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Please post your SCMHRD GDPI experiences in this thread so that it may help other aspirants this year and next year too. :) Please do not discuss queries about SCMHRD on this thread. :nono: For such queries, head here - http://www.pagalguy....
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My profile:

Class X - 86.17%
Class XII - 93.50%
Engineering - 84.09%
SNAP score - 111.25 - blanket call
Achievements - class topper,a few awards at work place

Case study
Problems faced by farmers - they gave 3 issues and asked us to discuss and reach a consensus on which should be given the 1st priority

5 ppl in the group- the guy who opened the GD started like in my opinion-immediately i took over and told that we need to discuss first instead of opinions and then we'll reach a consensus.

we discussed all the 3 issues one by one - every one contributed equally- i gave a few examples like AP-rythu bazar farmers get benefit directly- more conc on infrastructure- more educational instis like IRMA for awareness among rural ppl- UPA debt relief should have been given to all ppl who have less than 2 acres rather than fr ppl with 4-5 acres.

we reached consensus and prioritized one.:clap:

two ppl in the panel

P1:oh you are XXXX. so how should we call you?SRK/Siva?
me:sir in off ppl call me SRK...and my nick name is ....
P2:Do you like to be called as SRK and y?
me:yes sir.. celebrity name
P1:latest contoversy on SRK?
me:IPL-pakistan players and shivsena
P2:why were pakistani players not selected?
me:anticiaption of visa problem
P1:then y din't he select them?do you think he is a hypocritic?
me:may b it as decided by entire IPL board... he may b hypocritic...not exactly....
P1:what is the team owned by him?
me:Kol knight riders..
P2:How may telugu movies you watch in a year?
me:2 in a month.. so rfly arnd 20 -25 in a year
P1:who is latest hottest actor in telugu?
me:Mahesh babu... he is in new mile sur tumhara ....

Now my fav qn
P2:What is your opinion on telangana?
me:sir. both sides are correct...
P2:don't give me diplomatic or political answers. you are from which region and u r opinion?
me:i m frm rayalaseema but born and brought up in hyd.the main issue is capital and water resuorces.ppl from andhra have invested in hyd.. and then they fear of water not being allowed to andhra from telangana.andhra region is known for crop productivity.this is their version and coming to telangana ppl...they say thy are deviod of power and they ruled ap for only 10 yrs in last yrs.
P1:name few cms from telangana region
me:jalagam vengala rao,marri chenna reddy,PV narasimha rao
P2:what about rayalaseema riots?
me:sir.. fr the past 15 years cm was from rayalaseema so they have setup gud no. of educational instis and irrigation projects.. so ppl started focussin on these two things rather than faction.
P1:what is the commision on water regualtion?
me...hmm.. forgot the name sir
p2:which states in north have a dispute over water?
me: north no idea sir but in south tn and karnataka over cauvery sir.
p1:where is nagarjuna sagar located?
me:nalgonda in telangana region
p1:will giving capital solve the issue?
me:no sir...if capital is given then goods from other regions will be taxed and cost of living increases in hyd...
p2:what abt rayalseema?
me:sir rayalaseema had the first capital but fr the sake of united ap they sacrificed capital.. so now they say that if at all state has to be divided.. it has to be divided into 3 regions.,... but later they felt that if andhra and rayalaseema mlas divide.. telangana would be the majority.. so fr number game these two regions have united.

p1:ok enf on telangana..... so you are wokring in cts.. .2.5 yrs is a gud exp..what is yur role in cts?
me:sir... i have been analyst,developer,tester and gave prod support based on the req.
p1:so you have covered the entire SDLC?
me:yes sir
p1:so what did u learn frm cts?
me:that i have good leadership qualities
p2:can you give specific eg?
me: In September 2009, our team lead was on vacation for 1 month. I took the responsibility of all our deliveries. I interacted with client directly, set up meetings with them, gave them estimations, and assigned the work to my team members.
p2:do they give leave for one month?
me:yes sir... in case of emergency.. etc.
p2:what kind of emergency?
me:lk mrg...
p2:so is mrg an emergency?
me:.....i mean ppl at onsite are given leave fr one mnth vacation etc.
p1:how many ppl reprt to u?
p1:how many snrs and juniors?
me:4 jun and 1 sen
p2:what if any one doesnt listen to u nad left fr home?
me:i'll either work my self or assign it to other team members. I will make sure that business continuity is maintained.
p1:what if thy won't agree?
me:i'll tel them we have to ensure that business continuity is maintained and our client shuld not get affeted.we can dicuss other things later
p1:what abt tht guy who left?
me:i will ask him abt the reasons
p2:if he repeats?
me:i'll give 2-3 chances and then escalate
p2:so u esacalate?
me:yea to my next level...
p1:will u not remove them?
me:i will not take such a drastic step at first... if he continues to be same.. then i'll

