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Hey puys n pirls.. The road to MICA has just been opened.. with the GE n PIs starting from today.. hopefully all of us will fulfill our dreams of getting into MICA... but for now.. lets share the gyan and experiences of GE / PI.. Good lu...
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"When you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

And it finally did on the 13th April :)

May be a little lenghty please bear :)

Reached ahemdabad on 12 and stayed near IIM campus.Reached MICA by
8.30.met great ppl akshay,Abhishek.tahir don remember anymore names very bad with names.


Task: build a model for a washroom brand and also devise the marketing and advertising statergy for the same

Everyone was very chilll in the team the majority were gals and it was real fun.We really didnt do anything for the first 10 min just very confused.then started workin. was real fun.joked around. didnt look at the examiner.Was in to making the model.Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind to have to WATER FOUNTAIN in the wash room.Everyone resisted at once but convinced them to place it atleast in the mens washroom.
We finished on time and named our brand " LUXURIOUS RELIEF" It was total fun and the team was very cooperative

At the end the examiner commented she liked two things
1.Brand name
2.The Fountain idea ( would you believe it ):biggrin:

My take on GE:

Actually had already screwed one in SIBM Pune where was conscious and not myself was acting very formal formal. so tips:
1.Be yourself
2.Enjoy the GE
3.Don look at the examiner
4.cooperate and try to convince ppl rather than fight

Case study:
bout some manager forced to fire 30000 employees due to recession and bad business.He had to tell this to board of directors what would you suggest?

Just told the firing is inevitable and employees can be referred honestly to other companies as the directors had the power :)

Before going in detail let me tell you one and only advice: BE YOURSELF and answer them honestly.

I got panel 2 the bestest of all
Deval mam- DM(you are too good :))
a young exec -YM(very smart)
and old man - OM (always smiling)
yours one and only -me
As soon as i entered
OM:hi viresh
ME:Cut him straight away correcting him that my name was vikesh
(actually it was my top dislike some one pronouncing my name wrong;so guess he was checking)
OM:ok ok
DM:tell me something about yourself
ME:did tell them was very long and they counter questioned a lot
YM:why MICA (in all it was asked 6-7 times in diff tones)
ME:answered from the heart the reasons were really silly but genuine
OM:why not IT
ME:told them bout boring and mundane life
DM:Why not family business
ME: told was intersted in marketing than sales
DM:tell me something bout your mom?
ME:(caught off guard) my mom is a very good mom i know everyones mom is good but my mom is really really good
Every one was smiling
OM:Favourite ad,worst ad
YM: (gave me a paper)sign on it
ME: (puzzled) signed (actually i draw a smily below my sign he wanted to check that)
YM:why smily
ME:depends on my mood if its bad its a frowny,Also told don follow the same when signing bank papers
every one was smiling
Just when was about to leave
OM: you dislike me right
me:nosir why should I
OM:you wrote it in your dislikes that you dont like someone pronouncing your name wrongly
Me:yes i dont and infact i corrected you at the beginining itself and couldnot do anything furthur as you are on the other side of the panel
everyone laughed
DM:you may go now any questions?
ME:mam if i don get selected today could you pls give me the ONE day at MICA to feel the aura of MICA(came from the heart):)
(to which one of the gentlemen said)
you wont require it dear :biggrin:

Was sure of atleast a merit and when the results were announced was on SPOT

Well it felt great to hear was in a state of shock.
Just to confirm went to the desk and rechecked SO written agaisnt my name.

Well this was my first attempt for MICA.
MICA ROX :biggrin:

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Hi ,

IPL3 ..(third attempt at all the so called MBA xams)

Match : Satyaprem Vs Destiny

over 1 : GE

was given to write a b-plan on carbon trading .. and prepare a campaign .. did ..
scored singles ..
the invigilator .. shouted on us . at the end . this was no Gd .. mein to chota sa nanha sa bacha hu .. m kaha kuch bol raha hu ..

Over 2: written excercise on ethics .. and a self fitness test .. in which i wrote 8.5 for me ..

did it good .. scored a 4 ..

Over 3 : wud nt goo on the deep .. wud not .. go on to deep ..

they asl SOP and orher stufff .. its very very imp ..

and and and Why Mica .. 100 dollars kossan ..

and here a biggie .. six ..

result came ..

and as u might have guessed .. yeah its right ..

Spot offer ..

and .. here i come Mica .. MICA ..


Shalked hand with director sir ..

This is a just a begining .. baki ..

Oh batana to bhool hi gaya ... win the match .. ILP3 and preity zinta muft .. 😃

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iz evry1 tired coz of over anxiety/..? no posts???y dis silence....hey has ny1 tried to know da official figures of merit n spots?????????????????

