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All the best to everyone for their IIMA interviews and please do post in your experiences. Please post in the given format PROFILE: Acads X %,Board, year XII%, Board, year Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech ...
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10th CBSE 84.8%
12th CBSE 88.6%
B.tech (Electrical) IIT BHU 7.05
Extra Curriculars : Tata Crucible 2011 - Tata Track - Regional Round Runner-up
CAT 2011:
QA/DI: 99.5
VA/LR: 99.76
OA: 99.93

Date of Interview: Feb 16 Morning Slot
I was in panel 3.
WAT - Is the Indian youth blindly aping the west or carving an identity of its own.
WAT experience : A one minute time was given to think about the topic. You aren't allowed to write during that one minute. We write it on the Blue Form itself, there's a section left blank. 10 minutes of time was given to write. I first differentiated between urban and rural youth. Said no doubt urban youth is copying some of the western trends - after hearing western music, watching hollywood movies etc. Rural youth largely still traditional and mostly influenced by Indian music, movies etc. Urban youth also not copying everything from the west. Things like Drug Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy, Lack of Family Values etc not prevalent in India. Shows they might be aping but not blindly.
No. of people in the interview panel: 2 Profs
Experiencei n PI:
Fairly Straight Forward. First the panel asked 3 things about Banaras which a layman doesn't know. Panel wanted 3 clearly different things. Asked about a unique university in Banaras apart from BHU. Asked about Electrical Engineering - KCL/KVL, Difference between Electrical & Electronics Engineering to a layman & to a technical person, relation between magnetism and electricity, what would have I studied if not engineering, asked which century was isaac newton born in, what do you call that period, what is the reformation period, when did india have its golden age, name 3 biggest scientific inventions by indians, then switched to career goals, also saw that I was into quizzing, didn't ask anything but seemed impressed, then said that all candidates have certificates of various events, so asked me the meaning of spandan and prastuti, job role but didn't dig into it
Duration of PI: 20 minutes approximately
your view of your preparation and performance.
I felt that this was the best interview among A, C & L. Very chilled out interview. Didn't grill, no stress. Straight forward question answer format. General awareness was the focus.Less of opinion & Very factual - if you know, then you know.

IIT BHU: Electrical Engg 2004-08 IIMA: PGP 2012-2014
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Had my interview on 1 April .. but posting it anyway for next year aspirants


X %,Board, year - 88%, AP Board, 2004
XII%, Board, year - 95%, AP Board, 2006
Undergrad Stream - B.Tech in Mathematics & Computing at IIT Guwahati.
CPI 8.63 out of 10

Work-Ex: Derivatives Trader for 22 months

CAT 2011:

Quant - 99.46
Verbal - 99.99
Aggregate 99.99

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u: little bit of quizzing, dr-1 at college

Interview & Essay

Venue: Hyderabad
Date : 1 April 2012 (morning session)

Topic: Corruption in India affects the poor more than the rich
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 10 mins
Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
Essay -> 1+2+1 paras; made a balanced case. Had time to write a conclusion as well

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: Two profs. Let me call them non-finance prof (NFP) and finance prof (FP) for obvious reasons.
Me: (entered, wished, handed over certis + medal)
NFP & FP: Quizzed me about the medal (for acads at college)
FP: Tell me about yourself
Me: told till my branch at B. Tech part.
FP: So, you had financial engg. in your B. Tech. Tell me the derivation of Ito's lemma. (At this point, NFP got up and answered a call )
Me: I know the lemma, but don't remember the derivation
FP: Asked me two equations
Me: told

NFP (comes back, FP leaves to call someone:sneaky:): So, apart from finance, which subject do you like?
Me: Algorithms, sorting.. Djikstra's (read the Wiki entry on the previous day :D)
NFP: Ok, explain Djikstra's
Me: Drew a graph and explained, told the drawbacks, answered cross-questions
NFP: Ok, whats O(n logn)? Whats the big-Oh notation?
Me: Gave a very unsatisfactory answer.
NFP: Whats better O(n^3) or O(nlogn)?
Me: O(nlogn), but couldnt explain.
NFP: Whats P-NP completeness?
Me: Again, a very shaky answer, got a little close

NFP: Fine, what other topics do you like?
Me: Functions, Graphs, etc
NFP: (after a slight confusion - the other graphs in CS) What is the necessary and sufficient condition for a bi-variable function to have an extremum?
Me: :nono: Tried a bit. Had a vague idea, but didnt hazard a guess.

