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Congrats to all those who got call from XIME! Please use this fresh thread to put forward your questions on GD/PI process and to discuss your GD/PI experience. I invite the seniors and existing students of XIME to share their experience ...
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Since the XIME admissions are over and there are no more sharing of GDPI experiences, can you please close the thread so not to have multiple thread active for queries regarding XIME.


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hey!!! converted the call :)
now here it goes...my gdpi experience for my prospective juniors!!

the topic given fr gd was " english shud be introduced as a second language from 1st standard" ..same ws the topic fr the essay.we wre given 10 mins to write the essay.i guess my essay ws quite well written..had a introduction, body and conclusion.i did a few scratching n scribbling and sum of my batch mates noticed my writing as well n they told me later tht it ws a fatal thing to do cuz scratching an essay shows how messy n disorganized a person u are..though i thot my aim ws write a good essay at any cost.thn the gd strted widout any introduction to the batchmates.the discussion ws an okay type...i spoke once or twice .. evrybdy ws shouting their lungs out though...it continued fr hardly 8-10 mins and thn one proff intervened and asked everybody individually to summarise the gd in 30 secs..i put in my point n i kept it to 30 secs strictly.others were going on n on and they had to be stopped by the proffs.

thn came the PI part. there were 3 proffs.mr.philip himslf ws thre in my pannel.( imp: i did my grads wid eco as my hons.)
q1:what is the difference between IMF and WORLD BANK?
q2:wht is the name of teh arm of teh IMF tht wrks in india?
q3:in which agreement was IMF n world bank formed?
q4: who is the governr of RBI?
q5: who is the finance minister of india?
q6:which big company in US collapsed completely?
q7:why do we need a budget at all?

out of these seven i cud only ans four..but thn also i didnt lose my nerves..i ws calm n confident all thru out.

thts all!! they said the interview is over n asked me whthr i like the campus??wht else do i like abt the colg?? how did i come frm kol?wid whom?whn i mentioned my father..they asked me abt his profession..thn wen i told thm he is a manager@RBI. they seemed very happy n overwhelmed wid the name of RBI.thn they asked me to leave n i asked whthr i shud call the next person or not n thn left.

i hope it helps to sumone frm eco background :)


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hey puys n seniors..
i had my GD PI on 28th in Bangalore..

The GD topic was "English should be made as the second language in primary education for accelerated growth of India"..They made us write an essay on it for first 10 minutes n then d fish market started..

people chipped in...a lot of points were on the discussion agenda...ppl stressed on d thought process building of a child n english wud do good to it..n then abt india n how v wer recognised d world over bcuz of d IT n ITES giants which, was possible bcuz of d large english speaking population of india..then som said d growth shud b uniformly distributed...i chipped in sayin d budget speaks of inclusive growth n dat it can begin wid d spread of english language..i blabbered abt d pre IT n ITES growth rates of 5% n post growth rates of 9-10% n how proficiency in english made it possible n so on...it was quite an affair wid lots n lots n lots of points that wer discussed...in d end v wer all made to summarize our take on d topic...was good...
then d PI part..