P1:situation where i faced setback
me:last yr ... i couldnt convert any call despite my hardwork.. so i analyzed my mistakes and came strong this yr.
p2:last yr snap score.
p1:since you have mentioned weakness....what is u r weakness?
me: I expect everyone around me to be punctual and any deviation from it makes me feel impatient
p2:so u telling us that u r weakness is a strength?
me:no sir
p2:then what is ur weakness...expecting everyone to be punctual or impatient?
p1:so u r punctual?
me:yes sir
p2:when did u come here?
me:10:45 AM and my intvw slot is at 12:15 PM
P2:do u play games?
p2:bache bein kelthe .. so u follow cricket?
me:no sir...i follow tennis
p1:fav player?
me:rog fed
p1:he recently won against?
me:andy murray ... 16th grandslam..aus open
p2:murray belongs to?
p2:y fed?
me:consistency, nver give up atti..
p1:i don't like fed... he cries...
me:sir . he cries when he lose a match..
p2:so what everone plays to win.. but he shldnt cry..
me:sir everyone has a weakness and it is his weakness..:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
p1: did u join any coaching insti?

me: no

same qn asked to me in two successive intves.. not sure y?

p2:so u managed it on u r own?
me:yes sir

thank u ..

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hi puys,

i had taken last day last slot, 4th Feb, 3 pm slot. The process was very well arranged, and nicely conducted. grt job done by scmhrd guys and gals.

GD was chilled out. only 4 ppl, has ample ammnt of time to speak, no one was cuttig other person,, we were given a case study, 7 diff inovations were listed and we were supposed to choose the best among them for an award.. we fianlly conlcuded with electronic money, wasnt very diff to come to consensus.. ppl in my gd were very decent, and supportive, overall gd was good.

PI took place very fast, asked abt few thns
- asked my native( vasai in maharashtra, why its famous for and historical background)
- asked one fav sub ( IC engines, mech engg) asked couple of Qs frm thr
- then asked few Qs abt my workex and domain.
- lastly hobbies and extra curr,

they didnt go deep into anything, were jumping frm one topic to another.. it was not stress intv at all, but diff to judge how did i perform, whether they were satisfied with me or they got bored thats why sent back too early..

Lets see hope for the best!!

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i had booked the 11.45 slot on 3rd.i reached the other icc tower,then had to ask a few ppl to direct me to the other tower.
the process was really smooth.the volunteers were superb and the girls were beautiful.

my gd topic was abt 7 worldly virtues.4 out of 7 were listed.we had to rank them in order of their importance.it was a pretty smooth case study ,until the last few minutes. in the last minute we finally came to a conclusion.2 of the members were not ready to agree with the others on the order of qualities of patience and deligence.finally i requested them to agree.

after that we had to wait for around 1 hr for the pi.both my interviewers were very old..since i was a fresher,i thought they wud ask me technical questions,but they were more interested in my father's seeds business.one of the panelists went into green revolution,seeds,ms swaminathan,norman borlog.he tried convincing me to join my dad's business.i gave him my reasons that i had different plans. he seemed an agriculture expert

then he grilled me on my low engineering scores.he asked me whether i got placed or not.

finally he asked my short term and long term goals.

i was satisfied with the interview,i thought they wud offer me choclates kept on the table but alas,they had different plans

overall a nice experience,in the process, made a new friend of the opposite sex.

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Hello..Back in Mumbai after my first GDPI session at a B school, yesterday...

