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All the best to everyone for their IIMC GD- interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:* Acads ...
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Date, Venue: 23rd March, IIM-C, Kolkata.
GD Topic: The art of deception is necessary for achievement.
Duration: 10-12 Minutes (Actually lost count of time :))
There were 12 participants in the group. Think Time: 1 min.

I roughly made the following points:

  1. Defined Achievement as the Sense of fulfillment of aspirations or desires; sense of recognition etcSometimes for short-term gains, people resort to unfair meansetc
  2. Very thin line between deception and presentation.For a company, it may be marketing strategy; but people who get duped for some reason or who fall for a certain trick, call it Deception. So its a matter of perception and depends on which side of the rope you are onetc
  3. Cited a few examples...
  4. Finally, as responsible and educated citizens, the onus is on us not to fall prey to deception, take informed decisions About every choice in lifeUse tools of democracy like RTI etcwhen in doubtetc
Other Notes:
Each one was asked to summarize for 1 min, after that, in a specific order chosen by the professors. I was the last one to summarize.
At times, discussion turned into a fish market especially after the first 5 minutes
I spoke the most...Made 5-6 entrieswas successful in attracting the attention of other participants. At times, they even acknowledged my views positively, and took it forward. Made way for 1 person to express his views towards the end, who was unable to get in.
Almost all other participants took one extreme stand, i.e. either Deception = Cheating and should not be tolerated OR Deception is essential to go ahead in the rat race.
At times, I later felt, I got over-enthusiastic, could have been more restrained.

PI Panel:
  1. Male Senior Professor
  2. Female Senior Professor
  3. Female Alumni
I was the second candidate in the panel.
Madam: What do you think of your GD performance? I thought you were all over the place!
Me: Mam, I started a bit shakily, considering this is my first ever GD, but after that I realized my Mistakes, gathered myself, and I think I did well towards the end (Smiled).
Mam smiled back.
Sir: Your graduation marks are horrible! Only 63 % in Mathematics honors?
Me: Sir, Unfortunately In PQR University, the marks given are on the lower side. With 63% marks, I was 3rd in my college.
Mam and Sir had a discussion among themselves regarding the PQR University marking scheme.
Alumni: So I can see you have done Mathematics (H), then a MCA from JU , then worked for last 2 yrs..Why do you now want to take the trouble of doing an MBA?
Me: Had a prepared answer for this. :)
Panel appeared satisfied with my Why MBA answer.
Madam: So, while working for XYZ Company, did U never feel I wish things were different, Things were not like this?
Me: Mam, I think XYZ has done quite well considering the challenging circumstances the entire industry had to face. (Gave some statistics to justify that)But there is always some scope for improvement. XYZ can improve the Quality/Skill Set of Resources by Collaborating with Colleges and giving some initial training to the campus-recruited students during their final year etc etc.It would also be a good brand-building exercise.
Madam and Sir: Then, asked about company measures taken during recessionhow it impacted us? Did the MD, CEO of the company also take cuts and cut down on their luxury? :)
Me: answered carefully. :)
Madam: So, tell me something about the processes followed at your workplace?
Me: Started explaining about the iQMS, iPMS etcetc
Cut short!
Madam: No no, dont give me all those definitions and jargons Give me an example of Process, which you follow?
Me: Gave 2 examples.
a) Design Approval process in our project.
b) Induction Process for New comers in the Project.
Alumni: Whats your percentile, 1st attempt? , Which other calls?
Me: Told.
Madam: Only A and C! Why so?
Me: Mam, I think the selection criteria has changed this year at the other IIMs.
Madam: But still, you should have got at least the Luck now / Bangalore calls. What Might have been the reason?
Me: Mam, they might have rejected me due to my low Graduation marks.
(Discussion continues among them regarding the Selection criteria at IIMs.Kept asking me the same question again and againWhy no other calls etc)
Me: Mam, maybe C beckons! (Till date, I havent been able to figure out, how could I make this remark!)
Everyone gave me a strange stare! (Expected)
Madam: Saw my hobbies in the form. Oh.Public Speaking is your hobby? I just saw an example of that some time back. The other one: World Football?
Me: Yes Mam. I follow world football keenly ...
Sir: So, you are a football couch! Dont play it, right?
Me: Sir, I dont play football. Volleyball is the game I play; I played volleyball till my College daysetc etc...
Madam: Tell us about your family.
Me: Told.
Madam: Okay, I am done! To Sir: Why dont you carry on?
(Mam leaves the room.)
Sir: Okay, if you convert both A and C, which one would you prefer?
Me: Sir, I would like to that decision, if I actually convert both. :)
Sir: No no , dont give me a diplomatic answer..Assume you have converted both, now what would you do? What are the parameters based on which you will make your decision?
Me: Tried to talk about the all-round personality growth n stuffafter conceding that the quality of learning and value addition would be good and unparalleled in both B-Schools. Talked of the IIM-C being more culturally coherent with my sensibilitiesCalcutta being my home town etc.etc
Sir: What is your view on this years placement at IIM-C?
Me: Sir, undoubtedly, the placements are excellent! But I would not go by the one-off cases of astronomically high packages and rather look at the Average Basic Salary as the parameter.etc etc.
Sir: Wouldnt it be risk, quitting your current job, salary etcand coming for 2-year MBA program?
Me: Its a risk worth taking. 😃 I would rather look at the positive sideknowledge, value addition etcwhich would hold me good in the long run.
Sir: What kind of a package will you be satisfied with, 2 years on? (Smiling)
Me: (Smiled) Going by current trends, I would be happy with the Average Salary offered on campus this year. Though, 2 years would be a long time to commit, as new market dynamics and factors might prevail at that timeetc etc.
Sir: Come on you are mathematician:)Give me some numbers, how long will it take for you to make up the losses you incur in these 2 years? Whats your plan? What are your parameters etc..?
Me: Took a sheet of paper. Started evaluating both scenarios roughly (Sir looked on with keen interest).
(a) Without MBA, (b) Post MBA. Then said, in roughly 5 years from now, I will break even but there are lots of unforeseen and intangible parameters which cant be brought to table right now. :)
Alumni: Pratik, as a Manager, There will be times when all the parameters will not be known to you. But you will have to take a call based on your power of judgment and certain assumptions.
Me: Mam, I will always keep that in mind. :)
Sir and Alumni: All right then, you may go.
Me: Smiled, Thank you Sir, Thank you Mam.

