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All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews starting within next 10 hours and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:* Acads: X - XII -...
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anyone from chemical engineering.......... please share your experience......

NITIE PGDIM 2013-2015/Program Manager/AVP Operations
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X - 84.8%
XII - 74.4%
Undergrad Major - 60.43 % (B.E. Mechanical)

NIL/Sector - 48 Months (Core sector).

CAT Score:
Overall - 88.93
QA+DI - 92
VA + LR - 77.53

Topic: Paperless office. Dream or realty in India?
Number of Ppl present: 10 people
Time: 2 Min to think + 16 Min discuss + 2 min summarize
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The GD started-off with introduction, current scenario, need for paperless office. Went on for 16 minutes. All contributed well. I chipped in twice/thrice. But put very good points.

Other Salient Details: The guy who spoke least was asked to summarize..

Panel Members Intro: 4 Male professors. (Most focused on Academics, despite I have 4 yrs exp.)

  1. tell us about yourself?
  2. why MBA?
  3. What is ur work profile?
  4. Laws of Thermodynamics?
  5. Material of construction for gears?
  6. what energy conversion happens when we think?
  7. What was ur last book? (It was "I too had a dream by Dr. Verghese Kurien ")
  8. What were the challenges faced by Kurien in the beginning?
  9. What other calls? (told all iims + fms +nitie+all iits)
  10. insisted to give the preference, gave diplomatic answer?
  11. why NITIE?

Hobbies:- Gardening, books, TV, Mag/paper.

Verdict:- Converted
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PROFILE:Acads: X - 94.0%
XII - 83.2%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age :7.55 (EE , NIT Durgapur)
Work-Ex: 34 Months. Tendering, marketing & business development cell of a leading electrical MNC.

Category : General
Prog : PGDIM

CAT Score:
Overall - 97.51
QA+DI - 97.72
VA + LR - 91.92

Date : 14th Mar 2012

Topic: Everything that can bring happiness, can bring sorrow.
Number of Ppl present: 8 or 9 (Sry dnt remember exactly)
Time: 2(think)+14(discuss)+2(summarize)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
We were a little taken aback with such an abstract topic but I guess in the end it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The thing with abstract topic is that the likelihood of the discussion turning into fish marketishh is almost nil. Everyone chipped in with their interpretation of the topic... We discussed quite a few examples from diverse field manifesting the verity in the topic. We concluded mostly agreeing with the topic. I did chip in 3-4 times with some new points, so I knew the GD went OK... wasnt exceptional though by any stretch of imagination.. just about avg...

PI for PGDIM/PGDISEM/PGDITM: PGDIM (I had read in previous year posts that the interview for the cadidates who had rescheduled, was conducted at the very end... so I was roaming around... chilling... Then came the shocker... I was the first guy to be interviewed in my panel... Totally caught off guard:) Anyway, team Impact was kind enough to give me 5 mins to gather my thoughts even though they were running behind schedule... yes they made the profs wait for my sake ! 😃 )

Three prof... 1 more sir joined later

P1 : Come in... sit down
Me : Thank you sir... greeted them

P2 : So electrical engg huh ?
Me : Smile

P2 : Ok so tell me why do we have voltages in multiples of 11... 220V,440V, 11KV, 33KV etc etc ?
Me : Told about form factor..

P2 : Define form factor
Me : Told

P2 : How does a UPS work
Me : Wasnt sure... told something... he wasnt convinced...

P2 : Tell me some innovative ways of conserving energy or generating..
Me : Kept saying things... they didnt approve... finally I said something about regenerative braking...

P2 : Define the same
Me : Told

P2 : Tell me whats the total installed power capacity in india ? Give a brief descriptions of the various sources, segments, problems, challenges and solutions...
Me : Was aware so talked...

P2 : went back to technical... asked about working of TV and AC
Me : didnt do justice to the TV question.

P2 : Asked me about wind power... how constant power output even though fluctauating wind velocity..
Me : Stumped. Pretty embarrased but had never thought about it before... He was like ''you should have wondered''

P3 : Tell about power sector reforms. Which year. Why was it significant.
Me : Told something but they werent exactly convinced..