My profile:

Class X - 85.40%
Class XII - 80.60%
Engineering - 80%
SNAP score - 104.25
Achievements - A prize in national level tech fest, organized event in college sympoium

Had a view of a 5 o clock sky after many weeks. I boarded the 7.25 am train at dadar...slept really well in the train for 2.5 hrs...got down at the shivaji nagar station. Took an auto to the international convention centre, pune. I was there at 12.15pm. I had booked my slot for 1.30pm. Was seated there at the registration desk (a mini hall which seated abt 300 ppl). Waited till 1.30pm. I was asked to verify my CV etc etc...then by 2pm, we were off to a conference hall for the GD. We were supposed to be a group of 5, but coz of an absentee, became 4. (To me, absence of 1 speaker meant a lot. We had to speak among ourselves for 25 mins)

It was a case study a la Sivaji, the boss.

An NRI is back to his village in India after 35 yrs. He plans to invest 20 crores in various projects like schools, agriculture, new industries, hospitals, and IT infra in his under developed village. We had to discuss the projects, prioritize them, and then arrive at a CONSENSUS (that was made clear by the moderators). Two moderators - one, a 50+ yr old gentleman and another, a 40 yr old lady, specs at the edge of her nose.

I was seated second from the left (from the eyes of the moderators). As always, the first speaker started with the solution...I feel agriculture..blah...blah.. I waited for him 2 finish, then gave a structure...said, lets discuss and analyze each of the projects and then prioritize...thou i made an effort to give structure, the third speaker (her legs crossed thru out the session) dint listen..and started... I feel hospitals shud b given first priority...blah blah.. ( I couldnt help)...then there were conflicting ideas...myself n one guy wanted agri first..but the other 2 wanted hospitals...the discussion carried on for arnd 5 mins...then i put a stop in an attempt to take things fwd.. said "Friends, lets appreciate the opinion that setting up of hospitals shud b given top priority and lets move to the second project"...i dunno whether my intervention was a +ve or -ve. I felt it was time sm1 took it fwd (Arun and Mahesh, comments please). One speaker raised "How long do you think it'll take for him to setup all the projects??" I immediately replied, "I think this dicussion is beyond the scope of the case. Let's discuss only the priorities..." All, including the person who raised this question nodded.We arrived at a consensus in 25 mins. At the end, each of us were asked to list the priorirties discusssed by the group- each speaker one project. Mine schools...summarised watever was disucussed...necessity of primary education... with a desire to setup IT infra in future, education is needed. Here, on one occasion, I used the word "I" but immediately retracted, said, "Sorry, we discussed..." (dunno the impact of the usage of 'I' there)

Then, finally, the moderator threw a question for the last priority - IT infra. Why is there a need for IT infra in a village? (He had 2 throw 1 coz there was no 5th speaker for that summary)..he said...anybody..answer..
I threw myself in..said they'll get to know abt wats happeneing elsewhere... all along they wud hav confined themselves only to their village or district...they wud know abt agri techniques they practised but now they ll know wats happening at other villages... ( we had already discussed that this proj wud take more than 15-20 yrs to take off)

We came out..it was arnd 3.30 then. I had to verify my documents...that took half hour for me...CGPA-% conversion was a problem...then they offered us sandwich and tea. I had jus thot of drinking tea when the senior approached me and sai, ur interview is in another 10 mins. Be ready.. I put an end to the conversation I was having with fellow aspirants, dropped the idea of sipping tea and moved to the PI waiting room. In 5 mins, the same female ( a good looking mallu) escorted me to the PI room. She enquired abt my backgrpund, asked abt my work ex...she was glad to knw that i teach...asked abt my blogs, novels...she was happy 4 it..asked abt my novel...Chatted with her for 5 mins... (It's always good to talk to a good looking female 😃 😃 :)). That pepped me up, much needed before a PI 😃 I entered the PI room. Two panelists, a 50-55 yr olf man (O) on the right and a handsome young man (Y) on the left.