Verdict : Converted the Oldest IIM In the Country .:grin:

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here goes mine...
hope this is as helpful...

i was da 10th person in my panel (sighhhhhh)

GD:-10ppl 3panelist who would later take the interview
Topic:-fairness is an utopia
performance:-4.5 outof 5(i knew i had nailed it, one of my point was taken up by other 2 guys!!)

Interview:-(pi-very nice female prof; p2-old prof; p3-old alum)

p3:tell us about your favourite engineering subject
me:s/w engineering(me a cs engineer)
p3:tell us da difference between spiral model nd prototype model
me:smile on my face
p2:oh!! she is smiling, must have prepared for this one...
me:gave da answer.
p3:explain tower of hanoi..
p3:oh..u have won many prizes in swimming...
p2:what is swimming called in australia..
me:dont know sir.
p2:well its called crawling.
p2:so tell us why mba..
me:gave alot of fundae....(sumhow from my explaination they gathered dat i wanted 2 join marketting)
p2:so why do u want to do marketting.
me:gave more fundae on my knowledge about specialization
p2:actually said dats a good answer::o
p2:fav swimmer
p1:what do you do for timepass, i think read newspaper.
me:no mam,nd more about my hobbies.
p1:do u have a boyfriend.
me:totally stunned by the question:w00t:
p1:gave me fundae on love and fate...
finally we shake hands.....nd p1 finds my hands are cold...
p1:oh so u were nervous..
me:yes mam.
p2:ok then sit..
p2 was a really gr8 guy told me lot abt iimc and what i must do when i get der!!
finally dey tell me 2 go...


