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All the best to everyone for their FMS-MBA(FT)interviews starting today. Please do post in your experinces. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: CAT PErcentile OA VR & LR QA & DI ...
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I'm a superstitious person, thinking that my writing my i/v experience will make the WL move.

CAT : 82.1 (88.53;66.91)
X/XII/Grad : 88.4/81.8/56.27
BE Computers from DCE, 1 yr gap

GD - Something on human rights.

Was the last in my panel.
P1 - bespectacled gentleman, P2 - lady, P3 - another bespectacled gentleman.
P3 was busy arranging the papers, didn't even sit down.

Me: Good evening ma'am! Good evening sir! :)

P2: Good evening! Please take a seat. So we'll have the extempore first. I'll give you a topic, give you 5 seconds to organise your thoughts and you'll have to speak for 1 minute. Your topic is - Being the last.

Me: They say there are 2 sides to a coin, similarly being the last has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you get more time to prepare and analyse; on the other, one might tend to over-analyse and waste time. One may also feel tired after waiting for a long time for his chance, leading to sub-optimal performance when it matters the most ...

P2: Tell me about your childhood.
Me: Talked about being born and schooled in Delhi, early foreign trips, leading up to college.
P2: Why such low marks in college? You had how much in XII? So 81 in XII to 56 in grad that's a very steep fall of almost 25 percent. Why such a steep fall? Will you be able to study at FMS?

Me: Ma'am when I got into DCE I was overwhelmed by the thought of studying in DCE, that attracts the "cream of north India"....
P2: North India? You're not from Delhi?
Me: No ma'am I'm from Delhi, but my friends were from UP, Haryana, Punjab etc so all over north India. They had very high ranks and these words "Cream of India" were just playing tricks on my mind, not allowing me to concentrate on studies, atleast initially. By the sixth semester I got hold of my emotions and started doing well. In fact I appeared for GATE, which is an objective exam testing 4 years of engineering knowledge and got 96%ile there. However it was too late to improve my percentage.

P2: You passed out in 2012?
Me: No ma'am, I was supposed to pass out in 2011, but I had 2 back papers in seventh sem.
P2: But you said you became good in sixth sem? Then why these 2 backs in 7th?
Me: Honestly speaking, even I don't know how I got these backs. One of the 2 subjects was Compilers, which had 50% common syllabus with another subject of the same semester, Automata. Now I got 79 in automata, which means my basics in said subject are clear. Yet how I scored 24 in compilers, I can't comprehend.

P2: OK OK it is strange how you got 79 in one and less than 50 in the other. So what did you do this one year, besides studying for these 2 subjects?
Me: I took this as an opportunity to prepare for CAT and other MBA entrance exams.
P2: What was you CAT score?
Me: 82.1
P2: So did you get calls from any IIMs?
Me: Ma'am I got calls from all IIMs except Ahmedabad and Bangalore. IIM Calcutta has rejected me and I have converted IIFT Kolkata campus.
P2: IIFT Delhi?
Me: No ma'am, they have a campus at Kolkata also.

Fun part....

P2: Oh, so then you won't be interested in FMS? IIFT is a better college!
Me: :wow:No absolutely not, ma'am, I'll prefer FMS over IIFT. Even the admin lady at IIFT told me to prefer FMS if I get through!:o
P2: But that's human psychology, we never like what we have. They are telling people to go to FMS and here we tell them to take IIFT!
Me: :shock:Ma'am FMS is the oldest MBA college and a very respected one too, everybody can vouch for that. I've seen the FMS alumni list on the website for myself. I know that FMS alumni are at top positions in many corporations the world over.

P2: Do you know someone at FMS at present?
Me: Yes ma'am - I know NS who is a first year student here.
P2: He's studying here? In the first year?
Me: Yes ma'am, he's doing his summers at KPMG.
P2: Did he tell you about the classes here?
Me: Ma'am we haven't talked about the classes.

P2: In case you get FMS, what will you specialise in?
Me: Definitely Finance.