i walked in, sat thr, they wer 3 of em (lets call em I1, I2 and I3)..n it all began..
I1 - So whr r u from?
told em
I2 - why did u leave REL?
told em abt d why MBA stuff..
I2 - But REL paid u real well
me:yeah it did..but i was keen on a profile change n hence MBA
I3 - u talked of 'inclusive growth in this yrs budget...wat r d main points of d budget?
me: m not too well versed wid d budget but i do know of som imp decisions dat concerned d power sector, whr i come from.
i3 - dat wont b reqd. wat do u understand by inclusive growth.
me: growth dat includes every one of the working population. cuz if u see india's economy n gdp rates, 63% of GDP comes from d services sector n thr r only 15% of ppl of working population who cause it...however 18% of GDP comes from agriculture but a whopping 70% of working population is in it...v hav to make these guys who comprise 70% grow prosperous..dats inclusive growth.
I3 - r u sure?
me: yes
I3 - So dont u think govt hasnt done anything for these 70% of d guys?
me - it sure has done some...it introduced d NREGA..
I3 - and wat is it?
me - national Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
I3 - wats it abt?
me: i'm afraid i dont hav d exact details.
I3 - Do u know d new name dat has been given to it?
me - i'm afraid i dont sir..(its named after mahatma gandhi now!)
I3 - Ok...wats d size of the indian economy?
me - sir, PPP wise v rank 4th n its abt 2.93 US billion dollars n nominally v r ranked 12th at 1.3 US billion dollars.
I3 - Billions? r u sure?
me - yes....(and boy i was wrong...its a trillion dollars n not billion)
I3 - So how many millions make a billion?
me - a 100 million..(again i was so wrong...its a 1000!!)
I3 - umm hmm...and...How many lacs make a million?
me - a 100 lacs..umm...its 10^6 so...oh sorry its 10 lacs..
I3 - OK..
I2 - brief me abt d achievements dat u hav mentioned in here..
me - i made a robot in college n took it to diff colleges lik in osmania hyd n won d 2nd prize thr.
I2 - so u lik playin wid gadgets..
me- yeah...i lik em..i luv electronics.
I2 - so why not do an MS in electronics n why MBA?
me- (took 15 seconds to think) - bcuz i m more inclined towards management than my inclination towards gadgetry..
I2 - Hmmm..why do u talk so slow...cant u b a bit loud..d othrs r not able to hear u well...in d GD u wer quite audible..

at last i said..i apologise sir, but i do hav a habit of talking in a low pitch wen i m confronting only a few people or if a guy who is interviewing me. (y did i say that??)
I2- so anyways, after u left ur job at REL, u've been preparing for all this?
me - kind of...yes..i've been reading som books by Fareed Zakaria and Thomas Friedman..i find em interesting..
I2 - hmm..ok..

I1 - so why bangalore? pune has a lot of colleges...y here?
me - cuz its d city dats put india on d global map n XIME talks of business ethics n having spent 1 year in REL i do know how imp ethics r. The TATAs hav a history of more than 100 yrs n they hav sustained n thrived cuz of ethics...
I1- so u think ethics can b taught or can a person inherently hav ethics in em?
me- ummm....it can b both ways sir...to a person who is unaware of em n is willing to learn, it can b taught n to som othrs, it can com inherently too..
I1- OK..so wats ur ultimate aim...to start a business of ur own?
me- not the ultimate aim sir..but as long as i m happy achieving the little targets of d daily life, its fine by me...n to b honest i wud lik to work for 3-5 yrs in a corporate environment n if it strikes me to start a business of my own..i will do that...
I1 - so hav u decided on wat specialization will u do?
me - i hav been trying to get as much info as possible on all d conventional streams n honestly, every stream has its own pros which attract me...i wud like to rather use the 1st yr of this course which has an exposure to all these streams to help arrive at a decision...
I1 - umm hmm..OK...thank you..

i got up n was leaving wen I2 calld my name n said..."do u hav any service certificate of REl to show us?"
i replied in affirmation n showed him d true copy of my service certificate...n dat was it..i walked out...

so temme seniors...wat do my chances look like? n till wat date shud i expect d results?

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my GD was at 3 PM on 29th. it started a bit late at 4:30 pm or so. Essay nd GD topic was "Should English be madesecondary languageat primary level to provide accelarated growth to India". Essay went fine bt it seemed to me dat 10 mins went away vry fast.
Nd abt GD. It was the worst GD I have ever attended. I was nt able to hear my own voice such kind of fishmarket it was. i tried to enter once or twice bt wen saw d fishmarket preferred nt to waste my energy... I don't understand why everyone was arguing when almost everyone was in favour of the topic. mods stopped the group nd said to start again. guy sitting next to me started i think he was ajeeth bt he was attacked by 5-6 people as soon as he started. So mod said dat each one come in frnt nd speak on the topic for 1 min.

then went for the interview. 3 people were there nd i was sitting in front of Sir Philip.The drama went on lyk this
Tell me sumthing abt urself?
Bla bla bla

Philip sir luked in my form nd was surprised to see blank in awardsnd achievemrnt section
I tld him i had some bt nt dat significant then tld him abt all the achievements.

