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This thread is for sharing WAT and PI experience of IIM Indore for 2011-2013 session. All The Best to everyone for their WAT/PI. I am borrowing the format for posting experiences from last year's experience thread at: http://www.pagalguy.com/...
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91.40 % , CBSE
89.60% , CBSE
9.20/10.00 CGPA , NIT Allahabad

30 + months in IT MNC , Senior Developer

CAT (2010-11):
DI - 88+
Quant - 99+
Verbal - 88+
Aggregate - 97.40%
(category if applicable) - General

Extra acads : Decent extracurriculars in school and college

Any other special thing abt u: Every individual is special :lookround:

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM Indore
Date : 23rd February , 2011

WAT had two parts:
Number of Ppl present - 9
Time: 9 AM

Part 1 : Summarize a paragraph in about 100 words.
Part 2 Essay : Should internet be regulated

Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Did pretty well in summarizing and giving valid points in essay.

Time given : 40 mins
Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: 2 profs ( P1,P2,P3)

P2 - What is Tower of Hanoi ?
Me - Told.

P2 - What is the concept used in Tower of Hanoi ?
Me - Recursion , explained.

P1 - Difference between Mac and Windows ?
Me - Not a very comprehensive answer but told what I knew.

P1 - What are the different OS used in Mobiles ?
Me - Android , IOS , Windows , Symbian

P1 - Which is more popular ?
Me - I was confused between Ios and Adroid but said Android as I knew more about it and wanted to be sure in case of cross questions.

P1 - Ok tell me something about Android
Me - I told them whatever I knew , opensource , apps on android , a bit of history and so on.

P1 - Will you pay for apps on android ? Have you paid for apps ?
Me - Gave some funda on why paying is essential for developers and being a developer I would like to contribute to the fraternity. Also it encourages more people to develop apps and contribute to the opensource etc etc. I dont have an android phone but will pay when I have one :lookround:

P3 - Ok Sayan you are from WB. Tell me important events in WB history starting from 1800
Me - Fortunately I knew a few important events and told 3-4 events which I remembered.

P3 - What happened in 1905 in West Bengal :banghead:
Me - I am not sure sir. Can I have a guess ? When they agreed I tried to say if there was some important session of congress where some resolution was passed. Was a wild and wrong guess.
Actual ANS : Partition of Bengal

P3 - Who was Michael Madhusudhan Dutta. I dont think you would have heard of him do you ?
Me - I said I have heard of him and told who he was :cheerio:

P3 - What is baul music ?
Me - told

P3 - Freedom fighters from Bengal ?
Me - told

P2 - What is the datastructure used in forms in websites ?
Me - Told . He wasnt fully convinced.

P2 - What is a stack ?
Me - Told . Connected it to the previous answer on recursion.

Maybe missed out on some questions. Short interview but one of my better interviews.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Met Sarcastix sir during the interviews. He was in the same panel as mine. It was nice meeting a GMAT 770 and CAT 99.9x guy who is so good yet humble. We had a bet about who goes last and I won it saying that it wont be me but him ( Coz we were already bored and famished to death being the last ones in the slot )

VERDICT : Converted
There is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life & what it brings
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If any Senior can please advise me, I applied through NRI route and the admission offers on the website are strictly for CAT students. Where can I find out regarding my admission status?

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cfa_2k10_lvl1 Says
Result will be coming in 2nd week of may. . I inquired from IIM indore. .

It is around 10th may. It's flashing on their website.
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souravlodha Says
guys when is the result expected.. it's my last hope :(

Result will be coming in 2nd week of may. . I inquired from IIM indore. .
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guys when is the result expected.. it's my last hope 😞

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X:84% ICSE
XII: 89% ISC
Graduation Degree and GPA/%age:BTech CSE, VIT, 8.78
Work-Ex (months): 30
Work-Ex Sector: IT
CAT Score:84%ile (NC-OBC)
Interview Center,Date & Time: Hotel Stallion, 17th April
Topic: FDI in retail sector in India. For or against

Panel 1 male (A) and 2 ladies(B and C)
B: What is ur strength
Me: Answered
B: Tell us an instance where you showed ur strength
Me: Answered
C: You were in NCC, so how long were u associated with it
Me: I was associated with it in schooll for around three years
C: Tell us about Corporte Social Responsibility
Me: told about activities carried out in my previous and current organisation
B: What are ur hobbies
Me: Playing and watching cricket, playing Sudoku
B: How many teams are there in IPL
Me: 10
B: Tell us about the owners of these teams, who is owner of Royal challengers banglore
Me: UB group
Also told about Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, India Cements, Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia, Sahara Group
C: What is the name of the company owned by Juhi and Shahrukh
Me: Red Chillies
B: So you did engg in CSE..First you are all after computers and the MBA
A: yeah they will take finance (and then all started to nod)
Me: No Sir I would like to get into consulting
B: What other IIM inerviews have you given and how were they?
Me: Answered
B: Is this your first attempt at CAT
Me; No mam.. its fourth
B: Did you got any call in previous attempts
Me: No