P2 asked couple of more tech ques to which I had no answers...

Just when I thought my dream of converting NITIE will remain a dream cos I had screwed up bigtime, they aksed ''tell us about your FY project''...

Phew what a relief... It was my strength. Have many national level awards and 2 IEEE publications on it... spoke for 3-4 minutes on it... they were quite impressed... Told them how we had planned to commercialise the product but couldnt... discussed the problems...

P3 : Ok enough of technical... tell us what is MBA and why do you want to do it ?
Me : Rata hua answer

P1 : You say you want to learn various facets of business... If that is true then must have tried something in those lines in company as well... give examples...
Me : Had none... told that I am quite consumed with my profile.. no time

They didnt like the answer...

P2 : Asked about various indirect taxes
Me : answered well..

P1 : What is your vision for india
Me : blabbered something

Then they discussed something... then P2 was like ''ok you may leave now''

15-16 min interview

I had mixed feeling... screwed up tech ques... project was saving grace... other answers werent quite convincing... add to that the fact based on the CAT score, I was among the last few who got a call... Now even though seniors had told that CAT score has no relevance, I had my doubts... Considering the quality of students appearing for the interview, in the best case scenario, I expected a waitlist of 200 odd...

Verdict : Converted in the first merit list itself... Couldnt believe my eyes !
27.03.2012 shall remain one of those days that you remember forever

Note to future aspirants :
The seniors were right... It is a very fair system where once you get selected for gdpi round, its only gdpi that decides your fate... :)
And also, you never know what the interviewers may like or dislike... So, there is no point speculating... Wait and watch is the way to go... Cheers !

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X - 86.53
XII - 87.5
Undergrad Major - 9.03 (IT)

Work-Ex: 9 months in IT

CAT Score:
Overall - 98.9

Topic: Is government insensitive to the plight of farmers.
Number of Ppl present : 8
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: It was okayish discussion. But, people diverted too much. While the "farmers" was specifically given, people discussed rural and poor families in general (still don't understand why ). Could speak only twice but both the times gave direction to the GD.
Other Salient Details: No summary was asked to be written down. Were told to conclude and two people summarized :D

Panel Members Intro: Two members (A lady (L) & A Guy (G))
G: Commented on my grad score (percentages & CPI). And then on my work-ex.
L: Describe your work profile.
Me: Answered
L: Which process model we follow in our project.
Me: Answered
L: Describe Agile.
Me: Fumbled a bit, but then answered.
L: Agile v/s Traditional models.
Me: Answered.
L: Final Year project.
Me: Answered.
L: Describe the project in detail and its working.
Me: Answered.
L: More questions on same. (If my project would also work for parted servers & how)
Me: Knew this. Answered.
L: Any more improvements.
Me: Already part of my project; improvements suggested by me. Told.
L & G : Thank you!
Me: Have a nice day!!

Don't know what happened, it was like a job interview for some core technical organization.

Verdict - Shortlisted.
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PROFILE:Acads: X - 83
XII - 72
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age :7.65 (E.C.E)
Work-Ex: 20 Months Sector Finance Role - Soft Engg.

CAT Score:
Overall - 98.8
QA+DI - 99
VA + LR - 93.4

Results have Arrived and its a Convert . Posting my Experience for Future Aspirants.

Date : 15th Mar 2012

Topic: Technology is the main reason for increase in economic disparity
Number of Ppl present: 9
Time: 2(think)+14(discuss)+2(summarize)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Not a Fish Market. But a lot of times 5-6 people started speaking together and eventually only 1-2 same people ended up continuing. So some people couldn't speak or weren't able to get their point through. Decent discussion over a straight forward topic with For's & Against's where For had more weight.
I started the discussion and highlighted points like Digital Divide etc. Chipped in 3-4 times and was able to drive discussion whenever went monotonous. Entered later with points like e-Governance and NeGP, Companies preference to Tech-Literate people even in Non-Tech fields etc. A Good GD for MySelf

Panel Members : 3 out of 4 seats occupied as 1 went outside just before i entered.
I had to wait for sometime after the previous candidate finished as a short meeting started after it among faculty members.
Was chatting with a senior and another candidate meanwhile and Finally i was called
Would Refer Panelists as P as dont remember who asked what, Myself as M.

