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Hi Puys Just reached a cyber cafe after finishing with my GD GT and PI at SIBM Pune. Here my summary of what happened : 1\. Group Task (15 mins): We first had to complete a three minute long Psychometric test. We had to also select...
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My experience at SIBM-P.....

my process was at 9 am at Lavale Campus..thank God they had arranged Transport facility..so went to Senapati Bapat marg at 7.30 am and went in the bus of Sibm....

Reached the Serene campus of Sibm and were greeted by pretty Ladies of Sibm...and were led to a audi to sit ...

Then documents were verified and we were led to another Classroom where we were assigned Batch numbers and evry batch had a Coordinator...Ours was Sumedha...

Then we were led to the GD rooom...

GD: There were 2 moderators...one was a Colonel who was cracking jokes and another person waas a bit serious...Yes 1st the Colonel gave us as shocker by saying to Discuss on "Financial Status of Turkey"...and then he was laughing ..looking at out faces...then he gave us the Real Case Study..
The Case study was abt a girl who was working at a small area in a Retail firm and now she is given the responsibility of a larger area.She has record of achieving outstanding results in the past but now her supervisor has complained against her to the head office abt her inabilities to achieve targets.But when asked her she tells she is being victimised in a male dominated atmosphere....What would u do if u r from head office?

One dude Prerit was there who acted as leader,he gave some points,...
I came up with new points and it was a healthy discussion...One person wasnt talking much so the mods asked hiim to give his views and summarise also....it was over i thought i did well

Personal Interview: Before going for PI we had some snacks...and chatted with sibm seniors on many things...
Then we were called one at a time for interviews....
There were 3 people in the panel--One lady(L),One Old man(OM),One Middle aged(Psycologist, i think as he didnt speak)

OM:So Tell me what r u working on in ur company?
Who r ur competitors?
Who is ur clients and its competitors?
ME: Bakar

L:What r u hobbies?
Me:Stamp collection,swiimming,cricket

L:What rare stamps u have?
OM:So can u tell me world's oldest stamp?
Me: more gyaan

Thank u....it was hardly 5 mins and they said its over...i was getting recharged and it was over....i doubt wat they ssay in me....Overall i felt it waz gud...but who knows wat they thought....

Group Task: Ours was the age-old gropu task of passing Volley ball wihtout using hands,,,,..and half wud be blindfolded and half normal...there was a circle and 5 will be insde it and 5 outside and we had to pass from 1 to 11 number in our grp...There was a senior in the room who was acting like he is the mod and shouting at us ....he thought he is in Vastrapur or Joka,but it was Lavale Gaon and showing attitude ( i felt bad abt it,may be he was advised to be like that by mods..)
We were given 3 mins to strategize and 4 mins to perform....
We managaed to pass the ball to 7th number wich was me...so it was a gud job/....
Then the mods asked our own views to all of us and asked us r u satisfied with ur and grp perfomance...they shouted and tried to stress us out but we were cool as cucumbers./...

My contribution in GT was that i was blindfolded and i tried to give ideas to help blindfolded people...

It was over and thats it i made some gud frends ,Prerit in particular....

Prerit has been waitlisted and he will definitely convert...

Verdict for me: Reject (91/150 marks) :-(fell short of 8-9 marks for waitlist ...
Really wanted to convert but there is more struggle written

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hello all...
Below is the Experience of one of my friends."VIVEK"..so i thought i wud post it..