All this while A was going through my marksheets
Now the bad part starts

A: So tell mesomething about Cryptography
Me: Answered what it is and its usage
A: Tell us abt cryptograhy techniques and algorithms
Me: told about symmetric and asysmmetric algorithms...gave example of single key algorithm and private and public key algorithm
Mention RSA , AES, SSH and explained RSA
A: Any recent developments in field of cryptography?
Me: Told about AKS primality test developed by students and prof of IIT K
A: why are prime numbers important in cryptograhy algos
Me: Not sure Sir

Now the really bad part starts..
(Welcome to Linus Red Hat certification exam)

A: What did u studied in Linus Internals
Me: Blabbered something.. told about UNIX
A: UNIX was developed in 1970s and Linus much later in 1990's
A: So how is Unix different from other OS
Me: Open source
A: No No No..Ok what is difference between Kernel and Shell
Me: Said whatever I cud recall
A: What does kernel do?
Me: Told about process management
A: What else apart from process management?
Me : Thought for some time and said cant recall anything Sir

I didnt expected the iv to be so much Acad oriented considering my workex

Verdict(Not sure but I want to convert badly after getting rejected at XLRI and IIM B)

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X:Matriculation 88%
XII: TN state Board 98%
Graduation Degree and GPA/%age:BE ECE, GCT, 87%

Work-Ex (months): 23
Work-Ex Sector: Electrical manufacturing(ABB)

CAT Score:84%ile (NC-OBC)
Interview Center,Date & Time: IHM Bangalore, 16th March


Topic: Social Activists kidnapping innocents. what should Govt do?
Number of People present: 11
Time Limit & Time taken by you: 30 mins
Word Limit & Words written by you(approx): 200 words, 230words
Brief Snapshot of What you wrote/Discussion(if any): Maoists, Veerappan, Eradicate poverty,unemployment, blah blah blah...
Other Salient Details: Summary on Banning testin on Animals in Europe.-I did this very badly!


Panel Members Intro: 3 profs (A,B,C)
Approx Time period of PI: 25 minutes


B: Tell us abt urself.
A: so wat is that "ocean from droplets" al abt?? (i mentioned this in my intro)
Me: explained.
C: So,with such a variety of real time experience n interests, y do u wanna take a diversion in ur career?
A: u said u did a conjoint analysis. wat is that?
C: what are ur experiences being a placement cordinator??
A: gave me some real time scenario which i exp in office n askd me wat i wud do.
Me: answered.
B: ok, what do you kno abt Microfinance??
Me: answered
B: who found this concept?
Me: (aftr a deep thot) mhmd yosuf, sorry sir,i am nt sure abt the first name. bt he is yusuf! (2mins) no sir, its mhmd yonis.
B: thats fine. which was the first Microfinance institution?
Me: answered
B: first in India?
I dont kno!
Me: Not sure sir!
B: ok, tel us somethin abt womens reservation bill.
all 4 of us went into a discussion on the bill(reqd or not) i was against the bill and they all were for the bill. a gud discussion in fact!
A: wat do u think abt politics in TN?
all 4 of us again went into a gud and funny discussion!
A: we are done. u have any ques??
Me: no sir.

wished everybody and came out.

Other suggestions/observations: i took 2 copies of my interview form. they already had one(original-i had sent). wen dey were tryin to share 1 form,i said sir,i have kept 2 sets inside my file.

Verdict(selected/rejected): GOK!

Posting al my experiences after converting "B" call!!
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Finally my first IIM Interview. :)

X - 69%,Bihar, 2000
XII - 72%, Jharkhand, 2002
Undergrad Stream - Btech, CSE, 77.2%,
Post Grad - Post Graduation in Intellectual Property Rights Law

Consulting 31 Months

Interview & WAT PI
Venue: Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata
Date: 19-04-2011 ...1:30pm

Consisted of two tasks - 40 minutes (50 marks)
Q1. Passage on how company recruit, retain and nurture talents
Q2. Children have been used in many television advertisements and other media. Parents should allow them or not. Please mention your view with recent incidents (something like that)

Rate your preparation (0-5): 4
Rate your performance (0-5): 3.5

Panel Members Intro: 3 Professors ( All male profs P1, P2 and P3)

