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All the best to everyone for their NITIE interviews starting within next 4 hours and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:* Acads: X - ...
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X - 88.53%
XII - 89
Undergrad Major - 68%

IT - 18months

CAT Score:
DI - 94.XX
Quant - 97.XX
Verbal - 94.XX
Overall - 98.50

Topic: Should Military education be made compulsory for youth
Number of Ppl present - 10
Time: 2 min to think -12min to discuss - 2 min for summary
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

I started of the discussion by stressing on the keywords, pointing out the areas which the group can discuss.
Made 2 more entries with average points.
All in all okay GD.

Other Salient Details: 2 min are given for summary where in 2-3 ppl can summarise so try to cover the entire discussion in short.

Panel Members Intro: Panel of 4.

Panel(P)- So you have experience?
Me(M)- Yes Sir.

P-How many years?

P- Describe the work you did?
M-Explained well about development and testing work.

P-Any specific rules you followed during making test cases?

P-Tell me about your Final year Project.
M-Was prepared for this so explained in detail.(no further probing)

P-Which management specialization?
M- told that have a little inclination towards finance but have not taken an informed decision and will take it when I know more about other streams as well.(Seemed convinced).

P- Any courses till date in management?
M- Told about NEN course I did in final year and what all they taught.

P-Any management subjects during graduation?
M-Yes sir, we had IEM (Industrial Economics and management) which covered basic concepts of economics and management.

P- What concepts?
M-At this point I can recollect only a few namely Demand-Supply Curve, Porter's 5 forces model and 4 P's of marketing.

P- So tell me about Porter's forces.
M- Listed out all the 5 forces.

P- Explain Bargaining Power of Suppliers.
M- Explained well.

P- How can you overcome it?
M- Told that a company must have plan-b in case a supplier turns into a threat. They should have an alternate supplier ready in case of emergency and avoid monopoly of suppliers.

P-How can you use IT in solving above problem?
M-(took time to think but could not think of anything) Sir I cannot think of a good answer.

P- Ok thank you.
M- Thank you all.

Hardly went on for 10 min which was the average time.

