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All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads X ...
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X : 93%, ICSE Board
XII: 94.5%, ICSE Board
Undergrad : B.Tech Electronics, 77.6%, NIT Surat, 2008 passout

Work-Ex: 22 months till date, BPCL

CAT (2009-10):
DI : 99.4%
Quant : 92.5%
Verbal : 94.5%
Aggregate : 98.82
(category GEN)

Extra acads : Co - Secretary of college newsletter

Interview & Essay

Venue: Monarch Luxur, Bangalore
Date : 07.04.09

Essay :
Topic: It is sometimes necessary to go to war to ensure peace.
Number of Ppl present : 9
Time: 16.5 mins
GD on the same topic immediately after GD was completed.
GD was quite decent. No fish market. I started the GD and faltered after about 20 secs. I said things like, we will let each speaker speak and such crap! But eventually made up by contributing some good points.
My performance 6/10


Old Guy(O), Young guy(Y), Me(Me)

After taking a seat and introductions:

Y : Give me your file.
M : (Gave)
O : So you work in an OMC
M : Yes sir
O : The fuel that we buy in petrol pumps, how do we know that it is not adulterated??
M : Sir, there are quality checks and surprise audits. Done by a team of all the 3 OMCs. So there is no chance to cheat. Moreover, the customer can demand to test the quality of fuel anytime, as per the new govt order.(explained about density test and filter paper test)...was cut short by O
O : But then, the dealer will definitely cheat if he wants profit. Moreover, the machines can easily be tampered with.
M : It is not the case. A dealer can make a decent profit(explained the figures) And the machines are modern ones, unlike the old mechanical pumps, so they cannot be tampered with.
O : But this is India, and anything people can come up with anything to cheat.
M : mumbled something, dont remember.

(All this time, Y was looking at my file)

Y : How do you rate the interviewer?
O : Imagine I am not here.
M : Pretty good.
Y : Why?
M : He made me comfortable by asking me work related qns. And touched the crux of the matter by asking about the profit that a dealer makes, which is the real issue.
Y : So, if someone makes you comfortable, you will rate him as good?
M : Not like that sir, but yes when I have no other interaction with him, it does matter.
Y : Ok, in your work, you would have people reporting to you rt?
M : Yes, one technician
Y : If I were to ask your technician about you, what would be the first thing he would say?
M : That I would not leave an issue till it is resolved completely. Maybe, he will call me a little strict.
Y : Hmm...Did you go to any coaching classes?
(At this point, I knew PI was going downhill. I knew he asked this question because I started the GD and faltered, and acted like a 'leader' by saying things like we will let every one speak etc)
M : No sir, I didnt get time, as my work is tight. But I attended one mock GD PI workshop in Bangalore(Which is the truth btw)
Y : If I were to tell you that your interview has been terrible till now, what will be your reaction?
M : (was taken aback, still managed to hide my feelings ) I think it was good. But if you feel so, I will definitely try to improve.
O : Describe yourself in 3 words.
M : (after thinking for 15 seconds) Honest, Hardworking, Enjoys Responsibilities(Thats 4 words i know!!)
O : Dont you think you shouldnt have thought this much for such a simple question??
M : (Smiles, Seriously didnt know what to say! )

Y : Ok, we are done. Do you have any questions ??

M : (hadn't prepared for this one.) Is there the option of choosing to specialize in multiple streams in the second year?

O : Yea, all IIMs have that(He was like...what a stupid qn). Why, where else do you have calls from? Dont they allow that?

M : SPJIMR. I opted for finance there.
O : Why is it that all guys opt for finance? Is it for the money?
M : No sir, I was interested in finance. I managed the finance part of my college newsletter. Moreover, I read articles about finance, like inflation etc.
O : What have you read??
M : That RBI is controlling inflation through CRR. But it is not working because in India, banking is not inclusive. RBI is trying to tackle inflation by just seeing the demand side of it. But I feel they should look at the supply side also, and provide funds for infrastructure, agriculture etc, thus increasing supply.

Y : Ok, nice meeting you. You can leave now.
O : Wait a minute, why havent you filled anything in the 'job responsibilities' row in the data form? (shows me the form)

M : Sorry sir, will fill it now.

After I filled it up, I said thank you and left.

Any other relevant detail.: There was a negative feeling throughout the interview. As in, it seemed as if they werent convinced with my answers. And they tried to stress me out at a few points. Now, I feel that I was confident with my answers and that made the difference.

