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Hi junta, On the eve before the i/w's , I know that people would be hell lot busy preparing for the final showdown.Therefore I take this opportunity to start off the thread which would be religiously visited by us in the next few days.ALL THE...
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I still remember 1st of March ....... my interview was in LIBA chennai.... as i entered the LIBA campus, i glanced at my watch, 15 minutes left.... cursing my gud friend who said that LIBA is just 10 minutes from his house, in reality it took us around 25 minutes to reach there :banghead:........

so began my ordeal to find the interview location in that big campus....... from main admin block to the church, to the LIBA building, after searching LIBA building came to know that the interviews are going on in the adjacent block:banghead:.

5 minutes late, the GD has already started, the papers have been distributed, thankfully they let me in :..... drenched in sweat, tie coming out of my pocket I took my seat ( seat number 1 )....

Course applied for : (PMIR)

X : 74.6%
XII: 78.6%
B.Tech(CS) : 70.0%
XAT percentile: 96.17%
Work Ex : 38 months
Industry : IT.
Everything Mediocre .......nothing special.......

Number of participants: 10
Panelists' : P1: M. Srimannarayana, P2: I.S.F Irudayaraj, P3: Rajeev Sharma
Duration: 10 minutes
Brief snapshot of discussion: We were to rank india's problems from 1-8 ..... the problems were mentioned in the paper....... were all general like population, health care, infrastructure, rural growth, power etc......

The GD was gud, not at all a fish market, we were able to rank till 4 in the alloted time limit ....... my GD was gud:grin:, the group was listening to me.

After the GD was over i came out and went straight to the rest room to get myself in order ....... after i was sure that i was in order i came out and to my surprise my name had already been called .........
i knew my struggle for excellence ends here...... still waited there ....
P1 came out after first interview and said that mine will be at the last..... thank god they did not say tata :clap:.....

so i waited, interacted with others, oops all 98, 99 percentilers.... All talking super duper high flying stuff, discussing mgt theories, mgt gurus .....
i said to myself : All iz well, All iz well
I revised abt labour laws, which year they came, gratuity act, my company HR policies .......

some interviews were short some were long ....... from 12 minutes to 18 minutes ..... the one before me was approx 20 minutes, the longest so far.........

Then came my turn..... first thing first..... apologized for coming late..... forgot to wish happy holi .......
the interview was very very relaxed...... they wanted me to speak as much as i can....... tell them whatever i knew....... they were in no hurry, wanted me to elaborate everything in detail .........

I do not specifically remember who asked which question so i will give the jist of the discussion we had ........

we started from where i come from, my family background ?
Me : told them, then told abt my native city in detail, wht it is famous for....

then we came to my qualifications, my hobbies ... P2 asked u play cricket what do u learn from it.....
Me : gave them some gyan on team spirit, all should contribute blah blah...

then we came to my work experience, my brief stint in chennai..... the culture difference between north and south..... P2 asked did i know what is aculturation and enculturation.....
Me : told abt the culture difference and wht i learnt here....... but had no idea abt those two terms.

the they asked wht i knew abt labour laws.......
Me : i told the laws, min compensation, gratuity, pension n others ....

they asked to explain all in detail..... to tell them whatever i knew abt it...
they then asked abt my company labour laws....... which all come into picture in my employment.... my company gratuity law....
Me : i had read abt my company gratuity law and explained them in detail.

then we came to cyber laws and then to google china controversy....... is it a controversy or a conflict........ abt china tibet issue

then P2 asked when did i start preparing for this interview.....
Me : i said the day i was shortlisted ......... all laughed.

then they asked how did i prepare.......
Me : told them abt pagalguy, abt XL website, internet resources..... abt the XL alumni.......
P2 : oh so u been to pagalguy, so what is the most common question we are asking as per pagalguy
Me : i said abt the native city and abt jharkhand, jamshedpur.....
P2 : oh so we should not ask u this ....... u have been through the brochure, u have read everything given in brochure...... tell me what does XLRI stand for..... wht do u mean by industril relations
Me : ..... excellence....... forgot it is Integrity and Excellence, told them lill bit abt IR n said i will be learning more abt IR in detail in the course.

P2 : ok tell us abt the GD performance, how do u rate ur performance, hw do u rate grp performance......
Me : gave a rating and told the reasons.....

The total duration was abt 22 minutes ....... in the end i thought that my chances are over ........ the depth they were seeking abt IR, Labour laws i felt like they want people who already know all abt PMIR, who have been interested and been reading abt it since long........