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Hi all!
Here is my GD/PI exp.
X - 78.2%
XII - 78%
Undergrad Major - B. Tech. (ECE) - 68.86%
IT - 29
CAT Score:
DI - 98.56
Quant - 99.24
Verbal - 84.46
Overall - 99.0
Topic: Success vs Values
Number of Ppl present 8
Time: 10:00 AM 12th Apr 2010
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: 3 people in the panel. Asked one of us to
volunteer and pick a chit. We started with stating that ethics are a must
for everything...etc., etc. Then everyone started stating one example
after another, Tata's, Infosys and what not. I didn't contribute for first
5 minutes. Then I chipped in and said that we can go on stating examples
without reaching a conclusion as success is a relative term. Even a thief
can call himself successful without following moral values. And Iraq war
was a succesful war from USA's point of view. Then I said that whenever
the benefit of all the stakeholders is concerned, following values is a
must. The group took my point and some other examples came pouring in. At
the end we concluded by summarising all the points presented, highlighting
my point. Almost all of us spoke, with 2-3 speaking the most (me being not
one of these ), a good GD though.
Other Salient Details: We were given 2 minutes to think about the topic
and 13 minutes for discussion and finally 2 minutes to summarise.
Panel Members Intro: 3 Male profs (M1,M2 and M3) and a lady prof (L).
Me-:) . My thought Process-
(We were supposed to sit about 10 feet away from the table on a chair with
writing board. So they could watch you completely from head to toe...so
people who are in a habit of shaking their legs (like me )....try to avoid
L: What was your Final year project? (Bam....:shocked:)
:) It was synthesis of FM transmitter.
M2: Tell us about it.
:) Sir, I analysed all the possible combinations for an FM transmitter and then assemble the most efficient one.
M1: And how exactly did you do it?
:) Sir, I dont remember that. (Sir, if I remembered that I wouldnt be here.)
M1: Why?
:) It's been 3 years since I did that project.
M1: But I remember my Final year project and it's been around 20 years for me.
:) It's easy for you sir as you have been in the same field for that period but I've switched my field. If you ask me what project I did immediately after joining the company, I can tell you in detail as I'm still working on similar stuff.
M1: Gave a disgusting look
M2: Can you tell me how does the remote for that AC work?:banghead:
:) Blurted something about circuit completion when a button is pressed and generation of a signal, etc.
M2: But how does the signal reach the AC? There is no medium.
:) It's a wireless medium and the signal is sent as IR rays. There is a receiver inside the AC for those.
M2: Answer like an Electronics Engineer.
:) ....................(I cant, because I'm not, I'm a software Engg now)
M3: What components you used for that?
:) Told whatever I remembered
M3: What is a p-n junction and how is it different from a transistor.
:) Told
M3: What are the two types of transistir and which one is preferred in practical applications?
:) Told
M3: OK, what is your favourite subject?
:) Mathematics
M3: What is the difference between Mathematics and Arithmetic?
:) Told
M3: Gave me a question on probability (Not a very tough one)
:) Solved in seconds
M4: What is L'Hospitals rule and where is it used?
:) Told
M1: Asked some questions about Logic gates, Flip Flops
:) Told whatever I could recall.
L: What other calls you have?
:) Told
M3: Alright, I think we are done. Thank you and all the best.
:) Thank you sirs, ma'm. Have a nice day.
Overall a good one, a bit stressed at some point and worst part ... no Why MBA questions.. But if you don' loose ur come then ....Aaaaal Izzzz Wellllll..........
My suggestion is that better revise a little about your final year project and your Engg stream as almost everyone I met were asked on that.
Verdict: Converted :cheers:
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X - 83.2 (CBSE)
XII - 87.0 (CBSE)
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - Information Technology, 67.4 %
Category : GEN
Work-Ex: Infosys
Number of Months - IT/30 months

CAT Score:
DI - 94.95
Quant - 99.75
Verbal - 94.67
Overall - 99.45

Topic: Reality shows a reality?
Number of Ppl present : 7 (3 were absent)
No. of Panelists: 4
Time: 2+12+2 (thinking/discussing/summarizing)

The topic was simple and all had a chance to speak. It was a good quality discussion with all chipping in with various Reality shows and how they con/fool people. One chap did not speak much, he was asked to summarize at the end.

Panel Members Intro: 4 proffs. P1,P2,P3,P4 (Seated miles away from my seat)
Don't remember who asked which question, so will refer to the lot as P.

P: Introduce yourself
Me: Told
P : You said IT specialization, what all you studied in IT?
Me : Told about the courses. Was really worried they will start digging in.
P : What is difference between Grid computing and Distributed Computing?
Me : Told. (phew)
P: Who uses Grid computing in India?
Me : Sir, as in?
P:As in does the Meteorological department use it?
Me:Yes sir it does.
P: Which is the fastest computer in India?
Me : Sir its the super computer, don't recall the name though.
P: What is the processing power? In flops
Me : Sorry sir, unable to recollect this
P: What do you do at work?
Me: Explained. Could have taken 2-3 minutes here.
P: Ok, so what are your hobbies?
Me: Football, playing and reading. Guitar and music, Random Reading, not very enthusiastic.
P: When you come here, you will have to read a lot, will you be able to manage it?
Me: Oh, most definitely sir :)
P: Thank you Sauhil.