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4 males(guess 3 profs and 1 alumnus)P1,P2,P3,P4, ME
P1 - silent observer
P2 - did most of the questioning
P3 - old prof. asked 1 question
P3 - observed for the large part

P1: (Opens door) Please come in
ME: Thank you sir
(As I am walking into the room...)
P2: Why so nervous? First interview?
ME: No sir. Attended IIFT interview b4.
P2: First IIM interview?
ME:Had my PGDCM interview in the morning.
P2: Okay. Please sit. How many calls?
ME:3 calls.
P2: OK.So introduce yourself.
P2:So you from ECE right. Tell me this. Assume 2 scenarios. In the first, I have a handycam and take a video of a scenery. In the second, I take a video while simultaneously record my commentary. Which one will occupy more memory and how?
ME: I do not know the exact funda behind this but can I hazard a guess?
P2: No need to guess. Differentiate GSM and CDMA.
ME: (Oh my god! He might have thought I do not know much technical stuff...) Answered comprehensively.
P2: Advantages and disadvantages of both.
ME: Told
P2: Which technology came first?
ME:Absolutely sure
P2:Ok. Why does a cellphone battery lose charge even if I do not use it?
ME: (Hmm..good one) Answered and justified my logic.
P2: good.
P3: Ok. I have no idea abt all this technical stuff. Tell me why we can see sun but not hear sun?
P3: Fine
P4: Ok. So you are from Pondicherry. Whose rule was it before independence?
ME: Told
P4:Other French colonies?
P4:Do you know abt the citizenship offer made by French after independence?
ME: Yes sir. Dual citizenship.Some funda.
P3: Your opinion on dual citizenship?
ME:Gave with justification.
P3: So you say it should be there right?
ME: Yes sir
P4: Have you heard of XXXXX(no idea what he said)?
ME: No sir.
P2: Ok. You can leave.
ME: Thanks a lot for your time sirs.


After an ordinary GD and an average PI, I was not very optimistic. When I came to know abt seat reduction, my hopes almost dashed. Again, goes to show how well you answer. They check your conviction and confidence. Only then comes content.

Party time now!!!

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Sorry for the late post. Had my exams and then was busy with some work. Hope this benefits the juniors.
So here goes...
I had both my PGDM and PGDCM interviews on the same day
X %,Board, year 96.27%(TN State)
XII%, Board, year 98%(TN State)
B.Tech in ECE, MANIT Bhopal
Percentage 8.2(CGPA)

Work-Ex: NIL

CAT (2009-10):
DI 95.59%ile(cutoff was 95.59%ile ... guess i had divine intervention right from the start)
Quant 99.75 %ile
Verbal 99.29%ile
Aggregate 99.85%ile
GEN category

Extra acads :

Any other special thing abt u: State ranker in 10th and 12th boards

Interview & GD

Venue: IIFT, Delhi
Date : 22/03/2010

Common GD for PGDM and PGDCM.

Topic: Gandhi vs Gandhi
Number of Ppl present:11
Time:15 mins
Brief Snapshot of the discussion:Same points put forth in different words...We ran out of points in the initial few minutes and had a tough time to fill the 15 min duration...A good vocab definitely pays off in such a GD as one can re-phrase the same stuff in an attractive and appealing manner
Rate your preparation(0-5):4
Rate your performance(0-5):3.5

Panel Members Intro: 2 profs and 1 alumnus - P1,P2, P3 and ME
P1- Old prof...was looking at my body language
P2- Pleasant old prof.
P3- Alumnus - silent most of the time