In the beginning itself we were grouped in groups of 11. And each group had a Group Coordinator who was an SIBM student. Their task was to be with their respective groups throughout the process and help them in any way possible. Ours was a girl named Priyanka Negi.
1.Group Discussion: We were given a case study to discuss which goes like this:
There is this football club named CFC which has been doing well in premier leagues in the 80's and 90's. But off late they are not performing well. CFC has lost a lot of matches from 2002-2009. Charlie is a budding footballer who has been practicing very hard since his childhood. He comes from a very poor family and has to support his mother and sisters. His father passed away when he was young. Charlie gets an opportunity to play for CFC in 2010 and he performs exceedingly well in his first match for CFC in which they defeated a top team in the premier championship.
That evening while he was having a shower in the Hotel room, he over hears his coach and captain discussing about match fixing. When he comes out after having bath, the coach and captain come to him and ask him to not to leak the conversation to anyone. Else, the consequences would be bad for Charlie and his career. What must Charlie do?
I opened the discussion by saying that Charlie is fixed in an ethical and professional dilemma. The first half of the case study refers to a club which has a practical analogy in real world with a club named Real Madrid (At this, the panellists were nodding). The second half deals with a predicament which a young football has to deal with. Let us discuss the various options that Charlie has in his hands.
The group suggested various angles to the solution. After about 3 minutes I entered the discussion by saying: Charlie has a few options in hand: 1. He totally withdraws from the entire dilemma and focuses on his football. 2. He takes it to the higher management like owner, regulatory bodies. 3. He asks the coach and captain to stop such practices and tell the name of everyone who is involved in this scandal.
We were a group of 11 and there was one girl whom no one was giving a chance to speak. I then told "Let us give the lady a chance to speak and listen to her viewpoint on this sports dilemma". She smiled and gave her opinion.
After about 3 minutes I entered "Like the cricket match fixing scandal which tracked down the roots of everyone who was involved, in a similar way Charlie should take the initiative to bring this case up on a large level and expose everyone who is involved. Because the football fraternity is rich enough to give room for quality players. So, Charlie can get entry in any football in case he is expelled from CFC.
The GD ended and the panellists asked for individual opinions from 2-3 persons who didn't speak much. One of the panellists was a Cornel Colonel who said "Your discussion was an animated one. No fish market. Everyone was given a chance to speak. Lot of points were put forward. I wish you all the best for your other tasks pending for the day".
We were then given a 1 hour break. The Group Task was about to begin then.....
By now we knew each other well and had become good friends. I had a nice rapport with everyone. We were excited, looking forward to the entire journey. We were told right from the beginning that group synergy and co-ordination is very important. So we stuck to it and no one tried to be superior (which I was very sceptical about from the beginning. I did not want anybody to pin me down)
2.Group Task: Priyanka told us in the beginning itself not to panic at any stage. The panellists will try to put pressure, test our resilience. So I was very clear that I will not raise my voice, stay calm and above all, enjoy the whole process!!
The same group of 11 people were then lead to a room in which we were made to stand in a semi circle. The group task was about to begin. There were about 4 SIBM students and 4 faculty members.
First we had to fill a psychometric form which had 30 questions to be filled in 3 minutes.
One of the students explained the task to us. We had to choose a leader among us. Out of the remaining 10 members, 5 were blind folded and other 5 were as they were. First the group leader had to place a balloon at the back of the neck of every person. And the person behind him had to press the balloon with his chin such that the balloon does not fall down. We had to form a complete circle. After forming the circle, we had to form the letter 'K' in a single cut. I asked a few doubts which were clarified.
We were given 3 minutes for planning and 3 minutes for execution. I gathered everyone in a small huddle. I told "Let us assign roles to each other". There was one guy who raised his hand to become the leader. 3-4 others from the group said "Let Vivek be the leader". I was so happy to hear this as this was exactly what I wanted to!!
I knew that the ball was in my court now and needed to handle the task carefully. I then told "Who would like to volunteer to get blindfolded?" A few hands came up. A guy suggested "Vivek Let us pair up one blind folded person and a non blind folded person such that their heights match. I liked this idea. We did that. We then planned how to go about the process. There were suggestions from 2-3 people. Then came a voice "START GUYS"