GD Experience: Excellent
PI Experience: Good



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hey puys sorry 4 posting my experience late !!!
X : 84.80 [ cbse ]
XII : 77.80 [cbse]
B.Tech: 65.80 [uop]
GRAD : B.Tech [University of Pune]
BRANCH : Electronics and Telecommunication
Work-exp : 10 months @ Accenture Pune

DATE of I/V : 12 April 2010
Venue : NITIE MUMBAI [ is it a college or a hill station ]

GD TOPIC : Small is beautiful !
Had a healthy discussion. I love GDs so i came up with lots n lots of points right from micro and nano technology in semiconductors , Ipads , small chips revolutionising the digital world , sleek LCD z LAPz Cell phones , Cars like NANO REVA , microfinance , small states carved out of larger ones etc these were some points in favour of topics. Also some points i discussed against the topic were like M & A lik recent AIRTEL deal, disintegration of USSR integration of varoius states in INDIA after independence etc. Intotal a healthy discussion overall.

PI : 3 profs - P1 P2 P3 ( don kno wre the rest 3 had gone )
P1 n P2 did most of the talking .
P1: Introduce urself ?
me: usual answer [ ab toh dreams mein bhi wahi atta hai lolzz]

P2 : So ur did ur B.Tech from Pune University in Electronics n Tele. which is ur fav. subject ?
me: Sir, I like both Elex n telecommunications part. U can ask me anything from either of these.

They felt impressed n i felt OMG ye kya bol diya
Prayed to God " Bacha Lo "
P2 : ok do u kno wat is RFID ?
Me: Thank God. Pura song suna diya

P1: tel me the disadvantages of it ?
me: answered

P1 Range of RFID ?
me : few metres to kilometres

P1: KILOMETRES !!! ? ru sure
me : i said Sir atmost one Km

P2: Difference Bw Bar code n RFID ?
me: i gave one difference. felt lil bit convinced but they wanted more.

P1: Tel me ur final year project ?
me: I told the name only.

P1: arre explain it ?
me: i started lik a parrot n explained it for next 5 minz. thereafter Project chapter closed.

P2: u ve a decent percentile of 99.08. any IIM calls ?
me: no sir
P1: any other calls or converts ?
me: yes sir SCMHRD call n converted ! rest imp r FMS , XIMB , NMIMS , MDI , IMT-G but couldnt convert FMS.

P2: so u dont wana join Symbiosis . its in pune wre u studied n r currently working ?
me: blah blah !! (pretty convinced )

a few more formal questions lik wat was ur cat %ile last year n all becz i mentioned it in one reply!!!


Came out relieved from I/V room


now waiting 4 MDI but will mostly join NITIE.

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X - 80.8
XII - 83.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 77.5
Category : GEN
- IT/29 months

CAT Score:
Overall - 99.40

Topic: placements or faculty..what is more imp for a b-school.
Number of Ppl present : 10
No. of Panelists: 5
Time: 2+12+2 (thinking/discussing/summarizing)

Panel Members:5

was asked about my final year proj n grilled on it..then they asked me about my work-exp..my role there n a few related questions and in the end was asked why mba..thats it folks..it was 10-15 mins intrvw..not a stress one but with a five member panel and the whole setting of the room,it becomes a bit intimidating..just hold ur nerves..
Verdict : Convert

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X - 84
XII - 77
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 86
Category : GEN
- IT/34 months

CAT Score:
DI - 99
Quant - 92
Verbal - 78
Overall - 98.26

Topic: Is enviormental activisom boon or bane.
Number of Ppl present : 10
No. of Panelists: 5
Time: 2+12+2 (thinking/discussing/summarizing)

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 5 proffs. P1,P2,P3(was observing me the whole time during the pi),P4 (reading my profile sheets)

1.Introduce urself
2. How do you relate ur work with mba
3.Difference between b2c and b2b.
4.Tell me about your company.Me:Told
5.How much is ur salary ? how much u will be paid by ur company after 5.
6. what field u planning to spleclize
7. y not pditm if ur intrested in It
sum wise cracks and gyan
8. last question wat have done from ur side to learn about the bussiness world.

tot interview 10 min


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X - 77.47
XII - 81.20
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - Computer Engg. 55.17%
Category : SC
NIL/Sector - Number of Months - IT/30 months