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sharathchand Says
koi baat nahi yaar.... main aadat daalonga tujhme smoking kii...i have a lotta experience is field mein..

haha bad luck dude
5 saal ho gaye dosto ko try maarte
abhi tak koi nahi kar paya
thou shalt not give up
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Hi all,

Finally posting the awesome MICA experience.
Had my ge/pi on the 11th. I reached MICA campus early at 7:45 A.M. had a s/w at micafe to ease a bit of tension building up in my belly. At 8:30 we were taken for the registration and were divided into groups. at around 9 we were taken for our group exercise.

our group had 8 folks. we were given a topic on earth hour. had to make a model on a college day annual event which coincided with the earth hour. Had to identify key areas to be lit and use innovative ideas to light those areas. i was not happy with my ge performance :banghead:. our model and explanation both can be graded only satisfactory. after a goofed up ge, we went back for the case study.
Case Study:

We were all given a sheet consisting of a case study and some fitness qns. - all to be filled in 20 mins. the case dealt with Amitabh and Gujarat. Being AB's PR, I had to suggest AB his next move. I think I did justice to the case study and was happy with what I had written :). After the case study, the wait for the PI began in the awesome audi. Unlike other audis, this one was unique. It had cushions and curtains and an ambiance perfectly suitable to hold a kavi samellan. After a good time with fellow candidates in the audi, was called in for the i/v at 12:10. With a tense smile on my face I entered the room. :lookround:

The huge room had only 3 ppl. sitting as I entered it.
(From Left to Right)
LS- Lady in Saree ( I think prof.)
MS- Man in Suit ( I think from industry)
MT- Man in T-Shirt ( I think prof.)
Let the action begin.
MT- (Looking at my SOP) I don't feel convinced, why you want to join MICA?
me- gave my explanation. (interrupted in b/w)
LS- question on my case study. what did i advice amitabh as his PR?
me- gave my explanation. (i think she was convinced)
LS- an extended qn. on the case study
me- gave my explanation. (she was not convinced). tried to explain further (again interrupted in b/w)
MT- I am still not convinced why you want to join MICA?
me- sir, i was not done with my explanation and went ahead further. (again interrupted)
MT- you are getting a decent package already, you may not get this after you pass out of MICA
me- gave my explanation. and stated MICA last year salary stats.
(Meanwhile a man enters with some snacks)
LS- You can have some of this snacks it is good.
me- No mam, thank you.
LS- have one, it is a special Gujarati dish.
me- if you insist, i will take. (had one). Its really good mam. whatever it is.
MT- I am a Gujarati and i think whatever happened in Gujarat in godhra riots was right and no one is to be blamed for that.
me- no sir, i differ with you on this. gave my long explanation.
MS (speaking for the first time)- so you say that narendra modi is responsible it?
me- (happy that all 3 interviewers are interested in the discussion) No sir, i don't mean that...discussion continues...
MS- what are the recent happenings in the Indian society.
me- there are plenty sir, everyday something keeps happening in India. there is sona-shoaib issue, womens' bill issue and many others
MS- okay, which 2 issues you think are most important for India currently.
me- talked about right to free education and foreign univ. entering India.
LS- did you notice that you have had 2 of these biscuits?
MS- do you like eating? most of the candidates don't even take one but you have taken 2.
me- no sir, i felt very comfortable with you people and went overboard. Plus the dish is very good.
MT- it is non-veg
LS- no you did not go overboard, we were just pulling your leg.
me- (to MT) this is not non-veg
MT- are you veg
me- no i am non-veg, but this is not non-veg.
MS- then what is it?
me- (thinking for a while) potato.
MS- why did you take so long to find out that its potato :)
me- :)
MT- what have you done for the society.
me- talked about my social contributions.
MS- who is the vice chief of the air staff?
me- (stumped by the question) don't know sir.
MS- okay, tell me who is chief of the air staff?
me- (SHIT, at least this dude) don't know sir. :banghead:
MS- and you say you are an air wing cadet.
me- yes sir. i joined air wing for spirit of adventure and discipline.
LS- where are you from?
me- told about my diverse background.
MT- so u know Tamil?
me- yes sir. (to MT) what about you sir?
MT- yes, i know.
MS- i also know Tamil
me- how are you (in Tamil) to MS
MS- i am good (in Tamil).
me- good sir. that is the first line everyone learns in Tamil.:)
MS- so who do you think is your idol.
me- answered
MT- where do you see yourself in 20 years.
me- started with short term plan and went towards my long term plan.
MS- what does my name as a brand stand for?
me- It stands for trust, reliability and ethics.
MT- okay I think we are all done. do you have any questions to ask?
me- yes, sir. i want to ask 4-5 questions.
MT- no, you are permitted to ask only 1 question. decide which one you want to ask.
MS- or if you want to ask all questions, try to put them all in a single one and ask.
me- (thought for a while) i don't think it's possible to combine all questions in 1 as all are on different topics.
MS- then you will have to ask just 1 question.
me- asked the question and got the answer.
Shook hands with the panelists who had been so cool with me and left the room at 12:35
After I came out, thought to myself, 25 mins - not bad. Felt pretty good after the i/v. :)