NFP: Ok, why's your CPI low in the first year?
Me: It was bad, sir.
NFP: Bad?
Me: :oops: I didnt concentrate enough, etc..

NFP and FP: Ok, you may leave

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

Totally based on acads!!! Not a single question on work-ex, MBA, extra-curr. etc .. The guy who went in before me had a totally general interview on Facebook, Housewives and all:) So, I guess they wanted to get back on track. Well, it was better than my C interview, which btw was a total unmitigated disaster.

VERDICT: Convert

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Posting Experience very late, but it should help the candidates next year.


X %,Board, year : 75.2,CBSE,2003
XII%, Board, year : 84.8,CBSE,2005
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : Btech,(metallurgy), NIT Trichy, 8.89/10, 2010

Sectors, Company - Number of months: Petroleum, IOCL, 20 months

CAT 2011:

Quant: 99.66
Verbal : 92.40
Aggregate: 98.34
(category if applicable):

Extra curriculars : national level medals in volleyball, many club activities in college

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIFT, New Delhi
Date : 09th march,2012

Essay :
Topic: Everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler
Time given : 10 mins
Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 2, only good thing was that I was able to complete my essay

I was the last one in my panel..and my panel was the slowest one
Panel member: two middle aged profs, P1 was bengali babu and P2 was from Delhi only I guess..:sneaky:
Interviews started at around 9 o clock and my turn came at 12.30

P1:Looking at my transcript, Piyush u have got 'S' grade in Mathematics in 1st yr so u must be good at it?
P2: Whats "S" Grade?
Me: its the highest grade we could achieve in any subject sir
P2: ok, tell me ur fav topic in Maths
Me: Calculus n probability sir(these are the worst topics though)
P1 & P2 laughing, P2: oh u really know calculus? ok can u write Taylor series ?
Me: had read it two days back(lucky), so wrote it without any hesitationbingo
P2: what is Mean value theorem?
Me: told, and wrote the expression
P2: tell me graphically(I guess they wanted to check whether I know it properly or I have just mugged it)
Me: wrote
P2: have u come across normal distribution curve in probability?
Me: this was asked to few others in my panel and I revised it while waiting for my turn but I said that I have never had probab. at college level but I can draw the curve.
P2: then ok, no need to draw.
P1: u have written dept rank 4 in ur form, can I see the certi?
Me: are yaar hath me pura folder le rakhe ho, dekh lo na,everything is there:biggrin:(just kidding)
P1: since u have written taylor series can u put the function e^(-1/x) in taylor series and expand it for x=0?
ME: tried it, it was coming as inderminate form, told him this is inderminate at x=0, both the profs gave few hints asked to find through limits, said that we can do it by applying L'hospital rule but I do not remember the rule right now
Both profs looked convinced..
P1: we celebrated woman's day yesterday so name a few woman leaders and what difference can a woman bring in corporate sector?
Me:: named a few, then blabbered something,did not have much idea of how a woman contributes to corporate..
P1: ok u mentioned Indra Nooyi, so compare her working style with that of the chairman of ur company
ME: bla bla.. in the end said cant really find a difference
P2: why MBA?(I did not expect this question from A, even senior told u wont be asked directly)
Me: blah blah
P2: so u want to work in petroleum industry, but such jobs are not available at A?:nono:
Me: sir it is just that I enjoy being in petroleum sector will be happy to get a job in any industry specially manufacturing sector..
P1: what is ISO standard, diff. b/w ISO and ISI,?
Me: said something like ISO certifies the whole process and ISI only the product quality
P1: can ISO ceritified company produce a bogus/bad product?
Me: no, ISO certifies both process and the product..
P1: what is sensex??
Me: did not read about sensex I know this was real foolishness, blabbered something
P2 interferes and said: do u actually follow stock market??
Me: No
P2: then say that dont beat around the bush, its not good
P1: ok one last question .. why should we take u?
ME: blah blah.. then mentioned about my national level volley achievement, later found out that in spite of my folder being full with volley certis he did not notice it, so my sincere advice to all puys whatever good thing u have in your profile try to squeeze it in one of ur answers as u may not be lucky like me and get ignored,,,
P@: we are done,u can take a chocolate
Me: came out happily, begining of the interview was awesome but I erred towards the end still it was ok..