P: Tell us About Ur-Self
M: I realized after couple of interviews where some of my Profile's Highlights were not discussed or seen that this is where one needs to Brag whatever he/she needs to. (Rarely your file is seen, Its your Profile Form that matters most in Most of the places, So a short note for future aspirants fill your forms properly). A 1.5 min intro with some achievements and strengths.
P: What was your FY Project.
M: This one needs to fill in NITIE form. Explained about my FYP related to Wireless networks and TCP/IP.
P: Bit Rate of Video Conf these days.
M: Didn't know exact answer but made a guess and told difference in Audio and Video bit rates i remembered from Books. Told a rate which was very small.
P: A wrong answer, which one of the Prof's highlighted. He hinted me about bandwidth's.
M: Accepted that i don't know the exact rate but explained about 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation BandWidth capacities etc and how it is of order of GBPS to TBPS. And some more recent developments.
P: Satisfied
P: What is Baud Rate.
M: Dont remember Sir.
P: You are from Electronics & Communications right.
M: Yes Sir, But i don't know answer to this.
P: What is diff b/w Handoff and Roaming
M: Explained with Examples. And here the Technical I/W ends. Fun Starts with Giggles throughout.
P: What was your AIEEE rank
M: Told
P: You could have got any NIT why did i go to IIIT.
M: Told about being in Hyd, and research oriented approach
P: Where did u do ur research?
M: Started but Cut
P: So u play hockey, State level huh . How many Goal Keepers u have injured.
M: Not goalkeepers but some defenders Yes. Even i got injured sometimes. :)
P: to tumne badla le liya.
M: Everything on the field sir.
P: Lot of interests u have huh ?
M: I believe in learning with Enjoyment. That has driven me throughout my life.
P: Okays . Thank you's.
M: Thank You's . Good Day to You all Sir's.

Hobbies: Sports, Dance, Alumni Cell Rep in Inst, Organizer some Events etc. Have little/big achievements in all. Paper -Presented in International Conf.

I/W lasted for less than 10min. Continuous speaking and cuttin in mid. But eventually you come out satisfied from the I/W room.

Suggestion for Future Aspirant: Strong Technicals are not Bottom line in NITIE, handling everything with Presence of mind is something seen on Top.


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X - 92.91
XII - 96.83
Undergrad Major -Electronics and Communication Engineering
GPA/%age - 9.29/10

Work-Ex: Fresher
NIL/Sector - 0

CAT Score:
Overall - 99.45
QA+DI - 98.48
VA + LR - 98.72


One member from the group was asked to pick a lot for selecting the topic.
1.The Group & panelists for GD is different from the group & panelsits for interview
2.They give u a scratch pad wer u ve to write down the points. After finishing GD,scratch paper must be torn out and pencil must be left over in the table.

Topic: Is India's foreign policy pro-US ?
Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 5 mins to prepare , 10 mins to present, 1 min to summarise

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

For 10 seconds , after the discussion time started, there was silence!! As none were starting the disucssion, I started with a few points like India's foreign policy since independence, NAM, etc. Then came in 3-4 times. No fishmarket. Very good GD. Everyone got their chance to speak and almost everyone contributed. A guy who dint speak much was asked to summarise. Pretty cool discussion


Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names)
4 ppl - P1,P2,P3,P4

P1- He laughed aloud throughout the interview
P3- Spoke very fast that I cannot hear him properly
P4-Serious person