Both smile,
Y: Pl be seated.
Raj: Thank you sir. Can I keep my folder on the table???
O: Ya sure..
They go thru the CV.
O: So, you're from Chennai. You work in Chennai?
Raj: Yes, sir (Smiles)
O: You had lumch?
Raj: Yes sir, a sandwich.
O: So, how did u reach pune from chennai? when did u come?
Raj: Sir, I had gone to bombay last week. I'm put up at my elder sister's place (shud have said cousin...coz my CV says I have just one brother). And I reached pune this morn by train.
O: You worked in (looks at the CV) Vidhyaasthaan for 2 months, then moved to (looks at CV) Axiom Academy in Sept, why?
Raj: Sir, the job at Axiom Academy is more challenging than the previous one, because, here, I conduct quant aptitude classes for working professionals who are revisitng basic arithmetic after 15-20 yrs. So, to make them understand the concepts is more challenging. (This is the truth, and hence I cud say with ease. STarted off on a gud note 😃 :))
O: You still work there?
Raj: Yes sir (SMiles)
O: I see, ok. What is this Vidyaasthaan?
Raj: It's an institute that conduct aptitude training classes for students taking the GRE.
I pause. There's silence for a few secs.
O: Ok, so... now, you want to do an MBA, why?\
Raj: Sir, I want to purue an MBA to acquire the skillsets reqd for me to be successful in the corprorate world
O: Wat are all the skillsets?
Raj: I would acquire various skills, but more impotantly, pursuing an MBA wud make me build broader perspectives abt issues in an organization, learn how a business in run...
O: (Interrupts) why do u have 2 learn 2 run a buisness?
Raj: I'll know how to effectively manage resources - people, systems and thye various processed involved in its functioing.
O: (seems cnvinced..looks thru CV...) You've got 80% in Engg...good..
Raj: Smiles....
O: U don play sports? no such activities mentioned in ur CV?
Raj: (He had actually looked at the hobbies section but then, i misinterpreted as the achievements section). Sir, life dduring engg college was hectic. I used to home after college only arnd 6. But suring weeknds, I used to play cricket withfrenz. But, I havent represented school or college in cricket.
O: (Nods) so, wat do u do durting ur free tym?
Raj: Sir, I listen to music. I'm also an actve blogger.
O: So, wats ur novel abt
Raj: Inspired by my real life incidents.....blah blah...
O: Ok, tell me Rajesh, wats ur most significant achievement in life?
Raj: Sir, my work on the novel. Ever since I started to write, I dreamt of writing one. It took me more than five months to write.. This's my significant achievement.
O:are u aware of things happening arnd u?\
Raj: Yes sir.
O: There was a protest to the sethu samudram project. wat was it abt?
Raj: Sir, hindu proganizations protested it becuase implmentation of the project called for the destruction oif the Ram sethu, a bridhe supposed to have been constructed during the times of the Ramayana.
O: A so called brige (he smirks)
Raj: Yes sir, it is supposed to have been constructed.
O: wat is it called? that part of the land
Raj: (Now i blabbered)...sir, a canal...
O: Wat s a canal?
Raj: answered...
O: ok..now wat s that are of land called?
Raj: I don know sir, not awarer of it.
O: Palk strait.
Raj: Oh ok sir. (shit, i remembered it..but nodded my head in an attempt to show that i m learnin abt ir from him)

O: havent u heard of it?
Raj: Yes sir, I have learnt abt it in geography while at school but jus cudnt recall abt it now.
O: Alright..(starts lookin to the laptop and passes on the baton to the younger panleist)
Y: Yes RAjesh, so can u tell me wat s SRM University? Where is it?
Raj:SRM group of institutions were started in 1985. They started with an Engg college at Kattankulathut, on the outskirts of chennai. They offer courses in Arts n science, medicine, polytechnic.
Y: Ok, wats the final yr project abt?
Raj: (That was when I started to recollect that...shud hav worked on it) Told him abt burnishing....
Y: thats wat every mechanical process is abt...making surfaces smooth.
Raj: (Now recollection was better)...yes sir, but here, we analyzed wat r all the factors that influence roughness in a material and how it cud b overcome.
Y: (seems cnnvinced) So, wat do u want to specialize in?
Raj: To be honest, I'm nt sure abt it now. But, Having said that, considering I possess good analytical skills, I wud lik2 tajke up finance, but also havin managed people in my nstitute and having trained them, HR seems to be another gud option. But, I feel, I need to undergo the course in the first 6 months, get an insight abt all 2 cm 2 a conclusion.
Y: (seems convinced) So, how do u see yourself 10 yrs hence
Raj: I wud certainly contribute to the growth of a business organization, but I'm nt sure abt other aspects. As of now, I wish to pursue an MBA in your institute and then think abt the future.
Y: looks at old man...
O: ok Rajesh, nice talking to you. You may leave.
Raj: Pleasure is mine, sir.(Smiles)

Overall, I'm happy...was a gud...no stress...maybe my answeres were close ended.