CAT Score:
DI - 94.49
Quant - 65.3
Verbal - 60.67
Overall - 82.13

Topic: TV reality show real or fake?
Number of Ppl present : 10
No. of Panelists: 5
Time: 2+12+2 (thinking/discussing/summarizing)

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 4 proffs. P1,P2,P3(was observing me the whole time during the pi),P4 (reading my profile sheets)

L:Introduce urself
Me: told
L : Tell me about ur final year degree project
Me : Was telling in detail..(abt Project signature verification)
P1 : How much accuracy and how can u identify whether the signature is fake or real
Me : told...my answer
P3: Whats ur fav. subject
Me : Database
P3:Asked abt 3rd normal form?
P2: what is asc?
Me : Dont know
P3: what is lead time
Me : Told

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Reached mumbai 3 days ago. Enjoyed wid friends :drinking:for 2 consecutive days.Reached NITIE on day of interview early at 7:15.


X - 83.8
XII -78.5
Undergrad Major - Mech Engg (NITR) 8.82

NIL/Sector - 35 months/IT

CAT Score:
DI -99.92
Quant - 93.xx
Verbal -79.xx
Overall -98.50

Topic: Is govt. oblivious to farmer's plight
Number of Ppl present : 10
Time: 15mins approx
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Was a good discussion. We covered lot of points .
Chipped in with couple of points like farm loan waiver, free electricity, linking of rivers
Other Salient Details: 2 mins to think + 15mins to discuss + 2 mins to summarise. I started the summary once the 15 mins to discuss was over (bell rang)

Panel Members Intro: 5 members

Greetings exchanged. was asked to sit.

P1: Do u think formals are essential (I was in suit)
Me: Yes sir, formal ocassion, institues aura... gyan
P1: (checked the other panelists) Do u think faculty should also be in formals
Me: yes sir... atleast should be presentable

Then starts the grilling

P2: Mechanical engineerin.. okay
P2 : who is ur HOD
me: answered
P3: Introduce yourself
me: blha blah
P4: (cut me inbetween) What are the subjects you studied in mech engg
me: answered a cpl
P3: (cut me inbetween) okay continue
me: blabbered and finally whn had nothing to say asked if anything in details he wanted to know
p2: Any Management subject you studied?
me: Industrial management
p2: what did you study in IM
me: (remembered just PERT CPM... woh bhi last year ke GD/PI exp se padh ke gaya tha) PERT CPM and .... INventtory control...
P3: cut me inbetween) What are pert and CPM
me: blah blah
P2: wat else did u study
me: Thermodynamics and...
P3: (again interrupted) What is difference between PERT and CPM
me: explained
P4: where do we use pert and where CPM?
me : blah blah
P1: What awards you got in Accenture?
me: blah blah
P1: Why
Me: Automation...reduced work..
P2: Reduced wrk ya time?
Me: sorry sir.. reduced time
P4: what did u study in inventory control
me : thinking
P2: Okay do you remember any formula in Inventory control as in EOQ?
me: No sir
P3: What is inventory?
Me: Finished goods which are not sold
P3: and
Me: hmmm...... raw materials
P3 and
P3: Machines??
Me: No sir, sorry thats all i know.
p5: What was your final year project
me: EDM
P5: wat exactly?
Me: explained
P4: What machines have you seen?
Me: CNC.. and...
P4: (interupted) how many axis in CNC lathe?
Me: 3
P4: what all?
Me: X,Y Z
P4: Draw on the blackboard...
Me::lookround: drew a cube and x,y,z, dikhaya
P4: what is this ?
Me: Sir raw material before processing.
P4: Okay wat are all the machining that can be done in CNC?
Me: blurted something or the other (was feeling the pressure)
P4: that cant be done in CNC
me: sorry sir I dont rememebr.
P4: Can you draw Rake angle?
Me: No sir...dont remember
P2: IN thermoddynamics you had Mollier chart?
Me: yes sir
P2: What is the graph between?
Me: T and S (entropy)
P2: Then where is Enthalpy?
Me: sorry sir...dont know
p3: Diff between enthalpy and entropy
Me: was explaining entropy...
P5: (was interuppted) What CSR have u done
me: blah blah
P5: Do you think CSR is window dressing?
Me: blah blah
and 2 mins of discussion on CSR in present day
P4: What is you best achievement?
Me: blah blah