P3: Where is this zebra shirt? ( I have sent a photo wer I was wearing a fancy t-shirt, along with the form to NITIE. They started mockin at me)
M: (Smiled and)Sorry sir. I sent the form at last minute. I had only this photo with me :banghead::banghead::banghead:
P1: Many good things happen only in last minute (and he laughed so loud . All 4 laughed)
P3: Fine. Tel me about urself
M:Told(in between P1 went out. Thank god)
P3:Tel me abt ur Final year project
M:Told. (BTW, my proj is in image processing)
P2:Are u doing it in MATLAB ?
M: Yes mam
P3: What is the need for your project? What is its application?
P3: Ok. Take this background(pointed to wall behind). Take a photo of this with lights on, and then a photo of this with lights off. Are both of them same?
M: Told technical stuff, how they vary in some parameters.
P3: Ok . Take this photo wit zebra shirt. Now u take a photo of urself. Now will both of them be same if i feed it in a database and compare?
M: No sir.
P3: But the person,hairstyle, everything is same right?
M: Yes sir, but the image is different.
P3: Ok. How ll u compare then?
M:PSNR sir(related to my proj again)
P3: What is PSNR?
M:Explained.(they are not convinced)
M: Do u want me to tel formula sir ?
P1-P4:(deep silence looking at papers)
M: told formula
P3: Why mba
P3:(told something which i cant understand and started seeing papers)
Silence for 10 sec. Then ly realised tat he has actually asked me to leav.
M:Sir shall I leav
P2: Yes
M: Thank you mam

General feedback :Very cool process actually. Fully on my project. I answered all questions. Had a very good gd


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X - 95.8 % (CBSE)
XII - 81.4 % (CBSE)
Undergrad Major - 7.71 GPA

NIL/Sector - 18 months in automotive R&D; sector

CAT Score:
Overall - 99.59
QA+DI - 96.68
VA + LR - 99.79

Topic: The telecom and IT revolution have a negative impact on human social relationships
Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 15 mins

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
The GD was sub-standard in terms of content and structure. The group showed a strong tendency to deviate from the topic, especially into the area of social networking and almost never touched upon telecom.
One particular candidate was overtly dominating, which pretty much ruined everybody else's chances of participation. Needless to say, the group members' irritation with her was hard to hide, and it showed in everyone's body language. One panel member walked out in between. :O
I personally got in 3 times and made points relevant to the topic.

Other Salient Details:
One person who couldn't contribute much to the GD was requested to summarise. Even there, he was interrupted by the dominating candidate! :nono:

Panel Members Intro: 4 panelists - 1 senior lady (P2) and 3 gentlemen (P1, P3, P4)

1. Self-introduction: Mentioned about work, education, family details and hobbies. Very ordinary self-intro.

2. In my hobbies, mentioned Carnatic classical music.
P1 asked me questions on concepts of music like raaga & taala, comparison of Hindustani and Carnatic music: how they are organised, how they are similar to each other, various styles of singing and schools of rendition, comparison of sitar and veena : how they are constructed, the difference in the sounds they produce, whether sitar can be used for Carnatic music and vice-versa etc.
P1 seemed to be knowledgeable on the subject and complimented me for my answers.

3. Acads: Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
P1 Asked a few questions on instrumentation about temperature measuring equipment: how to measure temperature of stars and other galactic bodies. I did not know the answers.

4. Final year project: P3 asked me to describe my final year engineering project. I had brushed up on it before the PI.

5. Work-ex : P2 asked questions about the work I do (Since I work in automotive R&D;, I refrain from disclosing details here) Could manage to answer most of the further questions.

No questions asked by P4.

Felt good after the interview.
Team IMPACT was very friendly and helpful :)

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X - 80.2
XII -75
Undergrad Major - GPA
Work-Ex:15 months
NIL/Sector - Number of Months