Then he tld me to stand up nd said to go to opposite side of the wall. nd frm there he asked there are 900 applications why shud we select u????
I tld abt my strengths nd dat i have organised some events in clg nd many in local churches.

Then other sir asked me hmmmm so are CS engg.

I said yes.

Then started the worst part
Which is largest desktop selling cmpny
Sry Sir i don't have any idea :banghead:
Which is cmpny as highest sale of laptops in India
Said HCL then saw is shocked face changed my answer to HP:banghead:

Wat is export of India in softwarte sector
Sry sir no idea :banghead:

Largest IT cmpny in world
Google. :banghead:
He asked is google an IT cmpny
nt sure sir :banghead:

Third sir
Did u nt got placed
My reply: Many companies cameto our clg bt I opted out as i was keen in going for MBA.

Before this philip sir asked me when i was standing in near the wall
How will ur frnds describe u???
Honest nd down to earth

How will ur teachers describe u????
Naughty bt studious.

Ok u can go thank u

Which such kind of experience can ne one tell will i make it. this was my 2nd nd last call..

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Hi ,
Today was my PI/essay in XIME everything was gud except in PI they stressed me lot that made me confuced out of 7 question i cld only able to answer 4 .What are my chances of getting thr .

Please help seniors


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It doesnt take much time. If u r on time. it will take two hours at most. but be sure to keep the photo copies of the important documents.

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Hey guys!!
Sorry for being so late to share my GD experience (wanted to cover up my shame as long as i could). So here goes the story of my embarrassment..
Date : 13th March
Vanue : Hyd, Catholic Health Association.
Batch : 12.30 pm
Reached there before 11 am and was waiting with some chemical locha going in my head. As hyd is not my hometown/city, it was totally like out of your comfort zone. Apart from that, it was my very first formal GD/PI...:banghead:
Our essay and GD topic was " for accelerating the growth of Indian economy should the privatisation of Professional Education be progressively done!"..(I hope I hv quoted the exact thing).
We had 12 mins to write it down. My head was totally blank as I did not(could not) sleep the night before because of the itchy blanket I was supplied with back at the hotel..:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
I dont remember what I wrote but I think I have mentioned some figures about the number of B-schools and engineering colleges in India. Nyways, my 12 mins got over in 3 mins. And I had to "surrender" my sheet.
GD started. And as soon as some random fish market was about to start, Mr Phillipe stopped that and asked us to carry on a decent group discussion. I was talking too much probably and he had to tell me to stop as because of me others were not able to speak much.:splat:
It got over. Then I was second to go for the interview. First question was wheather I have changed my opinion about the topic given at the end of the discussion which I did because I thought it was the correct desicion. (I donno if this will cause me more bruises)...then Mr Phillipe asked my about some facts and figures. ( how many students graduate as engineers every year, hw many b-schools are there, ratio of private and Govt undertaken b-schools, how many medical students graduate every year, how many student become MBA every year and some other embarrassing questions like that.) I was feeling like a little mouse trapped in a lion's den.
Thankfully I have an excuse for my failure...I could not sleep the night before!!!
Best of luck to all the people who have appeared/appearing for the GD/PI.
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does anyone have any idea when the final list gonna come??

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How long does the process take ?

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krit_19 Says
could anyone tell if the engg. students are asked any technical questions engg.???

No. I was asked only HR type questions. So were most of the others. It can change anytime though, better prepare basics.
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