We formed of matching heights. Individuals helped each other to blindfold their partners. I was collecting the balloons from the table. Only I had the authority to touch the balloon with hands (Veto Power!!!). I was very swift and my physical movement was fast. We were struggling to form the circle because half of them were blind folded and all were pressing the balloon so that they may not fall. Still the balloons were falling and everyone was asking for help from me in despair. I was giving all the instructions, picking up the balloons whenever they were falling, encouraging them that they were doing a great job (which they actually were). Meanwhile, the observers/panellists were yelling, putting pressure, shouting at the team, me and were trying to de motivate us. I was not at all perturbed by this. (I remembered Priyanka's words). But I was sweating like a horse!!
We somehow formed a perfect circle and now, the challenge to form the letter 'K'. We tried a lot to form 'K'. But we formed 'J', 'L', the integration sign!! Then the panel shouted "STOP"
We were then asked to sit in the allotted chairs. One of the observers came up and told me. "Leader, why couldn't you form 'K' ". I stood up. He asked me to sit. I told that we tried to form it and came very close to it but could not succeed due to the time constraints. He said so do you say this was a failure? I told "No". We were spot on with our planning, execution to a large extent. Then that person asked a common question to every member : "Whom would you hold responsible for not being able to complete the task ? The team, you or the leader? "
Mostly everyone held themselves responsible and partly the team. One guy told "No" I was very accurate with my contribution. The team was wholly responsible. Thankfully no one blamed the leader (That's me!!!). Finally, I was asked "Leader, what would you like to say "
I told: "Sir, I got valuable inputs from my team members. We could have done better. But we tried our best given the complexity of the problem and timeline that was given to us. I take the blame upon me to a large extent as we could have executed and planned a little better. As a team, we gelled well and tried our best ". That guy, who was maintaining a stern look throughout gave a million dollar smile and told us" Guys, you have done well". I am happy for all of you'll. All the best ...
Outside the room, when we came, all members told me "Vivek yaar, you tried your best. Mazaa aa gaya karne mein. Tension mat le. We did well..I was feeling genuinely victorious for all of us." We all were fissuring out how we could have done better. Believe me, forming a 'K' in a single cut was practically impossible..Priyanaka too told us that thing..So a nice time till now..
Personal Interview was next.................
3.Personal Interview: By now I knew one thing; a major mistake only can let me into troubles. Else, things had gone much better than what I had anticipated. My turn was number 4 in our group for the PI. There were 2 gentlemen and a lady which comprised the panel. They ask me to take my seat. One man told me "How do you pronounce this city name..TIRU.. ?
I told him and also added that it was called the Oxford of South India. The lady then told me "So, you want to come from the Oxford of South India to the Oxford of West India? I smiled and told that we only had been living for the past 1.5 years there. One gentleman told me "So many people from TCS have come for the interview. If everyone comes here, who will work for TCS? I think we will have to open a separate batch for them ". Then they started laughing. I too smiled at this and told that their intake at college level is very high. So automatically, the probability of employees going in for higher studies also goes up.
Meanwhile, they were going through the questionnaire...
The lady then told me "Kishore Biyani and JRD Tata are such common idols...one more guy that too from TCS prior to you had chosen the same. (I knew this). Does TCS mould you to follow only these people? "I told "Madam, this was sheer co incidence. I genuinely admire these 2 individuals and TCS does not specifically mould us the follow them "
She told me "Say you are stranded in a deserted island, which 2 people would you chose ?"
I told Lord Hanuman. She told no. Chose a real life character. I told Deep Joshi (the social activist.)
She said chose 2 other people. I told Michael Phelps (the Olympic Gold medallist swimmer) and Vijay Mallya- the dynamic businessman cum aviation tycoon. She said how would they help you? I said Phelps, being an ace swimmer would help me reach the nearest shore which has proper connectivity. Mallya, a shrewd businessman can call in his airlines for our rescue. Then the lady told me "You could have chosen Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor and rescued them as well." To this, I told "Ma'am, given a chance I would help them out too"
All started laughing and then they said thank you and asked me to leave.
Overall, I feel PI was not satisfactory as I could have been more assertive. I feel I should have spoken more and justified my stand on Kishore Biyani and JRD Tata. I could also have told that I am not just another guy from TCS and could have justified it.