P1: Mr.Nishanth , pls come inside.
ME: thank you sir
(walking into the door thinking "Is this gonna be my door to IIMC")
P2:Please sit and intorduce yourself
ME: Blah blah
P1:So you play violin. Tell me 1 violinist each in hindustani and carnatic music
ME:Hindustani - L.Subramaniam
Carnatic - Kunnakudi Vaithyanathan
P1: your favourite carnatic violinist?
ME: Kunnakudi Vaithyanathan
P1: Dont you like Lalgudi Jayaraman?
ME: Sir, they have different styles. I feel Kunnakudi's is better
P1: OK. Fine. So why MBA?
ME:Sir, it is in line with my career goal.
P1: Great. (No further questioning abt career goal)
P2: Why PGDCM?
ME: Sir, my understanding is that both PGDM and PGDCM are almost same except for some elective courses in DCM. So, I decided to try for both the courses.
P2: Any idea when PGDCM was started?
ME: (B4 the interview, there was a list put up on the IIFT notice board, giving the list of candidates for the interview. The notice read "17th PGDCM batch").Yes sir. I know this is the 17th PGDCM batch in IIMC. So it should have started in 1994.
P2:Very good
(Apparently, this question was asked to many students b4 me and no one had asnwered)
P3:Ok. Tell me any area from where we can question you.
ME:(After thinking)Sir, you can ask about me and my interests.
P3:NO. Not that. Fine. I will give you 3 options. Choose from that - indian economics, political scenario and recent technologies.
ME:Recent technologies
(P3 looks at P2 and P1 which said "Oh poor boy.He has fallen into the trap.")
P2:(They speak to each other and smile) OK. You follow Indian economics?
ME: Yes sir, to an extent.
P2: Great. Draw the demand vs supply curve.
(WOW! read it only the previous day)
P2: Nice. Draw the same for gold.
ME: (after pretending to think intensely) Sorry sir. No idea.
P2: Just try. Think.
ME: Not sure at all.
P2: Ok.What is inflation?
ME: told
P2: gave a problem
ME:(Didnt understand the problem really)Gave some solution.
P2: Wrong. Try again
ME:Defended my first answer.
P2:Wrong.Ok forget it.
P3 takes over
P3: Fine. Why MBA?
P2:ok. you can leave.

Oh man! Interview was going great till those two economics questions stumbled me. Lost all hope.

Rate your preparation(0-5):4
Rate your performance(0-5):3
Any other relevant detail.

In retrospect, I showed a lot of confidence and structured my answers well. Even though I gave a wring answer to the last question, I justified my logic. So guess they saw something in me.

It is always better to immediately accept ignorance or say "sorry sir, i am not aware of this" instead of pulling a fast one...Believe me, it pays!!!

PGDM int. in the next post

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Venue: Monarch Luxor
Date : 23 March 2010

GD :
Single GD for both courses

Panel Members Intro: 2 professor (P1 and P2), 1 lady alumni (P3) --> Different from the PGDM panel
P1: Where are you from?
Me: Orissa
P1: What does your name mean?
Me: (Forgot the meaning of my name :biggrin:), blabbered something, remembered and told it.
P3: You did BTech and MTech from IIT Bombay...
Me: Dual Degree in 5 years
P1: Wow, you have 9+ CPI in MTech. Do a PHD.
Me: To answer that I would have to explain my short term goal. Explained.
P3 (She was in a grilling mood :-(): The same thing can be achieved even without an MBA
Me: Yes, but I like see the results in front of me. Research will give results after too many years. (Why the hell did I say this :-()
P3: The CEOs etc take decisions far into the future
Me: True. I feel constrained in tech. I work on a small block and it is lost in the product. I want a broader view. (I was a bit negative for tech. Should have been neutral)
P3: Intel is called the microsoft of hardware
Me: Are you asking about monopoly?
P3: Just answer the question
Me: If I take a view not as an employee, we can see that lot of anti trust cases have been slapped on Intel. $1.25 billion AMD settlement and $1.45 billion EU fine. But, this is a perspective. There is a lot of innovative products in the offering and OEMs grab it. AMD follows Intel in terms of innovation.
P3: The AMD guys won't like it
Me: Yes, but historically it has been true. Intel innovates, AMD follows.
P3: You will find many people who swear by AMD products. Don't you think Intel is a marketing company?
Me: Only marketing won't give us money. It should be backed by technology.
P2: Tell me. You want Intel to be known as technology company or a marketing company
Me: I want the products to sell

P1: He is still on Intel payroll.