P2: Can you tell me few finance subjects we have here at FMS?
Me: :wow: Risk management, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Economics, which can also be considered a part of finance..
P1: No, finance is a part of economics, economics is not a part of finance.
Me: Right sir. Management Accounting, Investments are some of the finance subjects here.

P2: OK I guess we're done. Thanks and all the best!
Me: Thank you for the opportunity ma'am! Sir!

I guess interviewers were also bit tired at around 5-6 PM. However, the experience was very pleasant. Was expecting a convert but WL-2 in a category that has 2 seats.
Bit shocked that my interview fetched 1 / 10! Extempore - 2 :shock: GD - 1

Request: I only posted a complete interview experience, with no intention to compare FMS and IIFT. Please do not cram this thread.

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dude how much tym did it take to prepare for cat

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dude how much tym did u take to prepare for cat?

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dude how much it took for u to prepare for cat

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Verdict- Converted (getting extempore topic changed, not answering all the questions etc. are immaterial unless justice is done to rest of the things.)

Exactly. In my PI too, I answered "Sorry, I dont know" to most of the questions. (7 out of 10 to be precise) . And I am W/L 10.
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CAT Percentile
OA : 99.87
QA & DI : 99.93
VR & LR : 95.15

X : 90.2 ICSE
Undergrad Major - 8.52 / KIIT University B.Tech CSE'2010

Work-Ex: TCS
NIL/Sector - IT / 20 months

Topic: Industrialization has led to ecological damage
Number of Ppl present : 12
Time: 9
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: As usual started the discussion, made 4-5 entries with one liners and group then discussed on it. Concluded the GD. Best GD till date.
Other Salient Details: Before the GD, I requested all the participants to not make it a fish market, else all might get rejected. The group did stick to it.

Panel Members Intro: Two Mam M1,M2. One Sir S2.
Me: Smiling throughout.
M1: Your extempore topic is "Ghostbusters"
Me: Gave a puzzled look.
M1: Do you want me to change the topic.
Me: I vaguely remember a movie with this name but I won't be able to do justice to the topic. (I risked the deductions of few marks on the grounds of topic change than to suffer low marks because of bad performance)
M1: Ok your topic is "Most surpirsing moment of life"
Me: I cursed my luck.. such topics are tougher. Anyways, I started on marketing myself.. Was made a PL in my first project at TCS, did good but was bored with routine life, wanted more challenges, applied to FF, made it to final rounds and was staged against two other candidates who were CA and one was also CFA lvl3, gave my best shot and was surprised in the end to be the only one to be selected. Was given the feedback that trading can be learned only when one trades, so academics are immaterial, what matters is fighter attitude, risk taking abilities and self motivation. and hence I suited the profile.
M2: Good, Ok tell me who is MF Hussain?
Me: Painter, controversy, fled, died.
M2: when did he die?
Me: sometime in past 1 year, not sure of the date.
S2: How can paintings be controversial?
Me: His paintings hurt the religious sentiments. Controversy can be forced if someone with power gets offended. Recently, Mamta jailed a JU prof because of controversial sketch.
M2: Do you know some sketcher from newspaper?
Me: don't remember the name but I remember reading Dubyaman. I myself made few comics during PG coolest avatar.
M2: Sketch something.
Me: I am not good at it. I created comics on photoshop and the USP was content, themes and dialogues.
Now the fun begins...
M2: Sketch something. Sketch one of us. Who is most charming?
Me: :banghead: grinning all the time..
M1: Kyon embarass kar rahey hoo issey?
M2: Ok, who appears most lenient among us?
Me: :banghead: smiling sheepishly.. Sir is serious all the time and isn't speaking much so he appears to be strict, Mam1 is smiling but in a mystical way so she might be strict, so Mam2 appears to be most lenient.
M1: gave an awesome reaction of being falsely offended. I am just returning your smile since the beginning and you are judging me to be strict.
Me: Mam, just my perceptions, I can be horribly wrong.
M1: You'll know if your perceptions are right if you do come to FMS.
Me: Waiting for the day.
M2: What is C++?
Me: Object oriented programming language, which is an extension of C.
S1: what are the issues with WB?
Me: Huge loan of previous government, interest on the loan is more than the revenue, so -ve income. Things are still the same when compared to CPM rule, difference being that now it's only Mamta's rule.
M2: Two economic problems of India?
Me: Huge subsidy burden...Government has...
M2: Just name them.
Me: and Unemployment.
M2: Two social problems?
Me: Naxalism, Illiteracy.
S2: How did naxalism originate?
Me: In naxalbadi, WB. Long back.
S2: Exact reason?
Me: Not sure, should be difference between two factions which took a political turn.
M2: Other converts.
Me: MDI, Nitie, IIFT wl
M2: Hobbies?
Me: I love to cook.
M2: Ok, we are done.
Me: Thanked all and left.