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PROFILE: Overall 7 years experience which includes 4.5 years of entrepreneurial experience. I had run an IT company with offices in US and India and worked with clients like GE, Disney, NCR, Bose, Etc.

X 78.8%, CBSE, 1995
XII 74.4%, CBSE, 1997

B.E. = 69.3%, Osmania University
M.S. = 3.4/4.0 GPA, University of South Florida

7 Years, IT/Non-IT, Entrepreneurship

CAT (2009-10):
DI = 99.51
Quant = 97.38
Verbal = 90.99
Aggregate = 99.28
(category if applicable) = GEN

Extra acads : Decent extra-curriculars

Any other special thing abt u:

Interview & Essay

Venue: Bangalore, Monarch Luxur
Date : 7th April, 9:30 AM

Essay : Sometimes war is necessary to maintain peace
Topic: Same
Number of Ppl present: 9 (1 absent)
Time: 9:30 AM
Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Fish Market. I believe my performance was decent. Dint try to dominate. Entered 6 to 7 times with decent points. Or so I think..
Time given : 14 min
Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 4

Panel Members Intro: P1, P2

P1: Tell us something about yourself.
Me: Blah Blah
P2: Tell us about your venture
Me: More Blah Blah
P1: After so much experience, why MBA?
Me: Some more Blah Blah
P1: Your tennis star is in the middle of controversy, what is your opinion
Me: Said, it is their personal life. Even the problems they are facing is personal in nature. The only way we can help them is being leaving them alone.
P2: Dont you see an opportunity to improve India-Pak relationships.
Me: It depends on their willingness to participate in the same. From what we hear now, they plan to leave both India and Pak and settle in Dubai. So it again depends on them as to how much they would like to get involved in improving India-Pak relationship. This again is a personal decision.

P1: Are you interested in Music, what kind of music do you listen to.
Me: Sir, I listen to all kind of Music. When in US, the flavor is different. In India, it is different. I enjoy all kinds of music but do not make special efforts to go to buy CDs or attend concerts.
P2: What are your hobbies
Me: I enjoy playing and watching cricket. Although, for the last few years, I have not been able to pursue them. Have enjoyed my work and long working schedule. I am also an investor in stock markets.

P2: Let us try some acads
Me: Of course sure.
P2: (Asked a few questions from Microprocessors)
Me: All bouncers
P2: Asked question about quality and six sigma
Me: Answered them all. They seemed to be satisfied
P1: These days a lot of students take Engineering courses but then do not end up working on the same. What are your views.
Me: Sir, the issue seems to be with the education system. The students are made to choose their specialization at a very young age. The decisions are mostly taken by their wellwishers. A degree in Engineering is considered to be safe. This was not the case 20 years back, so this may not be the case 20 years henceforth.
P1: Do you mean to say that the education system was good 20 years back.
Me: No sir, what I meant to say is that Engineering was not a fashion 20 years back. So, it may not be so 20 years hence.
P1: So the problem is in the curriculum.
Me: No sir, the problem is not their. As everywhere, there are some very good colleges and some not so good. There seems to be a gap between high school and taking up engineering. Students are not aware of what they like, where they could be successful.
P1: So, as an entrepreneur do you see a business opportunity there.
Me: Yes sir, as an entrepreneur, I look for voids and try to see if I am able to fill it up by providing some value.
P2: But it has to be a viable business.
Me: Yes sir, you are right. For this, we need to do some detailing before getting started. May be run a pilot project. This could also be an auxillary business for company already in the sector.
P1: If you observe there are many businessman who are successful but do not have an MBA.
Me: Sir, although I do not have statistics. But I feel, we only know people who are successful, there could be many more businessmen who might have failed. I feel that the probability of success for the MBA graduates should be on the higher side.
P1: Yes, that's why the second generation usually go for an MBA.
Me: Yes sir.
P1: You are carrying a big pile of files. Are they project reports.
Me: No sir, they are the annual reports of my company.
P1: Smiles. Thank you. It was good meeting you.
Me: (To both of them) Thank you sirs. It was a privilege interacting with you.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): ???
MISC: The interview lasted for about 35 to 40 minutes. I am confused. I do not know if it went well or not. Keeping fingers crossed
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It is with great happiness that I am posting my GDPI experience on this thread. I would also like to thank Pagalguy.

