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guys mh cet gd pi are starting today. please share your experiences in following manner *name * *venue* *date* *category* *cet score* *experience.* it will help all of us as well as future aspirants.all the best to all of u.
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CET GD PI is over. There is another thread open for discussions. Can you pls close this thread?

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With a score of 140 which colleges can i expect? guys please please help..im a mah candidate..

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snwn_abhay Says
What marks does one get for average/below par GD/PI? I had one.

Marks for average/below par GD/PI would be 10-12 i.e. 20-24 out of 34.
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What marks does one get for average/below par GD/PI? I had one.

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Even I had the same panel in my interview. The old guy seemed to be in a hurry. He was asking questions in a rapid-fire. The guy b4 me came out in 5 min and my intr. too lasted only for 5 min.

He is in fact asking the same questions to everybody - 3 Business news is one of them. Luckily I was able to tell him 3 business news in detail.(Though he was not ready to listen .. was in a hurry)

The old guy told after his rapid-fire round that now the lady will take over .But the lady told 'I am done' (without even asking a single question) :)

Don't know wat to make out of such a short interview.

Type of candidate: OMS(J&K;)
Cet Score & %ile: 158, 99.79
GD/PI marks (expected/final): ???
Final Cet score(expected/final): ????
Xth marks 80.6
XIIth marks: 81.6
Grad marks: 61(B.E.)
Work Ex(Months and Area of ex.): 14-Infosys

GD Date: 28/05/10
GD Venue: K.J. Somaiya
GD time and Batch No.: 10:00 - 11:00

Reached at 9.15..GD/PI was on 4th floor and there was no lift so be prepared. We were made to fill two copies of the profile form mentioned in the earlier posts..one for each interviewer.The GD started at 10.10

Suggestion(s) - Reach atleast 45 minutes before your GD time.

GD topics :
Indian Railways should be privatised(SELECTED)
Legal enactments can bring about social changes

There was a panel of 3 members.One of us was asked to select one envelope out of 10 and the envelope which was chosen contained the above topics..Overall 9 people were in the GD.
We were given 2 min to discuss the topic,15 min to discuss and 15 seconds for each participant to summarize.
I spoke 6-7 times and made points about how many people are employed in the railways,how it is a professional body and during the past government the financial condition of the railways turned around,many secondary industries depend on it,how private players will affect the prices etc as well as would private players invest in non-profitable routes etc.
Qverall it was a good GD thogh it turned into a fish market 3-4 times

PI (Questions and your answers):
Two peoplle..A guy in his 50s and a lady in her 40s

What do your parents do
Why you didnt choose to become a doctor(Both parents are doctors )
What qualities are required for a doctor
Which college are you targeting
So you are from J&K;,do you plan to use the quota.

Do you keep up to date with the latest news
Any two latest business news
Tell me something about greek crisis

Chief minister and Governor of Delhi(live there)
CJI of india
Which college are you targeting
Thats it, just a 10 min interview with no profile based questions

P.S. You are asked for your ID proof AFTER the process ?????

Suggestion(s) - Questions will be asked from the profile sheet so think carefully about what to fill
Hoping for the best...
ATB to everyone..
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Yes u will get ur score... but not all india rank , without ARC verification

i need some help......

i have given my gdpi n my CET score too is good but i have decided not to go 4 mba this year....i dont want to follow others blindly or do it just for money......i'll do it only after i m really ready for it.....i have a job offer from cisco and i am accpeting the same...however i need to know my scores of gdpi , just to know how i fared in it........so am i required to get the ARC verification done ? I wont be taking part in CAP round and so dont need my name in merit list too......will i get to know my gdpi results without ARC verification???? PLz reply
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double post

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Venue : JBIMS
Time : 10-11
Actual allocated people : 12
People Present : 6


I had reached JBIMS around 8.50 or 9 am and than waited in the Auditorium... where we were supposed to fill the profile sheets that were given to us... and a page for GD experience was given to us.

at around 10 am peon asks us to go to 1st floor... and we were sitting in the chair and waiting to get ourselves registered. Than the lady got ourselves registered and put the GD stamp and than directed to one of the class... After waiting for 5-7 minutes 1 of the professor comes running in and says... there's confusion, these students are meant to be in other class... and so we were shifted... and than they gave us 3 min to relax.