Result : WL 28 ....... rechecked the result almost a dozen times and still was unable to believe that i still had a chance to achieve excellence..... now waiting for the WL movt to get started ......

Thanks for going through this marathon post, thanks and groans eqally welcome......

AIW-CAT http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschools/all-wanted-speak-about-t-2933/p-51356/r-3699659 My XL GD/PI exp http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/2010-xlri-pi-experiences-bm-and-pmir-t-50632/p-1910499
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Posting my experience after converting my PMIR callfor the benefit of next year aspirants. I had been an ardent follower of this thread...now its time to return the favour.

Course applied for :I had only PMIR call(Venue: XLRI Jamshedpur)

Educational Profile:
Fresher (pursuing B.Tech)
X: 89.8% (ICSE)

XII: 90% (ISC)
Engineering : CGPA 8.88( till 6th Semester, WBUT)
XAT percentile:99.59%ile (VA 98.41 QA 85.89:-( RA 99.71)
Work profile (if applicable):
Number of years: Sector/Industry:0
Special achievements at work: 0
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary): NA

GD Topic & Number of participants- "Poverty Eradication in India"...10 points were given, which we had to rank as a group...there were supposed to be 10 people in the GD, but one did not turn up. We had a very nice and peaceful discussion, not at all a fish market. People were listening and allowing you to speak. As a group, we could rank all the 10 points and reached a consensus. I was satisfied with my performance in the GD. GD lasted for around 15 minutes. We were NOT asked to conclude.

Panelists' intro (if possible): Will be referring to here as P1, P2 and P3.

Just before my interview, the profs came out of the interview room, and said that they would like to have a tea break. They even asked me to join them for tea which I politely refused.

PI experience:

I entered the room and wished them and was asked to have a seat. The panel was extremely friendly and was always trying their best to make me feel comfortable .

P3 took my file and started going through it.
P2: So you are from Heritage Institute of Technology?
Me: Yes, Sir.
then for 2-3 minutes, P2 started showering praise at my college, and didn't give me a chance to speak. I was surprised to see, how he knew so much about my college! Then he went on to read my residence address..apparently he found the name of the place funny( Thakurpukur), and asked me about the significance of the name, which I answered.

P2: So, do you also have the BM call?
Me: No Sir, actually I could not clear the QA cutoff for BM by 1-2 marks.
P2:Never mind, PMIR is also an excellent course.
P2: So you are doing Engineering in IT. Why do you want to take up a course which deals with HR?
Me: Answered.
P2: I feel that IT people lack communication skills. Whats your opinion about it?
Me: Tried my best to convince them that it was not so...explained with several examples that this was not the case.
P3: But, because of IT people are losing their jobs. How do u substantiate that
Me: Answered, and convinced them hopefully.
P3: How does motivation help people to do their work.
P3: Tell me, where is al-Qaeda based.
Me: Answered.
P3: Don't you think even al-Qaeda motivates people, otherwise, why would people become terrorist?
Me: Explained.
P1: So, what is your hobby?
Me: Listening and singing to Rabindrasangeet...Also, Reading newspapers and books.
P1: Is reading newspaper a hobby?
Me: told.
P1:Ok, what kind of books do you read. Name a few.
Me: I said I like reading fiction. Dan Brown is my favourite. Apart from that, I also like reading Jhumpa Lahiri, Amitav Ghosh, Agatha Christie. I am a very big fan of Harry Potter too.
At the mention of Harry Potter, the profs gave me a surprised look!
P2: Do you know of any book written by Gandhiji?
Me: Yes Sir. "My Experiments with Truth". Though I have not read the entire book, I have read an excerpt of it.
P3: I see, you have done quite well in your Group Discussion at College. ( He was referring to my gradesheet of college...I got top grades in GD at college). Based on the fact that you are so good in GD, tell me about your performance in the GD.
Me: As, a group, I feel, we performed quite well...(cut short)
P3: No, I want to know about YOUR performance only.
Me: Sir,I feel it was good , though there was room for improvement. I did make several points, but also could have made some more.
P3: Rank yourself in the group.
Me: I would rank myself 2nd or 3rd.
P3:Who according to you should be 1st then?
Me: The person who started the GD, was the best according to me. He made several good points and also tried to give structure to the GD.
P1: OK, you told Dan Brown is your favourite author. Can you recollect any references to cats in any of his books.
Me::shock: Tried hard, but couldn't recollect any such references, and told him so.
P1: Ok, name anr 4 WILD CATS?
Me::shock::shock::shock:. I was surprised at this question...never knew how cats came into our discussion, all of a sudden. For 15 seconds, tried hard to remember names of "wild cats" but was blank. Actually, by cat, I could not picture anything but domestic cats.
P1: You should know this!
Then it struck me, that by wild cats, I was supposed to refer to members of the cat family, not necessarily the domestic cats. As, soon as this struck me, I named them at one go.