Surprises(if any) add Overall Experience- Wonderful experience. It started with a smile and ended with a smile. All of us were either laughing or smiling all the time.

Verdict- Converted (getting extempore topic changed, not answering all the questions etc. are immaterial unless justice is done to rest of the things.)

IIM Lucknow 2012-2014 (PG Dream Team 2011 & 2010)
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CAT Percentile
OA : 98.95

X : 86%
XII :78%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 7.18 (Btech in Chem-Engg)

RIL Refinery - 9 months

Topic: Women preferences (and their way of thinking) influence men. (don't remember the exact topic)
Number of Ppl present : 7
Time: 1+7+1

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

It was horrible for me. Thought that I would start but couldn't so waited for sometime and chipped in two points but my points were not good. There were 2 3 people who went on speaking not letting any one speak. And it happened in 2 3 occasions that everybody wanted to start at once but some or the other guy dominated among those few I mentioned earlier. One guy wanted to speak but he was cut through again and again throughout the GD. Not a good GD from my point of view.

P.S: When the Panel says 'last minute' it is the last minute for summariZation and not discussion.

PI:3 panel members, 3 females (P1 at the center, P2 at my left and a 'silent observer at my right)


P1 : So Manish, u have done ur BTech in?
Me : IITM (fumbled) Chem Engineering

P1: I can see that u have done a lot of courses related to management.
Me : interested in management blah blah...

Extempore Topic:
M1: Ok do u know about "Price war" for ex: coke vs Pepsi
Me: Started well, talked about how much competition is there in the market which has become consumer-centric, how consumers look for best possible product at lowest possible cost. Gave example of dominoes and pizza hut How they give a variety of products which is updated every month and that too at competitive price etc etc. I felt I was good.

P1 : (was nodding when i gave the eg of PH & dominoes) whats a balance sheet?
Me: Gave a vague answer about asset liabilities etc. It was correct but not structured. could have been better.

P1 : Have you seen the BS of RIL?
Me :No mam but I have seen ITC's BS. did a project during college time.

P1 : (seemed not interested looked at P2)

P2 : Who are the 3 persons nominated in rajya sabha? (read the morning newspaper)
Me : Mr. Sachin tendulkar, Ms. Rekha and errr Mr Anu aga. :banghead::banghead:

P2: Is it miss or Mr. :shock:
Me : Not sure mam read it in the newspaper.

P2: Do u know about her?
Me : Nope (how would I?)

P2: How many members are there in the lok sabha?
Me: 543

P2: Whose kiran majumdar?
Me : CEO of biocon

P2:what does biocon do?
Me: there work is related to bio-tech and pharma

P2 : (not satisfied still looking at me)
Me : Mam I don't know about it in detail.

P2: Whats the full form of DMK? (I was in chennai for 4 years)
Me : errr errr can't recollect :banghead: (saw it in the morning newspaper itself)

Me: nope.