P1: So you like to travel a lot as you have written. Which was the last place you went?
Me: Hampi
P1: You say that you like to go to places of religious and historical importance. So let me ask you some questions.
P1: Who founded Hampi?
Me: Hakka and Bukka Raya
P1: Yes, Hakka and Bukka
P1: Where all did you go in Hampi?
Me: Virupaksha temple, Stone Chariot It is used in Karnataka Tourism ads.
P1: Is this stone chariot in Virupaksha temple?
Me: No, Vitthala temple
P1: OK, where else?
Me: We cross the river..
P1: Which river?
Me: Tungabhadra river
P1: How did you cross it? I heard there is a good way to cross
Me: There are coracles but we used a steam boat
Me: There is a mountain on that side where a hanuman temple is there, it is the birth place of hanuman
P1: Ok come south, what else did you see..
Me: Sir, there is a tank whose water is used for Pooja (why didn't I remember the name of tank and why did I use vernacular language :-(). Then there is a lotus temple :-o
P1: Lotus temple :-o
Me: I mean lotus mahal, then queens bath etc.
P1: So, Hampi was destroyed. Since you are interested in history, when was it destroyed and by whom. Can you tell me who constituted the Bahamani sultanate who destroyed it.
Me: It's Deccan Sultanate sir. I will try to answer this - Bidar, Golconda.. forgot :-(
P1: One of them starts with B
Me: Bijapur
P1: OK another one starts with B
Me: No idea
P1: One starting with A
Me: No idea :(
P1: It is a difficult question. It's OK.
P1: What else places have you been to?
Me: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishnodevi, Agra...
P1: What are the char dhams?
Me: In Uttarakhand, it is Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri
P1: And in general?
Me: Badrinath, Dwarakanath, Puri, Rameswaram
P1(looking at P2 and P3): You have any questions?
P3: No. You have something to ask us?
Me: No
P3: Thanks a lot
Me: Thank you

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5
Any other relevant detail.
Again significant part of the interview was on my work experience and why MBA. This panel too was very friendly. They didn't ask PGDM v/s PGDCM.

VERDICT: Converted

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X %,Board, year - 85.2, 1999
XII%, Board, year - 90.1, 2001
BTech (Dual Degree Microelectronics, IITB) - 7.07/10
MTech (Dual Degree Microelectronics, IITB) - 9.14/10

Sectors, Company - Number of months - Semiconductor VLSI, Intel - 15 months, ADI - 27 months

CAT (2009-10):
DI 96.22
Quant 99.38
Verbal 99.52
Aggregate 99.83
(category if applicable) GEN

Extra acads : Zilch

Any other special thing abt u: :-(

Interview & GD

Venue: Monarch Luxor
Date : 23 March 2010
Course(PGDM/PGDCM): PGDM (PGDCM experience will follow)

GD :
Topic:Society is responsible for criminalization of politics
Number of Ppl present: 13
Time: 10 min
Brief Snapshot of the discussion: There was a brief period of silence when the moderator said "start". I guess no one was ready to be the first one to start. Someone finally started and then it was a good GD. All people contributed well. The prof said initially that everybody will have a chance to summarize and add a new point if any. if you have screwed up in GD, take the final minute to redeem yourself. I came 3-4 times in the GD. The summary was asked randomly. I was the last person to summarize
Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5 (At times I think I deviated from the main topic)