Verdict : Reject (77/150 marks)

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hi puys,
SIBM Pune GD PI results are out.
please continue here...

www.raghavabbhi.com | My take on CAT: http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/all-i-wanted-to-speak-about-cat-25002933/6315307
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sorry for the delay guys. at least it ll be useful for next year candidates. here goes

i reached SIBM old campus at around 11. met a guy Rohith from Xaviers,calcutta. we bonded well and surprisingly we both ended up in the same group. good rapport.
i was expecting a bus with push back seat.unluckily dint get one. it was a 45 minute drive to the new campus. and "amazing" would be an understatement to describe the college.
we were ushered to the confernce hall from where we proceeded for form verification. and surprisingly many people to whom i spoke were freshers.
after the form verification we were led to the assembly hall i guess. here we were made to sit according to the groups. and our group was predominantly freshers with only two guys having more than
2 yrs work experience. and my group mates were really cordial . its like " friends for life " meeting. superb concept SIBM guys. that is,to group people and make them gel together.

and i must say about SAURIN , my group coordinator from finance department. and SIBM seniors plz convey my sincere thanks to him. he has done such a wondeeful job, or should i say mentoring on the
differnt b schools and giving as an insight of the reality in the b schools. amazing bhai.


first was the snack time for our group. sandwich and tea. this was the time when we were slowly getting into the groove.


then we were called for the case study.there were two panelists. the lady professor told us to be relaxed and told she will give an easy case study. apparently the group before us had made it a fish market.the case study was about a driver who runs over a girl. this has already been desribed in PG. we were all a bit nervous. but the good thing was that
we dint make it a fish market ad everyone were allowed to voice their views. personally i felt that the discussion was a bit narrow and somewhat lacked in the broadness.
personally speaking i came in a fair bit of time.made some repititive points though. but do not know if i made a decent contribution. i tried bringing in a point which i felt was relevant. but the entire group vetoed me.
i feel that would have been the negative for me. also i misinterpreted the word " careless as rash" and again paid the price. nothing like i dominated all though.:wow:


next up was PI. one of my group mates told that her friend was quizzed on the annexure for more than 25 minutes ( and for the record, the maximum time a person spent in PI was 45 minutes it seems. a lady in some previous year . and oh she was not sleceted ). for my group it ws a average time of 10 mins. i was the fastest to come out in less than 5 mins.
this is such a worrying thing.dunno if i was really bad or i manged to impress them. a precarious situation.

there were three panelists

one guy to the extreme left in white shirt( quite a serious person who was constantly making notes) , a lady professor(P1) and another professor(P2) ( both made me feel a ease)

P2 : tell me a bit about yourself?
me : .............

P1 : wy an MBA ?
me :..........

P2 : what are your strong points and what are the things which you feel will be a setback for you for doing MBA?
me : ............

P1: what are your interests ?
me : ..........

P1: having such diverse interests , how will you feel they ll contribute to your MBA ?
me : ........... . felt i lacked the punch in this question.

P2 : what next after an MBA ?
me : .............

P1: anythin u would like to tell us?
me : nothing ma'am

though i was comfortable , there was something not satisfactory.i should have guided them more in the direction of my strengths. no feeling such as " i aced it " all. anyways gotta learn from the mistakes

this was over in less than ten minutes.


we were given a psychometric test . one girl was constantly yelling. she reminded me of my correspondent. later she asked my group coord to tell us she was really sweet :clap:
and a couple of my co ord's friends asserted that ( nice job preethi and co)

we were given two bricks and made to stand on it. ten people. we manged to balance for about 3 seconds but we lost it out. the strategy was good but the execution was bad
don not think if i made my presence felt but did not fumble real bad. this was followd by some reactions from the panelist who i heard are a psychologist among others.


this was followed by the campus tour. amazing campus. awesome . we started with the helipad , saw the amphitheatre from where we were shown the alternative for the " mess ", the " hangover " and then proceeded towards the recreation room. on the way , we had a glimpse of " PMC " ( nice one guys) , and the place where birthday parties take place ,
the delhi chat centre . finally finishing with the swimming pool and the advantages of having a bike over here . and there is amazing view of sunset. superb to say the least. nice tour of about 45 minutes ( SAURIN did a superb role of explaing each and every thing under the roof)

then it was time to say goodbye. my group members like sayhil,rohith, shreyas, aishwar , piyush, nandini were all awesome. all the best guys. hope we
make it our desired colleges.

the whole process was smooth. but feeling that somehow i could have done better.u guys rock at SIBM.


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My GD/PI was on 31st Jan at 1 pm.
Our batch had first PI. I wanted PI to be first as most stressfull part will be over in begining.

There were 3 panelist sitting inside. On the left hand side was lady sitting whose name i've read somewhere. Now i've come to who was she.