P2: U should know about it
Me : (kya karun mam subah hi dekha tha magar ye dimag pata nahi kaha ghaas charne gaya tha):banghead:

P2 looks at P1
Ok Manish ta-ta

Verdict: Rejected 😐

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Statutory Warning: Hope no one gets this kind of an Interview ever. One of the worst, even when I was at my level best preparation


CAT Percentile- 99.12
VR & LR- 98.88
QA & DI-97.19

Undergrad Major - 83.0%
Cleared CFA Level 2
Work-Ex:20 months as a Data Analyst at a Research firm
Slot:27/04/2012 8.00AM
Topic: Good managers are good human beings
Number of Ppl present-11
Time:11+1(for jotting down the points)+1(for conclusion)

Panel Members Intro:P1(M),P2(M),P3(F) and Me
P2. Your extempore topic is F1 Race Course
Me. Was pretty fine from my side, although I could have spoken more. Wasnt sure about details, so might have spoken 1-2 points wrong.

P2. What is the difference between Individualistic and Collectivistic culture?
P2. Never heard about them? okay, tell me the principles of a handshake
Me. your hand should be firm, straight.. with right hand.. etc etc
P2. Will there be any difference when you shake hands with a male and with a female?
Me. yes Sir, in case of a female, your hand should be slightly loose, tilted towards left and you should not be the first mover.. (this answer was equivalent to the extempore, made all these facts)
P2. Okay, but what does this signify?
Me. No idea, Sir
P2. Do you think eye-contact should be there?
Me. Yes Sir, it helps you build confidence, and grab the listener's attention
P2. Don't you think this is a sign of disrespect?
Me. Depends on how your eye-contact is
P2. DO you know how they talk in Korea? No eye-contact. So, doesn't that mean it is rude?
Me. that might depend on culture to coulture
P2. What did you do for the last 2 years?
Me. Told, about work-ex
P2. So, why do you want to do MBA?
Me. Spoke the rehearsed answer

P1. What all other calls do you have?
Me. Told
P1. What is the upper control limit formula for a p-chart? (I am not at all involved in this kind of work)
Me. I do not remeber Sir
P1. What is a Gantt chart?
Me. Sir, it is used in Project Management, for time scheduling of different tasks, etc
P1. Project Management? You are confusing PERT/CPM with Gantt
Me. Sir, I think all are Project Management tools, for different purposes
P1. What is a layout of a facility locator?
Me. What Sir?
P1. Never heard of a facility locator? There are 6 steps for the layout, tell me all.
Me. No idea, Sir
P1. No idea? Ok thank you, you may leave.

Ohhhh God!!! What an interview that was. Couldnt give even one proper convincing answer. But look at the questions.. I was so well prepared. No one is asking me anything related to Finance, even when I have cleared 2 Levels of CFA. Then, why ask academic/technical question to engineers related to their stream?

As expected, couldn't clear. Not even in the wait-list.

All I can say, it was just plain bad-luck. End of 2012 season. 4 calls, 0 converts

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Its gr8 to read all those experiences.. Especially after having converted the only call i had :D
so here goes mine:
CAT: OA- 99.4
VA- 98.6
QA- 98.38
12th 89.6
B.tech(civil)- 7.77
work ex- 18 months psu
other calls- applied only for old iims and fms, only fms called
slot 24th april 3.30 pm
gd topic: heightened highlighting of human rights threatens democracy
summary: 11 out of 14 were present, was a very random sorta discussion, evrything from capital punishment to guantanamo bay(that was me :P) was discussed.. No fish market, no awkward silences, all were glad when it was over
the guy before me was out in 4 minutes, and my wish for a longer stay was not fulfullied. I was out in 3 and half.
Three profs: middle prof(the one who asked all the ques), lady prof(lp) and silent elderly prof (sep)
MP: so u lve in dwarka?
Me: yes sir
MP: talk for one minute about kirshna's dwarka
Me: started immediately (had spoken fr about 5 seconds before lp cud start the timer), spoke well, lp made me stop soon as the minute was over.
MP: so why mba?
Me: funde
MP: problems faced by power sector in india? (i'm in a power company)
Me: told.. MP was yawning during my answer
MP: Chaliye, okay.. Suddenly to SEP, sir aapko ko poochhna hai, SEP just nodded no, so did LP when she was asked, and my interview was done!!
I knew at that moment that either it was an outright yes or an outright no.
Turned out to be the former :O. Converted!!
A very special thanks to PG \m/

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Thanks a lot man! 😃

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