P1:hmm..but LEOPARD and PANTHER are the same. Name another.
Me:(After thinking for 10 secs) JAGUAR.
P1:Ok, thank you, you may leave. Pls take your file with you.
Me. Thanked each one of them.

Overall, I was asked mostly opinion based questions. And they did not give me any feedback when I answered them, they just proceeded to the next question. So, it was difficult for me to read their mind. I could have handled the last question on "wild cats" better, had the answer struck me earlier.

VERDICT:::CONVERTED straightaway. Never expected a straight convert from XLRI. At best expected a waitlist. So, was pleasantly surprised, when I saw the result!

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Had my GDPI on the second to last day, but hope this helps people next year!

GD: Rank tenets of Gandhism in their order of relevance today. (some points were rather confusing)
Trusteeship, faith, swadeshi, hunger strikes, brahmins and untouchables staying together, dynamic nonviolence etc.
Not a fish market, but not a very good discussion either. Could only agree upon the first two points.

PI questions included:

-Details about placement
-how knowledge gained in academic circles is relevant while dealing with people in a corporate environment.
-some more cross questioning on this, how people change their behaviour, canvassing for promotions etc. How do you think you can handle it?
-difference between c, c++, java
-python programming language. which company uses it?(Ans is Google, they told me)
-unix vs. linux. why more secure than windows?
-why Mac isn't more popular?
-how does Mumbai get water supply? Which lakes?
-Why is it dependent on rains? what are solutions?
-where are ground-wells allowed in mumbai, what depth etc. Can you have a borewell in Bandra?
-why is it difficult to cook at a high altitude? !!! some more questions based on this...
-why can you drink boiling tea in polar regions?(should have got this but screwed it up, thought it would cost me:splat: )
-panchayat system in Thane.
-historical significance of Thane, some stuff about railways
-lots of questions about france, french revolution, reign of terror etc(had mentioned a french phrase in the essay but they went for the full monty)
-some more questions on the essay.
-books you read? favourite authors?
-finally settled down on Agatha Christie. Lot of questions, asked to describe some characters. where do hercule poirot, miss marple hail from?(country, city)
-Describe Poirot as a good friend of yours. What shape is his head? Does he have a moustache etc!
-CAT percentile, other calls.

They were pretty informal, more of a chat. No stress at all. One of the profs was just looking through the certificates, no questions from him.

Surprisingly, no why MBA, why now, why PMIR questions. No questions based on the questionnaire either. Wasn't quite sure how to interpret this!

Verdict: Waitlisted at no. 2 for PMIR

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I believe the purpose of this thread has now been fulfilled, since XLRI has declared the final results and discussions have moved to the results thread. Request mods to lock this thread :thumbsup:

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interview of a drunk xler ........

p1 asks - tell me 5 benifits of this convert
me(poor soul) - sir here are the points...
1. Sir it will bring back to track my derailed career
2. It will make me free of this life of ignominy
3. it gave me proof that hard work pays.. and luck supports only when u try hard... real real hard
4. it will straighten out my love life.. will be closer to my GF in kolkata.. (luv u janu)
5. sir, can i take some time to think please?

life has never been so beautiful..
dont know why .. but may be this is the 50th time I am checking my result to ensure that i really converted the BM call at 98.37...
thank god.. u are great..

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mr.kat Says
which course buddy ?

Selected for BM....
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@ puys,

1. Please dont be disheartened if you are a wait listed candidate or did not make it .. I am sure there is something better in store for you... plus there is always next year

2. For all those who are wait listed .... relax and DONT SPECULATE

3. For all those who made it ... Make your final decision carefully.. weigh all your options :)

All result descuission pls conduct them on the relevant thread found at



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PMIR Reject ! Birthday tomo, nice gift 😛 Had too many hopes on this one to even pen down here. Well, the only people without problems are the dead :)

Congrats and my best wishes for all those with a convert!



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mr.kat Says
which course buddy ?

Selected for BM
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Please carry out further discussions at:

http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/other-...ml#post1993468 (XLRI 2010-12 Batch Interview results out!!)

Mr Kat

I was not aware you had already created a thread , but I have pasted the above link in other thread(call getters) as well, so please join this newly created thread

Anyway, don't carry out discussions in this thread regarding result. This thread is meant for GD-PI experiences only. It will be used next year.

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