X/XII/Grad: 92.6 (CBSE), 90.8 (CBSE), 7.15 (NIT, Trichy)
Work-ex: 33 months in an MNC bank

GD/PI at Hotel Monarch Luxur on 7th April 2010 at 2:00 PM

Success is due to destiny and not due to hard work ( 15 min )
They had given a sheet of paper with lines and I did not notice that there were lines on both sides. So wrote only one page with 3 lines remaining. But essay was structured.

GD went very well. i could give a lot of good points. Since there were only 8 people in my group, it was not a fish market.

PI: Conducted by 2 Profs. The interviews were very short in our panel.

I was asked a couple of questions about the credit card industry as it was related to my work. They asked me why my marks in graduation were a little less.

Then it moved to my hobbies. I had run the Bangalore world 10K and was asked the distance in a marathon.
I also practice a certain kind of meditation and was asked who started it. I am also involved CSR activities and was asked about whether companies do CSR because whether they actually want to do or is it to get good PR. Then they asked me to list the indian companies which have a good track record of PR.

Verdict: converted
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X : 85.2
XII : 96.2
B.E. : 9.13/10
CAT : 91.33
Work Ex: 36 months

Essay & GD: It is destiny, not the hardwork that guarantees the success.
Essay: Average with some good examples. But, could not conclude well.
GD: Good. Pitched in 4-5 times with reasonably valid points and examples.
P1: OLD PROF Nikhilesh K Gupta
P2: Prof Arunabha Mukhopadhyay
R: Good afternoon Sirs.
P1: Please take your seat. Which state you are from?
R: TamilNadu

P2: (Going through my file from cover to cover)
P2: What is that BEST Answer award?
R: Its an award given by our college magazine committee. There will be a column for technical questions every month. We had to submit our answers online through a portal. The overall best answerer will be given this award.

P2: What are the questions asked and what did you answer?
R: Sir, Its technical questions and i could not recollect.

P2: You are Black Belt in Karate. When did you get that?
R: Sir, I started it in my 3rd standard and i got black belt in my 11th standard.

P2: So, it was ten years back and you should have forgotten it?
R: No sir, Its not like that. Its an intensive training for 8 years. Not many can forget it easily.

P2: Why didnt you continue after that?
R: Sir, I have already achieved Black belt. Now, I can teach Karate.
During my college, I taught Karate to my school students in camps.

P2: Oh ! So, are you doing it still now?
R: No Sir. Now, I have moved out of madurai and i am in Bangalore.

P2: So, Now you are not in touch.
R: Sir, But education and knowledge gained through it is immortal. Certain learnings in our life will never be forgotten easily.

P2: What is the learning in your life?
R: Sir, in my office work at Honeywell, I have learned that Quality is the best policy. One can compromise on anything but not on quality. Even if we delay because of some other reasons, it will be acceptable to a certain extent. But, just for the sake of completing things quicker, if one compromise on quality, it will lead to loss of reputation. Reputation once lost is not easy to get back. We may loose customers because of

P1: So, why mba?
R: Sir, currently I am playing the FOCAL role in my team. I have learnt the basics of estimation, planning, time and resource management. I wish to reach higher positions in management. To achieve this, I feel that i need to groom me further. I need to hone my existing skills and gain strong fundamentals in management.

P1: You said you know estimation, planning etc.. Then, do you think you need MBA for this?
R: Yes Sir. I believe so. Because, currently the decision or the actions that i do impact mostly myself or the small group of 5 people in my team. When it comes to bigger picture, It is so important. A single mistake of mine may impact a lot of people. In that case, my MBA will help me.

P1: (Looks convinced) Do you know what all subjects are taught during MBA?
R: Yes Sir, We will be taught basics principles of management, various aspects like finance, marketing, supply chain
management, operations management, effective business communication, resource management etc...

P1: How do you deal with an angry customer? You should have dealt some where?
R: Personally, i have not met any such situation Sir, But,..

P1: OK. Assume that and tell.
R: I will deal it with negotiation. Its in making him realise the situation and understand it properly. Mostly, communication gap causes all this. If that is fixed, it can be dealt easily.

P1: Why does the customer get angry in general? Take your case and tell
R: I have not dealt with customers directly. But, i can give the cases which my managers have met. Sometimes, when customers say that this is the job to be done and the deadline by which it should be ready, they dont understand the situation that, with the existing resources it cant be met. They dont grant for additional resources
too because of certain budget constraints. This leads to conflicts..

P1: What do you do at work?
R: Sir, I am doing Verification and validation of Flight Managemnt systems of Boeing 787 aircraft. The Flight management system is the central unit responsible for all important operations like flight planning, crew interface, navigation, guidance etc.