Kudos to the team at SCMHRD....WONDERFULLY ORGANIZED!!

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Moi experience
X - 89% (TN state board)
XII -93% ( TN state board )
B.tech -65.6% ()

Work ex -27 months
Snap score -blanket call
ECA - nothing much prizes in a few quizzes, lit events.. thats it

Interview was on 1 Feb 2.30 PM

First things first.. already knew the location as I spent most of the previous day loitering around there.. So reached there well ahead (much too ahead) of time .

The student co-ordinators were great (in every sense of the word ;)). handled it without any glitches and were ever helpful. Spent some time in a big auditorium, where they showed us some videos of the college. And then we were asked to take our seats in front. Each of us were given a brochure containing a paper that had stuff we had filled in the application, a checklist, feedback form plus some info on the college. Then we were taken to another floor for the process.

GD- Different kind of GD.. 5 ppl (1 was absent, so that made it 4 in our group).. 25 minutes. Format looked kind of nice to me. panel had 2 Men, 1 alumnus and 1 prof i guess (not sure). GD was about choosing a brand ambassador for a sports goods company. 4 ppl were given, with suspiciously similar profiles to Messi, Bolt, Clijsters, Armstrong . Messi profile was toned down a little, they added 10 years to his age and lance's profile was enhanced a little, to kind of evenly match it. One of the guys started the discussion, I started from the second point and put in a few good points. Everyone was very friendly.. infact we spent more time on agreeing to views than giving different views (just kidding). about 12-15 minutes in we were told we had 5 minutes to finish up(not sure didnt keep track of time ).. 1 minute later the senior of the panelists asked a couple of guys to summarize. and that was it. Came back to the waiting room, was talking for a while with the seniors, got my files checked, and then it was interview time.

PI - a lady(L) in late 30s, a sir(S) in 30s ......and urs truly
dont remember it fully will updae as and when it comes to moi mind.

few questions asked

1. tell me ur best achievement at workplace
2. why mba - I blabbered something about interpersonal skills.. they asked one further question, i just covered it up and then they moved on to the next question.
3. one ethical issue you have faced at workplace - had given a lot of thought fo this during SIBM interview.. so explained in detail about it.
4. books you read, both fiction and non fiction - M was impressed with the answer and asked why dont you write - too lazy?? I said I blog a bit. What do you blog about, how many people follow your blogs? I said none.. just created a new account and there were only a couple of posts. that was it

Overall process was cooool. over in 2 hours. well conducted. really enjoyed the experience;)....


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Were you in Panel G of Personal Interviews???
and if I am right then, I guess, Sir would have asked a lot of technical questions whereas Mam would have asked HR related questions....:|

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hush......finally over
X - 88%
XII -78%
B.tech -77% (final year)

Work ex -nil
Snap score -115.75
ECA - State level athlete , few more in paper presentation ,debate , national math oly , organizing comm.....etc

GD- somne abt What CEO of company do in recession ......
increased salary of Gud empoyee.....fired some 45% .......
find 3 initiative u would take as CEO?

it was fine ..nt gud.................in ours pt were repetitive since most were fresher.................could have contributed better:splat:

PI - a lady(L) in late 30s, a sir(S) in 30s ......and urs sincerely
S- so u won in math olympiad .....should i quiz on math?
M- yes sir.........
S- why determinant of matrix used??
M-sorry sir
in this way asked few question ...............correctly answered- 0

then S said - disappointed with me
me too was disappointed
then asked abt Quantum computer(gave a ppr presentation on it)
answered that
then abt subject in CS
said abt Cryptography ,data minning
asked abt Cryptogarphy.......type of encryption
then abt which type of asymmetric encryption more secure
told d wrong one ...........said wrong bt said why i think so....
another 2-3 technical ques............

then came madam.........which specialization
said MArketing
L - why marketing
M- explained my quality suited it
told what i think in marketing
explained abt positioning of Mind

looked impressed

asked how u can use IT in Marketing
told abt it.........with my dream project

asked if u have any question
said no.

done with it...................process is smoth ......go and enjoy it
seniors r very friendly.........full marks to u ............and sir u lack in BOOLYWOOD-HOLLYWOOd games......