First question was asked from my work ex. How was ur experience and what all projects u have done.
Second was "Why MBA" :sneaky:......but before asking me he told me that i want different answer. It was like they were sitting inside to be entertained.....wanted something different.
But still I managed.....will come to know within week.
Third was what are your goals ? Gave my answer....
PI was over !!!!
Yes it was over....it wasn't stressfull. Panelist made us comfortable...
Dont know what exactly they are looking for...

There were 2 men sitting inside room. One of them was colonel and other was faculty member.
Got an abstarct topic "In theory, theory & practice are same but in practice theory & practice are diff. ". It was easy one...got chance to start GD
GD was fine.....no fish market at all. The faculy member kept his eye on our composure, body langauge through out the GD....colonel sir was listening to us.

It started off with psyhchometry test....It was easy one.
30 ques in 3 min..
The co-ordinator was trying her best to make us stressful but she failed....we could easily understand that she is faking. but she was nice gal.;)
Then was GT....we were divided into two groups of 6 each. We were given a task to design a car. One group will be drawing front part and other one rear part....and we were supposed to come up with a car when we join both chart papers.
1 leader was choosen from each group. Only leaders can communicate bw each other. 2 min to think and arnd 4-5 min to draw.
It was nice task..:biggrin: we managed very well...

Overall Exp.
It was great experience. Whole process was co-ordinated by students itself. They co-ordinated very well. Thanks a lot to ROLIKA. she was really nice and answered our all queries.
Thanks a lot Rolika.....:-P:-P

Looking forward for my name on the final list...

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Came today after completing whole process of SIBM & SCMHRD.
Though, it is too late.. but probably it would help next year candidates.
At SIBM, it was a great experience. First of all, I was taken for Group Discussion.

Case study was that of film Dulhe Raja ki kadar khan type ka 1 hotel hai 1 bande k paas..uske samne 1 govinda type ka dhaba khul jata hai sasta, jispe youth aana pasand karte hain...aur khoob shor bhi machate hain to us hotel ki kamai me kami hone lagti hai. Hotel Owner (Mohan) ko kya karna chahiye??
The panel checking us had already said dont make fish market..be cool..& don't interrupt anybody if he's making a good point. start maine li, but wahi pe mjhe 1 ne kat diya...aur fir to bas beech me 1 time aya ki sab eksath blast kiye...but it was fine overall.

Group Task- The same old one that 2 people(volunteers) were handcuffed with the ropes in a group of 5 each. The 3 rest people were asked to untangle them with 4 conditions-
1) People who are free are not supposed to touch the volunteers.
2) Ropes could not be broken.
3) We can't slide our hands through ropes.
4) Complete task in 3 mins.

We were given 3 min for that. Both subgroups(5 people) in our group could not do that. We were asked was it possible to open. All people in other group said NO and thus the invigilator shouted on them...do u think we are fool to give an impossible task and blah blah blah.....
Next, my group was asked was it possible...probably from the fear all my team mates said YES (what the hell..) but I said NO...then same shout was thrown on me. Thanks to PG, I knew it was all fake to demoralize us. He asked me were u satisfied with ur performance, I said YES and all others in my group said NO...once again I was invigilators' target for shooting ..."Who do u think u are, ur teammates are unsatisfied and so on...what are ur parameters of satisfaction?" I calmly said.. sir I know we could not reach the target , we didn't succeed but we didnt failed as well coz my parameters are- Efforts, Approach and the ideas..Probably they were satisfied with the answer coz they stopped shouting.

Before that there was a psychometric test as well, to draw a figure u like most..circle, square, triangle, Z. Then, a form with 30 Qs. Were very easy. At the same time there was a student of SIBM working as the invigilator...that madam was also trying to make stressful environment..nice acting madam!!

PI- my PI was the last PI not for my group, my batch but for whole SIBM call getters. So, jab me andar gya to interviewers said ki ye to sab pooch k aa gya hoga ghot ke. fir they said to me, wahi q pe pooche ki naye?? wahi q poochenge to naye answer dene padenge, TIME, CL ka tape mat sunana... I said, sir as u wish, jis type k question poochne ho..pooch lijiye.
they even asked what people said about their panel, I said frankly that people are saying ki 1 sir with the cap is trying to make environment stressful, but others are cool but OA the experience is great. They laughed.
They said, Okk...mr Sarth tell us about who is mr. sarth originally??
then, i said something....and then there was a friendly discussion amongst us all.
So, in this way gd/pi of 2010 season SIBM ended...
It was a great experience as I came to know through whole process that they are looking for Genuine person. My suggestion to all- Don't fake!!
And, to my GC, Kapil (with beard as Raghu of MTV Roadies)..u really made me feel at ease by talking before PI.

