my career with Global Rates Team in Merrill Lynch. I used to develop the trading applications which were used by the Rates desk. I enjoyed coding in c++ but it wasn't giving me much exposure to the Front Office. SO, I decided to take up the FX Support Role in JPM. Here, I am much closer to Business. We provide suite of e-commerce applications to institutional clients. And manage the trading systems. And also work towards improving the efficiency in the processes.

P1: (Disappointed) Oh, so you are in a Technology role?

R: Yes Sir.

Majulah Singapura (Long Live Singapore)

P1: Well, how is it in SIngapore?

R: Great

P1: I heard the work culture is fantastic? Do you think you would want to work in India?

R: I think it's all the same in Asian countries with great power distance, Sir. We do have to wait till the Boss leaves (smiling)

P1: But working hours are balanced.

R: They indeed are. My manager never lets us work for over 8-9 hours. But I prefer staying back. As it is, I do not have any family responsibilities at the moment. And my work is very BAU (Business as usual). SO it is the after-hours where I get time to look back at things and improve our daily efficiencies. I love scripting. I enjoy finding out non-value adding manual tasks that we have to do and I try to automate that. Right from Merrill Lynch, I have enjoyed automation of tasks. I was actually hired in JPM coz of that. They did not need me to be a fantastic coder. But, an efficient scripter.

P1: Ohk. But still there is a life after work which is good in Singapore?

R: A life is not dependent on city but people. My after work life is fab in Singapore and that's coz of my great set of friends.

Jai Hind (Salute to India)

P1: Then why India?

R: (I had prepared all the India is Emerging market n GDP 9% shit but what came out is this) Sir, I am an Indian at heart. I think I can relate better with Indians. Most of my frnz in SIngapore I hang out with are Indians. Not saying I don't gel with others. Rather, I have lot of good professional relationship with people from lot other nationalities. But I am more comfortable around my set of people.

P1: I am sure there are lot of Indians there?

R: Indeed. Just that when I have a chance to be around 400 top students of India who would be CEO's of top global companies tomorrow, why would I want to be around just 50-60 Indians when I know this is essentially the network I want to capitalize upon? As it is, I am coming back to make a good set of friends. Since I have been brought up in India, I understand this culture better. For me, connection is very important which somehow happens faster with Indians. For eg, when we were all sitting outside waiting for our interview calls, we ended up socialising. It was great. I never felt I am meeting these folks for the first time. I do not even know few of their names but we have been talking as if we know each other from Adam's. Indians like to enquire about you, get to know you which foreigners feel is an intrusion of privacy. Like in SIngapore, they would never ask me my salary unless someone is really close to me. And here, discussing salaries was so common. But I do not seem to mind it all. I think all these things are good to know and help understand the other person better. And well, everyone who came out of the interview room before me discussed his/her experience - gave me tips. I was stunned. I am their competitor and still they are helping me out. This all the more strengthens my faith in the brotherhood that Indians swear by.

P2: How about your family? Your neighborhood? Are you close to them?

R: Ma'am, most of my family is in New Delhi, only few folks in the States. And yes I am close to them. My neighborhood - not so much. Coz we moved in to a new place around the same time when I moved to SIngapore and well I do not really have any close friends where I live.

P2: Well, you do meet Indians from all walks of life. Tell me one thing that is common across all?

R: (stunned - could not speak for a minute. After so much of bhaashan on Indians) Ma'am. I think it is the respect for others that Indians have for others. (And to spoil it further) But I do not think it's only Indian thing. I guess it's an Asian thing to be courteous and respectful. (Why do I have to bring in Asian context all the time. I am a die-hard Singapore lover but I dont have to exhibit it)

Travel Bug

P1: Ok, well your profile mentioned you like Travelling "like a commoner". What do you mean?

R: Sir, I do not enjoy staying in a lavish resort and travelling in chaffeur driven cars. When I am travelling, I like to feel the city. I would take a DTC in Delhi, Best/Local in Bombay, Train in Barcelona, walk in Sydney and ride a scooter in Taiwan and see what the common people are upto - how they live by, the challenges they face. And I feel one with them when I do that. For eg, recently when I went to Taiwan on Chinese New year which is their equivalent of Diwali, we rode on bikes and stopped by and tried talking to the locals. They would not understand English. I wouldnt know Chinese. But we communicated via language of humans. They even invited us in evening to light firecrackers with them. And believe me, for the first time in so many years, I felt I am celebrating Diwali. It is NOT about buring crackers. It's about love of a family which is showered on you on that you treasure. That's Diwali for me.