Topic :is paperless office a reality in india
Number of Ppl present: 10 candidates. 3 observors
Time:13 or 14 or 15 min not sure
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: start : easily anybody could have grab the oppurtunity [ i was predetermind not to start ] . ball rolled between 3-4 fielders only and suddenly new players jump [ wtf i was abt to enter ] entered somehow by cutting a couple of guys and got a decent airtime. saw a bit of repetition of points by people still managed to put some different points .
it was decent gd - no fish market .
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.
panel asked to summarize one person who spoke very less.
Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 3 p1 p2 p3 [ all in mid 40's or so ]
greeted .
asked to take seat.p1 busy with something .
p3: tell us abt yrself
p3:on hobby [ i told reading] tell more
p2: asked to say about rail budget and views on it.
me: told the hike in fares and recomm of both committee's were accepted
##they wanted my view which i missed in my answering part
p3:tell us abt yr view
me: went a bit diplomatic as was not fully prepared with the same.
##was asked to be more clear
me: so mostly all budgets are bad in haste of that i told its not good
p2:tell about some world political leader
me: obama
p2:someone else
me dimitry medvedev n putin
p2:compare them and their policies
me: told
p2:scene in russia . why there r protests
##discussion shifted to acades
p2:tell us abt yr btech project [final sem]
##p2 totally unsatisfied. it took an effort to
## make them feel what i really did. but still
##they werent that satisfied
## nitie aspirants: btech project is the key area they will definately ask and grill on that bec they are hiring the engineers and expect them to say about the project. so be thorough with your btech project.
##discussion continued on some acads subjects like automata theory . what is it . and some questions [basic] from it.
p3:thats it

. prepare your btech project well - really well
. be thorough with acadecs a bit [ atleast a fair idea of imp subjects]
. hobbies - tell which u really are comfortable with .it helps.

panel was very cool no stress interview at all. helpful even corrected me at some points .

they asked me something form that previous day's paper and some thing from same day's newspaper so dont miss to read it.

mine was mostly on current affairs .
not so great interview for me still not very bad one .
atb to future nitie aspirants. do give atleast 2-3 mocks it helps a lot.

personal observation : pi plays "crucial" role in your selection.[while it was said that gd n pi both constitute 50% but from the guys i met there and now looking at their final result its easily clear pi played the main role]. [ apologise for crude manner i posted it. will edit it ]

team impact at nitie was really helpful but a small and important suggestion : atleast candidate deserve to know when his turn is going to come for interview because with no breakfast things get worse [ physical level tireness coupled with the anxiety takes a great toll ] . it was not clear when your no can be called , a bit of shocker for me bec everything else seemed in place not THIS thing.anyway a wonderful experience in all with beautiful campus n team impact going extra mile to help u make feel at ease all the time.
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X - 87.88% (WB Board 2003)
XII -88.1% (WB Board 2005)
Undergrad Major - B.E. (Mech) 76.38% (BESU, Shibpur 2009)

Sector - Steel Plant consultancy firm / 30 months (till Jan 12)

CAT Score:
Overall -99.04
QA+DI - 98.66
VA + LR - 96.52

Topic: Every cloud does not have a silver lining
Number of Ppl present : 12
Time: 15 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Very healthy discussion, every one contributed (probably because of seniors specifically telling not to make it a fish market, otherwise the whole group might suffer) - from opportunities creation, utilising it, entrepreneurship,economic condition of country etc

Other Salient Details: Indication was given when 2 mins were left so that summarisation can be started.