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Tips: be prepared with whatever good u have written in ur form, conclude the essay, good gpa in college will always help,

Verdict: converted

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Posting Experience bit late, but it may help the candidates next year.


X %,Board, year : 89.6,CBSE,2004
XII%, Board, year : 84.2,CBSE,2006
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : Btech,(Computer), IIIT Hyderabad, 8.07/10, 2010

Sectors, Company - Number of months: IT, Factset, 20 months

CAT 2011:

Quant: 99.75
Verbal : 97.30
Aggregate: 99.78
(category if applicable): General

Extra curriculars : Literary prizes, working with NGO

Any other special thing abt u: working on B-Plan

Interview & Essay

Venue: Hyderabad, Golconda Hotel
Date : 31st March 2012

Essay :
Topic: Is it possible to do business with honesty and ethics?
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Average, bad start, wrote some points but didn't touch on part "possible"
Time given : 10
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 2

Panel Members Intro: P1 , P2
P2 went out for a while when I entered the room.
P1: Have you ever been inside IIM-Ahmedabad( seeing in the form that I am basically from Ahmedabad)
Me: told that i have been there couple of times as one of my friend's dad was a professor there.

P2 comes back:
P1: Okay, lets start. What does factset do?
P2: In the meanwhile, please give me your file
Me: Sure, sir ( I hand over the file)
Me: told about the company and the work it does.
P1: What is your role in the company?
Me: (told about the project I have worked on in bit detail and how it is crucial for the company.)
P1: That seems to be a very simple work.
Me: Sir, I didn't get it. Why do you think so?
P1: You get data from somewhere, send data to somewhere else.
Me: (clarified and mentioned somewhere that I work for DB team. )

P1( Seemed convinced): Okay, so why do you do an MBA then?
Me: Sir, I want to become an entrepreneur. I am already working on this project (and explained the B-plan in brief. )
(Then I asked permission to use paper and pencil to explain in detail. Then explained all the verticals of the B-Plan clearly using block diagrams. )
P1(looked interested): Why do you think you have the skills to do this. This plan is rural in nature. You are completely in corporate world, IT world.
Me: Sir, I believe, its not about skills, its about passion. I have passion to do it and I believe, skills can be learnt if one has passion.
P1 (Sarcastically): Do you really think so?
Me: (confidently) yes sir, I do. I believe, If I have the skills and not the passion, then I could never do a good job. If I have the passion and not the skills, I will learn the skills and do a good job. So, passion is more important.
P1 ( Seems convinced now): Okay, what is percentage of people dependent on agriculture in rural areas
Me: Sir, 52% of India depends on agriculture. 68% of India is rural. So 52/68 should be the answer assuming all agriculture happens in rural areas.
(Calculated and came out to be 76%). Sir, it comes to 76%, but because the assumption would not be totally true, I would scale it down to 70%

Then there were few more questions on the business plan like competitors, revenue model and counter questions on why this will work, what triggered this idea etc all of which I answered well.

P2: okay, so you are from DB team, so explain normalization.
Me: Told why it is used and different forms of it.
P2: what is full form of BCNF
Me: Told
P2: Explain 1 NF, 2 NF, 3 NF
Me: Explained in detail with examples
P2 seemed convinced now.

P2: Thank you, we are done. Please take a toffee.
Me: Thank you, Sir

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Any other relevant detail.
I used pencil paper a lot, both while discussing the business plan as well as during the acads questions. That helped me a lot, and at the same time, it was giving a more clear picture to the panel.

Panel was very chilled out. They were listening very carefully and were nodding constantly to the answers.


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Converted A

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for further discussions http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-an...ml#post3418792 (IIM Ahmedabad (WIMWI) Final Converts: Batch of 2014 Discussions)

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After being dinged by B & C, and 4 days of agony, "Congratulations! You have been selected for admission to PGP (2012-2014 batch), IIMA. Please indicate your decision by e-mail at admission@iimahd.ernet.in."

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converted A and C both..... So A here I come...:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Yay !!!!! A ..here I come

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Converted A, B & C

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