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dont have much time will write ab detail when i reach home

abt process same old.......but one thing worth mentioing dont put any mask through GD/PI because they will throw it in GT



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hi puys,

Had my gd/PI/GT on 20th 1pm.. just came bak home yest aftr a nice outing in Pune.
I must say i was overwhelmed by Students Aspirants Team. The organisation was smooth. The Group Coordinator was very cool and friendly. Infact all the ppl i met were very friendly. On the whole it was a wonderful experience.
I had my PI first. It went pretty smoothly as i answered all the ques pretty well. but m still wonderin why the process lasted only fr around 5 mins whereas for others it was fr 10 mins.....

oh power s gone.. will be bak in sometime to complete my post.... :P

(continued from previous post)...
had my gd in the second round. They had given a case study which went pretty. One batch ahd got an abstract concept "Is Money sweeter than honey?"!!!
The last round was the GT luckily coz everybod were pysched out like hell with the students balstin at us right from the start..!!! we wer to fill up a psychometric questionaire and were given a task to perform in 5 mins... Throughout the whole process I felt like we had entered some army camp or somethin.!!! Then aftr the task the judges came n again blasted us fr not doing the task properly... but it was a nice experience... aftr we came out we found out that one of the gals who was souting an yellin at us thru the process was actually on of the sweetest gals of the college!! 😛 hmmm....

tats abt it... M still wonderin why my PI was only of around 5 mins. If anybody els is feelin the same pls let me kno. It'l make me feel lot better!! 😁
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:)Hi friends,
I am over with my GD/PI yesterday 31st Jan 9 AM, was in 4XH group. I stay at Pune itself so thought i will leave my appartment at 7 and would reach the old campus by 7:30 which is a good 15 kms away. Started 5 mins late but reached 10 mins early. Thanks to the early morning traffic conditions. 😃 The first bus was scheduled to leave at 7:15. It left at 7:30.

The ride to the new campus was a bit bumpy but its really really worth for the new campus is just awesome. I can imagine the campus surrounded by mist with green hills all around and a few waterfalls nearby. Its just amazing. We reached there at 8:15 and were taken to the auditorium. We were asked to arrange the documents and then proceed to the registration. After that we were escorted to one of the lecture theatres which had out group co-ordinators waiting for us. 😃 Our group co-ordinator was Rohit Suresh sir and he is such a jovial fellow. Very nice guy i must say. He bonded with all of us effortlessly and was giving inputs on the proceddings to follow. You rock Rohit sir.

Our group had PIs first. I was the last one to go for PI as i was the 12th man. 😃 The panel had 3 members, all guys.
L - the person on the left. Seemed very learned also youngest of all three.
M - the person in the middle. Again seemed very intellectual.
R- the person on the right. An old fellow.
P - Me. (Poor chap!!)

P - may i come in sirs.
All of them - Yes please come in. Take a seat.
P - Good Morning and thank you sirs.
R - So you have been born and brought up in Patna, rowdy place isn't it?
P- It used to be sir, now it is an improved lot.
R- you see. For the past 4 days we have met around 4-5 aspirants from Patna, they all say it used to be a bad place to live in but it has improved a lot. How will you compare Bihar 5 years ago to the Bihar of now.
P - told. law and order, blah blah blah.. Infrastructure, blah blah blah.. Sales zooming, real estates prices are sky rocketing.. blah blah blah.. with some statistical numbers in between.. They seemed impressed. :)
M - what did you say, how many convictions in the past 4 years?
P- almost 39000 sir.
M - 39000, thats huge.
P - Yes sir.
L - Ok shalin. you know Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in 2001. Was it good for Bihar? or Bad? and has Jharkhand been able to justify the division?
P - told about various problems Bihar had to face after division. Also about Jharkhand government not able to connect to the local people and is only concerned with scams and scandals.
L - hmm.. these politicians. Whenever it comes to politics, we hear such words.
M - Shalin, tell me about your achievements. And your biggest achievement till date.
P - told.
L - so you are Paint too. Which medium?
P - told. Both water and oil.
L - nice. But you know, your acads are just above average. Not very outstanding. You have 40 months of work experince, again we think people with 25 and greater years of work experience brings almost the same value addition. And you have decent SNAP marks. Not very extraordinary. We have about 100 aspirants who scored more than those marks. Tell me something unique, so that we are compelled to take you.
P - (What is this? I mean, something unique.. I already told you about my achievements. What else uniqueness you want? I am one of those IT guy who want to do an MBA, isn't this unique enough.. ) Told about my strengths, my achievements once again and told them that my overall strength is my candidature.
R- Ok.
L - Ok Shalin, you may go. It was nice meeting you and all the best.
P - Thank you sirs. It was nice meeting with you people too.