We were instructed abt the gd saying 2topics would be given and we had to chose any1, and that if some1 is not speaking the panel would intervene and ask that person to speak... and that there should not be a fish market.

The envelope was chosen by sir only and he said the topics
1) Should learning and teaching of English language be encouraged in India?
2) Rural India is left behind by the Indian economy.

By virtue of majority, 1st topic was chosen...

There were good points made and gd was smooth and the panel intervened only 1ce, asking 1 of the guy to speak as he didnt speak 1 time also... but unfortunately he wasn't taking advantage of it and soon sm1 else grabbed his chance... I think we were given only 10 min (At the max) and finally he asked the same guy to summarize the discussion... Now he was addinghis points :nono:


Than we went to the 2nd floor and i had my pi with panel 3....
Both ladies....

P1 : Tell me about yourself
Me : Told

P1 : What is silver painting?
Me : Told (Mentioned it in my form as my hobby)

P1 : Which book you read the last?
Me : Da Vinci Code

P1 : What's about it?
Me : Told

P1 : How would it make a difference if Jesus was silently married?
Me : I really do not know much about the Catholic religion but was as per what I read, they are told Jesus was single and when this was brought to lime light they agitated. I do not find anything wrong in that. As per our Hindu mythology, many of our Gods are married, and we find no difference.

P1 : What other authors?
Me : Sidney Sheldon, Chetan Bhagat.

P1 : What are the different books Chetan Bhagat wrote?
Me : Told

P1 : Why Chetan Bhagat?
Me : Told

P1 : Why MBA when you are a creative person
Me : Justified (Dunno whether convinced or not)

P1 : Why MBA after IT?
Me : Wanted to do MBA

P1 : Why not BMS?
Me : Told... Hoefully convinced a bit

P2 : What is one peculiarity about Chetan Bhagat?
Me : Told

P2 : What wuld be his next book?
Me : ???? (M I Chetan Bhagat?)

P2 : What are his diff books?
Me : Told (That was already asked)

P1 : Ok.... I think we are done
P2 : Nodded



Bad experience with PI.... GD was good....

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if u have already selected your ARC you probaly can't change it... also domicile is not necessary for type A candidiates.. just print the ARC application form once again and domicile will disappear from the list of required documents...

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Yup..Don't worry..Such short PIs @ JB are normal..
My own PI barely lasted past 12.14 minutes.

Guys, I had my gdpi today at JBIMS. Only 6 ppl had turned up, remaining were absent.

There were 2 topics given, one was something about agriculture (don't exactly remember), the other was, should love and hate, emotions, religion, etc be mixed with business? (something like that). Only 1 person went for topic 1, the others went for topic 2. So as per majority we selected topic 2. When we were asked to start everyone was reluctant. There was a pause for almost 5 to 6 secs. So I went for it, even though I had nothing worthy to say. The points I made were that nepotism, favouritism has no place in a business, gave examples of the selections made in the cricket team based on merit and performance and not on religion or caste, talked about america as a country which even has indians working in top posts, said that we need to be open minded and not backward in thinking, blah blah blah.

PI was pretty cool. There were 2 senior ppl, a man and a woman. The woman asked me questions like,

Who is the finance min? Pranb Mukherji
why did the former home minister resign? told her coz of 26/11
what was the recent problem faced by airlines in Europe? told her coz of the volcano in iceland
asked me about the greek crisis. Actually I cudn't remember much about this even though I had read about it just the previous day on wikipedia. I told her that greek was facing a debt crisis and hence was affecting all other countries linked to the euro. I answered all of them and she seemed happy with my answers.
The old guy asked me questions like,
what I thought management was, asked me the diff between sales and marketing, asked my why I wanted to do an mba. I had mentioned in my questionnaire that my weakness was that I get bored very easily and always need something new to do. He joked about it saying that I wud be bored with doing an mba too. I said that this was a career based decision and wud take it seriously and put in my best. He then told me about a book he had read recently, on how to become a good sales person but said that the author had failed. He asked my why. I jokingly said that it was coz he cudn't sell his book. Well he didn't seem to understand the joke. He said it was coz he hadn't taken orders. I didn't really understand what he meant by that. He then asked me about the diff between consumer based marketing and business to business marketing. He asked me which I thought was tougher.

Well that was about it. My PI finished in just 5 to 10 mins. Is that normal? What do u think, guys?
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