Panel Members Intro: 3 persons, 1 person left just as I entered. P1 (aged above 55 probably Bengali, was jovial and encouraging),P2(age between 45-50 looked fresh and energetic), P3(aged definitely above 56 looked as if he was very jittery and tired)
P1: Sit down. Are you tired since you have waited all day long? Had your lunch and snacks? (When I entered it was 6-30pm whereas we reported at 8am)
Me: Yes Sir, definitely somewhat tired but it is part of the process. I had lunch sir (smiling), not anything for snacks
P2: Tell us about your profile, work ex etc.
Me: Started with school and then into college, summer training... I was cut by P3
P3: What was your final year project
Me: (thinking OMG)... Sir ... this this (solar related stuff)
P3: What? (in jittery tone) Tell clearly
Me: Explained in 2-3 sentences (do want want to go deep)
P1: What are solar panels made of?
Me: Said
P1: What is the amount of solar radiation that earth receives?
Me: Its difficult to say :sneaky:.... It depends on place of earth...
P1: Tell us any average value .. we want per sq metre
Me: Said some figure ... around 400W/sq m.
P1: Gave the answer..... (in a positive tone... no grilling)
P3: What do you remember in Mechanical Engg from which we can ask?
Me: Thermodynamics... and from steel related processes because I am working in a steel sector (want them to go towards work ex. as it is my strength area.. also I couldnot say anything about my work profile in the very beginning as I was cut by P3 )
P1: What is pig iron ? :)
Me: Explained
P1: Tell us some different types of steel
Me: Ranted all kinds of steel possible before stopped by P1
P1: What is the main component of Stainless steel apart from iron?
Me: :grin: Said
P1: What about steel used to make railway tracks
Me: (Not sure).. I think medium and high carbon steel is required as they need to be hard. Also... I think (interrupted by P1)
P1: That is true. Steel is mixture of iron and carbon.... components other than these
Me: Maybe Manganese.
P1: Ok. Thermodynamics. What is Entropy?
Me: Said something. P1 also added something and looked at P2.
P2: What specialisation would you take?
Me: Operations. Before I could think of explaining, P1 interrupted.
P1: (to P2) He is a Mech engg. He will definitely take Operations. (turning towards me) It would be relevant to you...
P1: What do you like to do in leisure time?
Me: I sing.
P1: (as if stunned).. What do you sing? Hindi filmi gana?? (as if Hindi music is very bad)
Me: I listen to Hindi songs but I prefer singing Bengali music, specially Rabindrasangeet.
P1: Tell me any favourite song of yours.
Me: There are many but to name one... it is spring time... so (named a song related to spring time).
P1: Ok. It is good song ... (thinking)
Me: Should I sing ? if you give permission...
P1: No no.. (others agreeing)... you can do it after coming here ...:grin:... Ok. thank you. We are done.
Me: Thank you sir...

Just when I reached the door, I could overhear one prof saying to others...'Are usko to job leke kuch puchha hi nehi '. I wanted to turn back and go but decided not to do so as it might be offensive.

Verdict: Waitlisted at 86. Perhaps because they forgot to ask about my job and all, otherwise it was a cool interview.
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X - 84
XII -57
Undergrad Major - 68% (Pune University)

Work-Ex: 17 months, Sales & Marketing for manufacturing company

CAT Score:
Overall -88
QA+DI - 79
VA + LR - 95

Topic:Global warming - myth or reality
Number of Ppl present - 8
Time:2 mins to think, 10 GD, 2 min to conclude
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: GD was good one. Everyone was able to put forth his point. There was one person who kept on interrupting everyone of us, the panel then asked each one of us to speak.

Panel Members Intro: 1 lady (L1) and 5 gentleman (GI, G2, G3, G4, G5)

Questions -
L1- tell us about yourself
A- started out very well but Cut short

G1. Why less marks in 12th
A- blaah....blaah

L1. Tell us abt your BE project
A- Blaah...blaah (cut short)

G2. You are from sales and Marketing.....very average acads...Tell us abt ur work ..
A- blaah...blaah (cut short)

G2 -to L1 -' madam you wanna ask anything? you sir (to G1) They all nod in negation.
G2 -Thank you and all d best

My GD was @ 11 am and the interview was @ 5.55 in d evening and I was out before 6.

I was so confused and disturbed. I kept wondering all the time that can a person with very average acads not be in NITIE? You have to be 90 percent person..and no question asked on extra curricular activities nothing on my hobbies... nothing on my sports achievements.. in spite of being a state level athlete..

I was super dejected and extremely disappointed. Atleast give the person a chance to speak.

Now the result are out and I have been waitlisted very low. I do not expect the WL to come so low. But shared is so that some one may gain some thing. Now after lots on contemplation I feel others must be more deserving and better than me and so they are in the select list. Also they have worked hard to get such good acads.

Thankful to NITIE for the excellent experience :)

NITIE is a amazing place and IMPACT team is superb. Good luck guys.

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