What was that? No work-ex. No acads. No why MBA? Nothing. Just some discussion about my home state and thats it. Not feeling good about it now.

Anyway after the PI, it was snacks time and immediately we were called for the GD. There were 2 panelists. One young smart guy and an old lady. Our co-ordinator said she is the deputy director.

So the young smart guy gave us a choice, either it was going to be a case study based GD or a topic based. The topic to be discussed would be - "Impending debt crisis in Turkey!!!!" (Com'on.. Just hand over us the cases. I remember eating turkey once at subway. What it has to do with the debt crisis!!!!)

So unanimously were our decision and we were given the cases about a brilliant guy from IIM -A who opts to work for Kapurthal Rail Coach Factory after post graduation. The RCF was a PSU in red and has a turnover of around Rs. 16000 crore. There are three main problems - Narrow product line, Single customer (Indian Railways) and the trade union. People are not willing to work. They spend their work time in canteens or join some private institution so they earn the double money. One employee, a foreman, who is very brilliant had talks with various employees but they all snub him mentioning their approach with the union and a strike if he questions them again. Our protagonist talks to the union leader and somewhat convinces that this will not happen again. But this was far from the solution of the problem.

That was it. I guess we had to first discuss the problems of the case and then go about giving solutions on per problem basis. Our GD started well but in the middle began turning into a fish market. There were personal talks going on, people cutting each other, revolving on repetitive points. I chipped in 3-4 times and proposed some valid solutions. However i am not fully satisfied with the GD. It could have been better.

Then the most amazing part of the process. The GT. We were taken to another lecture room and were told to listen carefully to the instructions. The instructions in itself were provided in an army like strictness. We were asked to complete a psychometric test in 3 minutes, 30 questions. When 1 minute was over, the volunteer told us that 2 minutes were over and eventually we got only 2 minutes. They were trying to create a stress environment and i must say they succeeded. Hats off ART!!
Then we were blindfolded and were asked to find a rope in the room and make a perfect square out of it while holding on to the rope. We did find the rope and ended up making some kind of '9' shape instead of square.

Some people from the group were grilled on their group dynamics. While some other were asked if it would have been better. The whole group was on the recieving end and we just listened while the volunteers talked.

So that was it. I think the task has something to do with the psychometric test. I think it was a way to understand how a person behaves in a stressful environment and whether his/her performance is in accordance with what he/she has written in the sheet.

Our group had finished the entire process by 1:00 AM. Very beautifully managed by the entire ART. All the seniors were very helpful and friendly. We even were asked to write something on a flex banner with our signatures.

Thanks Rohit sir, Dipika mam and the entire ART for the wonderfull process. An enriching process i must say. Special thanks to Shobhan sir and Nitin sir for having managed the proceedings immaculately.

And i have my fingers crossed.

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hi puys,

Had my gd/PI/GT on 20th 1pm.. just came bak home yest aftr a nice outing in Pune.
I must say i was overwhelmed by Students Aspirants Team. The organisation was smooth. The Group Coordinator was very cool and friendly. Infact all the ppl i met were very friendly. On the whole it was a wonderful experience.
I had my PI first. It went pretty smoothly as i answered all the ques pretty well. but m still wonderin why the process lasted only fr around 5 mins whereas for others it was fr 10 mins.....

oh power s gone.. will be bak in sometime to complete my post.... 😛

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