P2: So, why do two flights crash head to head still? How ?
R: Most of the cases, it is due to the mistake or carelessness of the pilot only sir. Federal Aviations Association has set clear guidelines for all airline operations. As per it, all flights (say) flying from left to right shuold fly
in odd hundreds of feets of altitude and flights flying from right to left must fly in even thousands of feets altitude. So,generally there is no chance of collision. But sometimes, because of some failure or some terror threat to the pilot, it is forced to do so causing accident.

P2: Ok.
P1: Describe you in one word.
R: Hardworker.

P1: Demonstrate it.
R: Sir, I had been a consistent good performer throughout my career. Its all because of my hardwork. I got school first in my X std and school I in XII standard with 200/200 in two subjects. Even in my college, i got third rank with a CGPA of 9.13. I got out of my college with 3 offers of which i chose honeywell. Its all because of my hardwork. In my office,.. (Cut short)
P1: Fine. Perfect ( What does this mean?)

P2: One final question. Do you think GPAs denote the ability of a person?
R: Yes Sir. They do. But, its not the only thing. Other aspects like co-cc, extra cc, social activities also determine the ability. Even, i have done ... (Cut short)

P1: Fine Rajesh. Thanks
R: Thx Sir.


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IIML GD/PI experience:

CAT09: 99.28 (DI 89.95)
X/XII/Grad: 91.2 (ICSE), 97.2 (ISC), 85.7 (BITS Pilani, CSE)
Work-ex: 2.5 years in IT MNC (1.2 years US experience)

GD/PI at IIML-Noida on 27th March 2010.

Polygamy should be legitimized.
The essay was alright. They gave us 15 minutes and took the sheet in 12 minutes :|.
GD was a fish market. There were a couple of over-zealous guys spoiling the discussion.

Interview (Man, woman .. call them M and W)
W: about me
vin: bataya
W: led to Lucknow education, asked about my schooling.. all great
M: asked for salary slips.. i cunningly told last salary is in dollars 😉 .. that led to US experience talk
M: you sound very loud and non-flexible
vin: i am cautious, that may be related to your observation
M: why mba, after becoming US yuppy.. will you be able to study
vin: told about eagerness and experience in preparation
W: why not GMAT
vin: that'll be next, if this doesnt go through (may be too honest here)
W: what calls? what percentile
vin: told
W: how did you prep for interview
vin: told about websites and newspapers.. and old books
W: so, from comp science eh.. what do you know about financial crisis (!!!)
vin: told basics
W: do you know about XYZ Acts (steiglitz something..)
vin: nope
W: what is financial inclusiveness
vin: told about inclusive growth
W: that's inclusive growth, financial inclusiveness
vin: i could try, but i would be guessing
W: ok, go and read about it.. (:( :()
M: ok, thats it.. thank you
vin: do you need any other documents
M: no.. please take your salary slips..
vin: have a good day

Selected. Big Surprise. My B PI experience was much better, but got rejected there..

On hindsite, there's an element of lottery here. Depends a lot on what impression they make of you..

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Now that I am finally selected for the IIML 2010-12 PGP batch , I must say that the entire preparation was done in 3 weeks (thanks to the profile I am in) . Once the first phase was cleared , I stood a chance of making it.

So I was quite hopeful !!!

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a request for mods.... we should have a new kind of thread now. The IIMXXX result speculation thread.
Now the name itself suggests that it is for ole purpose of speculation.

1) It will help keep the gdpi experiences and final call getters thread clean.
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Pleas Please Please open these threads for IIMB, L, K and I.

Ha ha ha .. can't stop laughing
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a request for mods.... we should have a new kind of thread now. The IIMXXX result speculation thread.
Now the name itself suggests that it is for ole purpose of speculation.

1) It will help keep the gdpi experiences and final call getters thread clean.
2) give vent to the frustration of puys which is important
3) save important threads from getting closed due to alleged non-sensical speulation( read spam).

Pleas Please Please open these threads for IIMB, L, K and I.

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: So, IIM L results going to be out tomorrow only. And some miscreants succeded in blocking the IIM L call getters thread. .

So, one more agonising night sleep. Dreams galore!!! :drinking:

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Yes, this is a spam. People, please leave this thread for it's intended purpose only. You can share such comments on IIML Call Getter Discussion thread.

Though this may be spam but just wanted to share with you guys.
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