Panel Members Intro: 2 professor (P1 and P2), 1 lady alumni (P3)
P2: Where are you from?
Me: Orissa
P2: What is the spelling now?
Me: Sir, It will be changed to Odisha but still not official
P1: So what is the spelling now?
Me: Orissa
P1: So you have a Masters..
Me: It's actually a dual degree program. We have two degrees at the end of 5 years
P2: So what are the degrees?
Me: BTech in Electrical and MTech in Microelectronics
P2: You are from IIT, joined Intel. Your career path is charted out. You are even earning a lot. Yes, with an MBA you can earn a bit more. So, why do you want an MBA
Me: Told about a product manager role. Gave 2 examples (Please give examples it helps a lot). Told about innovation and reverse innovation in the technology sector and how it presents an exciting opportunity.
P2: Oh! so you want that kind of job
Me: Yes
P2: You are telling about reverse innovation. What innovation has been done at Intel India
Me: Told about Wimax in Nettop.
P2: What is a Nettop?
Me: I told them all about Notebook, Netbook, Desktop and Nettop.
They didn't know about Nettop. I explained them and told about the target segments etc. Now that I think about the situation, I confused them royally. The lady was like WTH is he uttering. I stopped for a bit after that look. She asked me to continue. I can speak a lot of about these gadgets but maybe I should have had some structure while speaking :(. This discussion took around 5min.
P2: I am really interested to know about this Nettop?
Me: Explained again.
P3: Apple has launched Ipad. Do you think it will erode Intel's market?
Me: In the short term yes. It uses a different processor. Intel doesn't have that power efficiency yet.
P3: Later on they may introduce such chips into Macbook etc.
Me: Actually Apple had its own chip before it switched to Intel. Intel is the leader in processing speed. Intel may not have low power dissipation now but in future it will go into ipad.
P2: Can you tell me what Intel makes apart from chips
Me: It makes SSD memory devices. They are very light. Infact Macbook air has an SSD hard drive.
P2: OK, what percentile do you have? 99.
Me: 83
P2: Which all calls?
Me: A, L and I apart from C
P1: You have written traveling is your hobby. Where have you traveled?
Me: Last month I was at Hampi.
P2: Is Hampi a religious place?
Me: It is historical but has religious significance
P2: It has Shiva temple or Vishnu
Me: It has both. The ruler was Shaivite but he respected Vaishnavs
P2: Nowdays a Kumbh mela is happening. Can you tell me the story behind it?
Me: Told the story. Forgot Mohini, the lady alumni helped me.
P2: Why is it held every 3 years.. May be due to the star positioning etc..
Me: Not sure.. May be astrological reasons (Thank God he didn't ask about the places. I knew only 3 :P)
P2 (looking at P1 and P3): Any questions
P2: Thank you!

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5
Any other relevant detail.
Significant part of the interview was on my work experience. Maybe because I have significant work experience and 0 extra curricular certificates (Both extra curricular tables were blank). The panel was very friendly. The kind of interviews people like. No stress. No grilling. But, the problem is everybody had a good experience.

Off topic, never knew that a lack of extra currics would bite me in the ass later in life :-(

VERDICT : Converted

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Mine was a strange kind of interview. Sort of a stress interview in the reverse. Very long, Read, enjoy and plz give feedback!! Posting now that I'm selected.

GD: Went well, I started and concluded well. Came up with 3-4 good points.

YP - Young prof., well dressed.
OP - old Prof., crazy looking shabbily dressed, one of my mates assumed he was an attendant over there :)
Alum - Perfectly dressed and very calm.

YP - Sit down Nitin, so whr u from?
Me - Sir, Kanpur!! (Alum took my folder from me)

YP - Education?
Me - Sir I studied Electrical engg from IIT-K. I did...

YP - (interrupts little did I know at this point I would be interrupted throughout) Wow, ur lucky.... from Kanpur and studied in Kanpur too, that's nice. I was never that lucky.... I'm so jealous. Why did this not happen to me?
Me - (puzzled and confused, ab main kya bataun) Just smiled!

Alum - (seeing YP write down B-Tech against my name in his small chit) no no he's dual, did M-tech too.
YP - Amazing!! You are a PG? WOW that's great. Ohh and you also have a great job! Nice!! Very Nice!!
Me - (WTF?? Where is this leading? I felt like being setup.) Smiled nervously.

YP - Clearly you are a very intelligent person and you have achieved a lot already. Did ur PG and now working. Such a nice life u have. Why change it. See I am telling you and this is for your own good. You should get married, have kids and settle down. Don't get trapped in this MBA and B-school business. I'm telling you now. People have misguided you. (abe mera bhala bata ke mera hi kaat rahe hain!!)
Me - (hmm u set me up well) No sir that's not true. Explained my goals and pre-prepared shit. They looked satisfied.