P3: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told, but could have done better. I forgot to tell them about my Post Graduation Diploma.
P1: Do you like maths?
Me: Yes Sir.
P1: Simplify this, some complex mathematical expression.
Me: Solved, with big smile. P1 convinced.
P3: What are your hobbies?
Me: Blogging, travelling and Photography.
P1: Why do we call it blogging?
Me: Told, P1 again convinced.
P2: Tell me about your work-ex?
Me: Told but he again questioned and discussion after that for 5 minutes.
P2: Okay, okay. So if I want to buy a box from your company X. Can I buy it directly?
Me: Told.
P2: Okay, so how will I get the service from you being a individual customer?
Me: Told.
P2: Okay, tell me one more thing. I am interested in buying Apple Mac. Can you convince me to buy Microsoft Windows?
Me: Gave him some funda. He was not convinced completely.
P2: Okay, explain me the paradox: There are 95% windows user but those who buy Apple always buy apple?
Me: Gave him some explanation and he was convinced.
P3: He was looking through my file carefully. Okay, you are doing Law course in IPR.
Me: Yes.
P2: P2 jumped in. What are the challenges in India?
Me: Explained and but he was looking for some specific answer.
P3: Okay, which industry in India has the problem with respect to Patent?
Me: I knew the answer but it didn't strike me then. :oops: Btw, answer is Pharma.

And the biggest blunder of the interview:
P2: Who won the FIFA World Cup?
Me: Brazil ......sorry Sir...Spain.:oops:
P2: He was smiling and said I was expecting the correct answer.

P3: Okay, how many years patent is valid?
Me: Told.
P3: How may years copyright is valid?
Me: Told.
P3: How many years trademark is valid?
Me: Told.
P3: What is reverse engineering?
Me: Told
P3: Who excelled in reverse engineering?
Me: Told, China.
P3: Which year?
Me: I don't know sir.
P3: Which industry?
Me: Said software. But I was wrong.
P3: What is ERM?
Me: Sorry sir, never heard of it.

P2: Are you learning IPR course through distance education?
Me: Yes sir.
P2: How are you managing your time?
Me: Told.
P2: Since you are working from home and your office is not present in that location. Will your company allow me to work from Begusarai?
Me: I was smiling shamelessly. Told, depend on the situation.

P2: What exactly does your client do?
Me: Told.
P2: what is your role in the company?
Me: Told.
P1: If I want to set up a network. What all things you require from me.
Me: Told and he was convinced.
P2: P2 pitched again. So your work start after pre-sales.
Me: Yes Sir.
P2: Thank you. Please take your file.

Other suggestions/observations:
There were plenty of chocolates in front of me but not offered. No question on Why MBA? No grilling on acads. Interview lasted for 30-35 mins. Overall a nice experience.

Rate your preparation (0-5): 4.8
Rate your performance (0-5): 4.5

VERDICT (Converted)

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venue:hotel kennilwrth kolkata,16th april,1:30 pm
WCT:new vs old employees
Summary:Modified food..passage

object is inside class?? or vice versa??
RDBMS usage??necessity,Primary key,secondary key,general examples
referential integrity..

book-2-3 - minutes-told
(book was abt Mahabharata)
places in MAHBHARATA in curent times.
any other book?:THE SHADOW LINES...
Whats it abt? :A riot
WHen ?
where?:in east pakistan (bangladesh)
Why ws this riot?
It ws a fiction.Did u care to go thru history???
Difference betwen Epic and a novel.
Any other book?:THE KITE RUNNER
does that inspire you??
Why do we include fiction in novels???
While coming from SALT LAKE to PARK STREET what places did u visit??
another instance-OK
Coaching centre??
Last year percentile???This year???

Why MBA?
Why leave TCS after 6 mnths?
Rate IIM I and IIM S...:of course IIM I :personal decision...

Completely grilled during the interview.....

My last post fr the tym being..alrdy rejected in most of the instis..and not taking up XIMB this year...:drinking:.:banghead::banghead:Its season 2012-14 again.

Hoping fr an outright reject.....(let GOD give me courage to prepare fr next year)

Calls 2010-IIM I,S,XLBM,SPJ,XIMB || Calls 2011-SCMHRD||Calls 2012-IIFT|| Calls 2013: IIFT,XL(Both),IIM B,I, new IIMs,MDI ,SPJain,XIMB,VGSOM,GLIM||Dint Attend:IITM, IIM Ranchi HRM||Final Converts:B,I,T,U,Rp, VGSOM,XIMB,MDI,GL|| IIM Bangalore [PGP 2014-16]
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