Dear All,

For the second year in succession, we bring to you the PaGaLGuY Official GDPI Helpline in collaboration with students of NITIE Mumbai. Helpline has the sole objective to ensure that you are empowered to crack GDPI in a better way.

The hard part is done but the harder part is yet to be taken care of. The 'Battle' is over but the 'WAR' to enter dream B-Schools is still on. And this is the right time to ask all your 'last lap' questions to people who have been there, done that and wish to share their experience and time with you.

Continuing with the tradition set by helpline of last year, you can ask them about:

- How to start preparing for GDPI
- Customizing GDPI preparation for different B-Schools
- Dealing with fear to speak in group / before interview panel
- How to be prepared about out of the box questions in interviews
- Tips for group tasks/ case discussions
- Customized PI tips as per your background

If you have any questions related to above apprehensions or any other query, post them here and get them answered by NITIE Students.

Special features of this helpline include:

- Regular discussions on topics important with respect to GDPI. This won't include the posting of news or articles on these topics, rather it will consist of complete analysis of the topic from management point of view posted regularly by NITIE Students after the discussion among puys on the topic has exhausted.
- Suggestions to perform better in PIs.
- Sharing GDPI experience of almost every elite B-School.
- Skype Conference with NITIE students and live discussions on topics.

Please fill the following form if you wish to participate in Skype GDPI Sessions:
Links to post having links of Consolidated Analysis of GD Topics:
Points to remember in Group Discussions :
How to approach CASE based Group Discussions:
Pointers for PIs - Part 1:
Pointers for PIs - Part 2 :
Pointers for Answer to Why MBA ?
Useful blogs on different specializations to prepare for GDs and PIs:
Important topics from current affairs for GDs and PIs :

The other offerings will be disclosed as we move ahead in the journey together.

All the best everyone.


** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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