P1: I see

R: Rather, I was so hell bent on going to Kumbh Mela since I am already in India for taking my interview but thanks to all the stampede, my dad suggested it was not apt for me to go.

P2: Well, you could go. Tomorrow is the last day. Now, it wouldn't be too crowded.

R: Yeah, I am embarking on a trip to Udaipur with my family after my interview. Kumbh will have to wait I guess.


P1: So, tell me about your hobbies?

R: I love to write. But I am a depression romanticist. WHich means that I write only when I am sad. It's a way for me to let out my emotions. I dont usually telling my family when I am sad. Coz they feel that they are sitting afar and cant do much to help me out. So, I just pretend to be all happy when I am talking to my Mom over the phone.

P2: Well, I am a Mother and I know how it is. But well, you kids think you are smart. From your tone, we can make out whether you are happy or sad irrespective of whether you tell us or not.

R: (Wow, I connected to prof on a personal level. Bingo) Yeah I do not deny that Ma'am (Smile)

P1: So, what do you do when you are NOT sad? (chuckled)

R: (I was about to say when interrupted)

P1: Travelling I guess. Coz that's your other hobby?

R: Haha. True.

P1: But you travel only once every 2-3 months you mentioned?

R: Yes Sir. I try to take trips every quarter. A good break from monotony of life.

P1: SO, that means for rest of the quarter when you are not travelling, you remain SAD.

R: Not at all Sir. I have great set of frnz to make me happy.

And that's what we call CLOSURE

P1, P2: Alright then Rahul. I guess we are done.

R: Thanks for your time. It is a bit unfortunate that the Interview process ran over by 20 mins today. I see the next batch already arriving outside. It is a pity you wouldnt get time for a break.

P1, P2: yeah

R: Have a good day ahead.


RESULT: Admitted. 😃

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Hopefully, helpful for next years' aspirants.


Category : General

X: 89.6%
XII : 86.6 %
Undergrad : 6.8/10 (Engg, IIT)

Cat Score : 99.96
Work ex : ~3 years in i-banking/fin

PI : Broadly divided

North Korea (5 mins)
P1 : What have you heard about North Korea ? Why is it in the news ? {Out of the blue}
This followed a discussion on North Korea's Nuclear Policy, the current global nuclear scenario, and lot of cross questioning. A bit about CTBT, India's nuclear policy etc.

{Less factual, more opnion based.}

Communal Politics (5 mins)
P1: What's wrong when people (Praveen Togadia, Owaisi et al) give communal hate speeches ? Isn't it their Right to freedom of expression ? Where do you draw the line ?
{A discussion on these lines with heavy counter questioning on every argument}

Work-experince (8-10 mins)
P1 & P2 : What do you exactly do for a living ? Explain.
Some very specific work related questions. Exstensive use of paper and pen to explain stuff and equations

P1 : What does your firm exactly do ?
P2 : Why do you want to leave given you are already earning well ?
P2 : Your firm is going down !!

{He was smiling while bashing the firm !}

Undergrad (2 mins)
P1 and P2 : What were you doing in your undergrad ? What's with that CGPA ?
P2 : Okay, chuck it ! What's in the past is in the past !

{Respect !}

Student Formula Racing (2 mins)
P1: How did you perform and all ? What's the cost to build something like that ?
How much time ? Sponsors ? Racing details etc.

Maths: (5-8 mins)
P2: Qualitative explanation of Taylor Series ?
Explain significance, graphically, numerically ?
What is the value of Sin 1 degree ? Calculate ?

P2: What is this 'pi'?
Rational/Irrational why ?
Definition, approximation etc.
What about the movie 'Life of pi' ?
What about the book ?

Please leave !


PGP, IIM Ahmedabad
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I need help.

My profile looks like this:10th- 89.2

12th- 74.4

Currently pursuing B.Tech+MBA(integrated 5 year course) from NMIMS, MUMBAI

CGPA- 8.7

Do I stand a chance of getting a call from BLACKI?

Does having a PG already gives me edge over others?


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