So friend hw do u rate my interview........
ATB to all

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Admission Dates Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)

this link says the result will be on 15th feb but

Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)

the above link says 2nd march

which one is true?? seniors reply...........
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My profile is as under:
Engg(ECE):78.4%(Currently in final year)
XIIth: 91.8%
Xth: 95.4%
Snap Score: 94.5
Work Exp: None

I had my GDPI process today(3rd feb 2010) in the 9.00 A.M slot.
I reached the venue just in the nick of time...Exactly at 9.00 AM. But I was lucky not to have missed out on anything as they had just started calling out people for the 9.00 AM slot.
My name was called out in 5 minutes and I got to interact with my group members..All engineers!!!
Some coincidence or something, today all the people I had a chat with were Engineers...Some working, some in final year.
After a short wait, we were led into a room for the GD.
We were given a case in which there was a lady called as Anna. She had started her own business, manufacturing a line of clothing that could be worn by kids without the help of any adult...No zippers and other things to fool around. Moreover, the clothes were shipped in matching sets,so no need of any match making either.

Her business expanded over time. However, she had a credit borrowing from a company which shared 50% of the profits with Anna. But owing to the huge demand, she was facing a crunch of cash. Moreover, certain stores were also separating the sets of the clothes and selling them separately, defeating the motive of the clothing line.
To make her product popular, she needed advertising but considering the cash crunch, she was not able to spend much on advertising.
We were to suggest solutions as to how Anna could keep her business running.

In the waiting area, all the group members had a mutual agreement not to make it a fish market. A big thanks to all of them! And so there was no fish market in our GD and it was a pleasant discussion.
As for the interview, my interview got a bit delayed as one of their faculty members' birthday was being celebrated. But the delay was only for around 15-20 minutes.
But a big thanks to all the seniors who maintained a cool environment.

Interview: A young lady(L) and a middle aged man (M).
M: Nipun, Please come inside.
Me : Thank u sir.
.....Good morning wishes to L and M......
L:Please adjust the chair to your comfort.(I dropped my folder in the process).
me: O I am really sorry.
L: Nipun on this form, you have not elucidated your extra curricular activities, Can u tell us a bit about them?
me: Yes Mam,...I started off...They became interested in one of the events I hosted in my college.
A brief discussion on that followed.
M: Can u tell us how a wireless microphone works...This had come up when I asked that I used a wireless Mic...I explained the basic process and he asked for a bit more of detail...as in what kind of modulation they use...
I politely replied that I am not aware of the intricate details...But taking a a guess, It might be FM.
M: AM is better or FM?
....I explained with decent answers...but got a bit stuck 1ce or twice.
Then on my final year project...This was my weak area but he asked mostly the abstract of the project...discussed on the consequences of such a project....
L: U stay in Faridabad and ur coll is in gurgaon...Do u stay in a hostel?
me: Yes Mam....Then a discussion on hostel life...a bit on ragging...
M: Would you like to ask us a question?
me:(I thot for a moment, but could not think of anything) no
A bit of advice to others...Although even I realized it today, Please think of a question before u go for an interview because this is where they hand u the reins of their horse....U can really make a point if u think of a good question...because u may be able to engage them in a discussion about something you are comfortable with.
I said thank you and left !

And hats off to the seniors managing the entire process....Really seemed like managers at work...Thank you seniors!!!!!

Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies.
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Hi everyone....
am got done with my gd /pi today ..
The GD was nothing out of the blue and was on predicted lines :a case study.
Group of 5 ,2 panel members..case study was about a Municipal corporation bus transport firm running heavy losses...+a lot of insight into its dismal state ..so as a gm what measures sd be taken to increase the revenue..

Like the earlier experiences there were no crazy disagreements and we even reached a consensus.(Generally happens cos the grp is nt gonna be a surprise and u generally get used to the grp as start interacting with the other 4 members way bfore the discussion..)

neway ..and abt my PI ..am from an engg bckgrnd with 2 yrs work ex..so focus was on my projects ..of course one or two technical qns here and thr..
and the other usual stuff..bt the air wasnt very friendly cos one panelist looked pretty upset even bfore my interview commenced..neway hope the info is useful..

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