panelists looked at each other and said: you can go
thanked all and left with a sigh of relief that its finally over:lookround:

playing table tennis,Sudoku (national sudoku championship ranked 39)

Seniors were really helpful. Since my interview got over ealry, missed wtching Andaz apna apna and all.... Awesome campus and ppl.

Status: Converted

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Waiting for the results...
nothing else to do.have been following nitie threads closely.
would love to have ur opinions about my interview in the mean time.

date:12th april
10th 83%(cbse)2003
12th 73.4%(cbse)2005
btech(it) 66.7(uptu)2009
cat:98.38(OA) (QA 89.22 VA 97.xx LRDI 97.8X)
WORK ex: 3 months(infosys)trainee

GD TOPIC: Do MBA colleges produce only managers and not entrepreneurs

Started the gd by defining entrepreneurship and what it takes.tried to give direction.entered 4-5 times with valid points.2 other people had good points.
Were interrupted in the middle of our discussion by a panelist and one person who kept silent was given a chance.
We felt ashamed.
Overall a nice gd with a lot of good points...

PI(The real fun)
5 panelists(one lady)

p1:introduce yourself in a way that helps us in selecting u

me:(ya sure)told a bit about the environs of the place i was brought up at and then went on to add all the responsibilities i fulfilled at school,college(vice chair of student rep. body of the college,conducted various events etc....)

p2(lady prof):(cuttin me short):ok what was ur final yr project?

me: told abot the simplest project i cud think of(university management system)(god knows how much i worked on it).

p2:simple query of rdbms?
me: told.

p2:what are er diagrams,data flow diagrams,types of programming?

me: told to the bestof my abilities.maybe she was convinced may be not...

p2: what are case tools?
me: computer aided se tools:lookround:.

p2:took some names of case tools and asked if i have ever heard of them?
me:yes maam i have heard about them but have never worked on them....

p3: ok tell me about ur career goals..
me:(biggest screw up of my life):told about how i wanted to implement my it skills to make production systems and delivery channels of organisations more lean and efficient(mentioned toyota).

p4:but do you have any background of production??
me: told about the Public sector enterprise my dad is an engineer in and what are the areas i believe they could mprove upon to be competitive.

p4:no but have u read any subjects on production?
me: no sir but i had industrial eco. & principles of mgt. as a subject.

p5: asked some qns on IEPM(maslow's need hierarchy and all)
me: answered them all (p5 felt a bit convinced)

p4: no, but these are not related to production....
me:(thinking....when did i say i had a background of production...all i said was that i cud use my it skills to make them leaner.GOD why did i even use the word production)
p1:(cutting short ,smiling)ok. u seem to have observed quite a lot of things from the outside.ok, tell me sumthng about the situation in ayodhya and how can that situatiobe eased??

me: gave a beautiful extempore for about 3 mins about judiciary related delays in cases of communal disharmony and all......felt satisfied at this last attempt of face saving:thumbsup:

p1:(cutting shrt):ok.thank you....
me:thanked them all and got out...

It was like 20-25 mins(maybe a bit longer than usual)got caught in that production background thing but always maintained my calm and came up with whatever logic i could come up with.spoke confidently althrough.
puys let me know u think considering my gd/pi experience and my profile.

thank you.

No other calls converted yet.SJMSOM rejected me:drinking:.this is my last hope

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iamnarendran Says

Hi guys
please do give me a feedback about my GD and PI and tips where i could improve my self ? Badly need them
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