Had to wait till 6:30 or so for the results. Meanwhile, roamed the entire campus - hostel which was full of graffiti (must say great creativity and artwork), chota canteen with the tyre waala jhoola and of course micanteen. Din realize the the time fly by.
Finally, when the results came - I was on Merit List :).
Frankly, with so many folks on merit list, don't know to be happy or to be sad.
Eeeeagerly waiting for 22nd, hope it brings only good news.:clap:

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no matter wat hapens i wud still be hopeful....
keep ur chin up we all will meet @ MICA dun wrry

dis reminds me sharath......yaar i forgot to tell u i dun smoke :P

koi baat nahi yaar.... main aadat daalonga tujhme smoking kii...i have a lotta experience is field mein..
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no matter wat hapens i wud still be hopeful....
keep ur chin up we all will meet @ MICA dun wrry

dis reminds me sharath......yaar i forgot to tell u i dun smoke 😛

thou shalt not give up
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Hi all
For those who were there on 14th can recollect me as the guy sitting on the top row in the audi...and making sure everyone was given a clap when leaving. And also the comments and the laughs that were filling up the tense aura 😛 (Sorry for tht)

Well.....for my experience ..
Arrived at IIM gate at 7:30...instantly formed a group of likeminded ppl of around 10 nd started the Bakar :)
when we arrived at MICA...were asked to sit in a room where the forms were taken...nd with harldy 10 mins of timepass the names were called out..And straight to GE.

Well the GE was a total fup 😃 the topic was to build a buisness plan for a company who is into carbon trading (Ya ya i knw "wht is tht" thts wht we all were wondering") and also create a educational campaign to promote it and ur company.
Have to say....it started egeriously with everyone at the top of the voice..somehow managed to get through nd complete (ya we thought tht we did) the GE.

Totally low from the GE and knowing tht somehow had already thrown in the towel...i decided to make the most of the day. Then rolled out the laughter session in the audi....Chota and back to audi.
Interview at around 2:30 (Ya no lunch)

Panel Mathew sir, 1 lady, 1 old fella, 1 me :)

Mathew sir : so why quit such a good paying job at such a good place;
Me: aah its a decent paying job sir...
mathew sir: haan ya i mean the same
me: Well i hate monday morning blues and i dont like the work there...challenges are something tht i dont enjoy there..blah blah.
Lady: (must have misheard) but u will hve to work long hours in marketing too;
Me : i would love tht (completing teh sentence with wht i actually told nd wht she misheard)
Me sir : i worked 16hrs a day when i had the small stunt at the markteing world, in the startup - it was awesome (my eyes glared nd everyone smiled)
Lady : why did u change schools aftr 10th even with good % ?
Me : told bout my low math score nd how i failed to get pcm nd had to switch....also related it to the dislikes of indian sport authorities of how my national level basketball medal failed me 1 mark concession.
Mathew sir : Why do u dislike lingustic chauvinism?
Me : blah blah maharatra (MNS-marathi) kerala (malyalam) and chennai (tamil)
some good funde about fundamental right, forced language ... it was more like i was taking a lecture and everyone nodding. this answer lasted no less thn 2min 30sec.
Mathew sir :(with a googly) so there should be one language for the nation ?
Me : (holding on the facts again) india diversified nd blah blah.
Old fella : (Finally breaking the silence) : so how many indian languages do u knw?
Me : (Smiling ear to ear) only HINDI sir
Old fella : No marathi ...
Me : Smiling
Lady : Do u knw bout ny institue in bhopal with the same course?
Me : nopes.
Mathew sir : tell me bout your fathers occupation?
ME : told nd added my mothers details too :P
Mathew Sir : well if tths the case why aint her name on the form :P
ME : (bold) well my mother would like it if the name there is of my father :)
Mathew Sir : So now ... almost loading on the table....why do u want to come to MICA ?
Me : (i dont think i need to write it here he he)
Mathew sir : and wht course do u knw we hve here?
Me : told
Mathre sir : and which one would u like to take ?
Me : told
mathew sir...took a look around for some time...say 30 seconds...lukin at both the other panel members.....
everyone smiled....thank u young man for ur time
have a nice day..
thanks sir .. thanks u all..hve a nice day .

Results : Merit listed (frankly content with tht aftr the GE fkup)
Lets see how it works out......tab tak ke liye.......Namaskar :D

All the best dude.....
thou shalt not give up
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@stillhopeful n Sharath

keep going u guys.. give the much needed hope to all the merit listed ppl

hope we all make it to our dream college (n i mean it.. every time i close my eyes i start dreamin of it :D:biggrin:)

lov at first sight i guess .......

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