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Hi All

With the season 2012 getting closer to the months which are going to be full of applications for different exams, coveted B-Schools and lot of ups and downs, we are back with the thread which has been amongst the most helpful threads for the aspirants.

Here, we help each other to take informed decisions about the B-Schools we wish to apply. It is very important to know how/when/why to apply to B-Schools because many a times candidates have a bad day on the exam day and he cant apply to schools after the results are out and later realize that he missed applying to institutes which were in his range.

Link to last year's thread :

Here, goes my 2 cents on this :

While applying for any b-school , just don't make its placement as criteria. However, this does not mean that you apply in any b-school.

ROI is a matter of concern . But , ROI does not refer to immediate placements which we get from campus. ROI refers to the value addition in long term , which a college provides you. 4-5 years down the line , there are people working at same profiles despite graduating from differently ranked b-schools which provided them different packages.

Those worried about Acads while applying:

  1. Do not bother much about acads at this stage since acads is past and cannot be changed. What you can do now is focus on preparation and score as high as possible to strengthen your chances of getting the call.
  2. Acads can be a constraint to get calls from 3-4 B-Schools but a high score will ensure that you get calls from all other B-Schools. So, do not let constraint of 3-4 B-Schools bother you so much that your chances get spoiled for other B-Schools as well. 😃

Worried about Specialization?

There are many people who are not clear about the specialization . It is always better if we do introspection before deciding to apply for a b-school. There are few b-schools which provide excellent opportunities in finance , others in marketing and likewise... So, we can select a b-school in alignment with the specialization we intend to make our career in.

One thing more which i have noticed. People select even specializations on the basis of packages they will get from college . It is not the right way. Read books , articles , consult seniors to get idea about specializations and try to find area which attracts you . You can enjoy your job only when you love what you are doing and not when you are forced to love something. And once , you start loving your job, career growth and money comes automatically .

Few major pointers on the factors which play a crucial role in deciding where all to apply

1. How desperate or keen am I to do an MBA in this particular academic season?
2. Have I set goals and target colleges for myself?
3. Will I settle for a certain college eventhough I might want to go some place better?
4. How many colleges should I be ideally applying for and what have I allocated as budgetary expenditure for the application process?
5. Why do I really want to do an MBA?
6. What are my expectations from the B-School to which I am applying ?

I would like to clarify that this thread doesn't encourage comparison of B-Schools.Moreover B schoolers and Alumni are requested to be unbiased in their feedback of B schools.Placement figures are something that doesnt fall under discussions of this thread,however B schoolers and Alumni can give a small overview of the overall placement scene in the college.

Also, if any B-Schooler is found to be indirectly/directly promoting his/her B-School, the concerned post shall be deleted as soon as possible.

However, if you are still wondering Why MBA afterall , then do check out this thread 😃

All the best to all, let the discussions begin :thumbsup:



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