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After the grand success of 2010-11 Good MAT Business Schools' thread, here we start off with the thread for 2012-13 season. 😃

Previous threads have got too long and no time can be better than the start of the season to have the continuation of the thread that has been legendary in this section. :)

So, go ahead and plan the institutes to apply in this season with the help of puys around

Some points to remember:-

  1. Any general queries related to MAT shall be taken in the official MAT thread.
  2. Your posts must be relevant.Try to make each post useful and valuable for others.
  3. The info you post must be precise and genuine.
  4. Strictly, comparison of colleges is not allowed here.
  5. Don't try to misguide users by promoting your B-school.This action can't be tolerated.
  6. Basic rules:- Rules, Posting Guidelines

Good MAT B-Schools:- Good MAT B schools
Good MAT B-Schools:- Good MAT B schools
Good MAT Institutes :- Good MAT Institutes

Student Profiles:-
Student Profiles

PS: Part of the post copied from P@GALGUY's posts of previous years! Special thanks to Shamim aka P@GALGUY for his efforts.

All the best to all
** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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