OP - (interrupts) But Why IIM-C then? (asked my calls)
Me - Explained, told IIM-C's vision and mission and why that's imptt to me and other stuff. (Somewhere mentioned Value addition)

OP - (Excitedly interrupts) What's this value addition you talking about?
Me - told

Now shit starts raining (just see how they set you up) -
OP - OK Nitin. As is evident, you are a brilliant chap (kahe le rahe ho bhaiya), you did ur PG and now working also. You have done a lot of value addition to yourself(kyun maar rahe ho?). Now even if we try hard we won't be able to add much value to you. Tumhara ghada bhar chukka hai. In fact, we should select someone who performs badly in the interviews and GD because to him well be able to do a lot of value addition. So, in conclusion, for the betterment of society we must select from here someone who hasnt done much value addn as of yet not someone like you. What do you say?
Me (What just happened? Is someone as stupid as me about to be thrown out of IIM Interview cuz hes brilliant and done lots of value addn? WTF? Samaj ke bhale ke naam pe kaat rahe hain? Kaise bataun ki jaise taise to degree nikali hai)
Me - Recovered and said - Sir, I beg to differ with you. I believe that learning is a function of hard work, dedication, sincerity, intelligence and most importantly desire to learn. So.

OP (Smiles and cut me short), function you say, so you like maths. (Ohh dear lord, I dont like where this is going!) Draw me a graph of learning vs time and explain what you were saying.
Me (abe function kahe bol diya, took my time while taking out pen and raced my mid through, formulating an answer. This was obviously a very imptt question)
Sir, what you are saying is that learning increases with time and saturates eventually. Meaning that value addition after sometime decreases. (drew dotted x=y^2 graph in 1st quadrant). But this is not possible as you learn throughout your life from the moment you are engendered into this world to your deathbed. Its a continuous process. We talk about moral death, we talk about physical death but we never talk about intellectual death cuz it doesnt exist. (hehe filmi dialoguebaaji thank you Hollywood!!) Plotted exponential graph and said that to understand incremental learning after time t, one uses his cognitive faculties augmented by his current learning. As current learning increase the scope and perspective to understand incremental learning increases and one learns more each time making it an exponential curve.
OP More questions on curve, its slope, differentiability and philosophy etc.
Me Answered and said Sir, nowadays in media and society theres a lot of celebration of youth and youthful exuberance probably because of energy associated with it. But what we have forgotten in the process is celebration of maturity (old prof flattered hehe) I believe that I should be selected ahead of those candidates with little value addition as I would be able to utilize learning given by you more constructively for benefit of society. A toddler learns water and thinks hes thirsty, an engineer learns about water creates electricity. Etc etc and more shit
YP OK all thats fine but whats the deal with UP?
Me Sir?
YP UP. Uttar Pradesh?
Me (confused what he wants to know now) said something about it
YP (interrupts) What of Mayawati?
Me (took a diplomatically balanced stance) told both her positives and negatives in governance and when grilled further rated her as 2/5.
YP What is dalit?
Me Sir?
YP Arey bhai, I dont know. Could you enlighten us what it means?
Me- (haan aapko to kuch pata hi nahin aise hi baithe le rahe ho itti der se) told.
Alum (Still looking at my folder) OK Nitin, you are obviously a very intelligent boy (nahin ab nahin ab chhod do plz) Ohh btw whats this governor medal you received?
Me - told (bach gaye dhyaan palat gaya launde ka hehe)
Alum So what was I saying before?
Me- (Shit!! Mere munh se hi nikalwa raha hai) (With stupid smile that) I am a very intelligent boy.
Alum haan as you are saying that you are a very intelligent boy (arey bhaiya maine nahin kaha aap hi bol rahe the, kya yaar!!) and you are not satisfied by Mayawati so lets make you hitler of UP, I mean dictator of UP. Now what 5 steps will you take to improve situation over there?
Me Explained.
Some cross questions by Alum but interrupted while I was on 4th point by YP.
YP You like to read books?
Me (Cautiously) Not much sir, I love to play tennis though in free time. (I would love to answer tennis qns hehe)
YP Yes but do you read books?
Me- Puzzled again opened my mouth
YP No not engg books other than that?
Me- opened my mouth again
YP Dont give me authors like
Me- (bhaiya bolne to do, aur sare authors bhi kata diye) Sir, Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide to Galaxy.
Alum (Excited and bent forward) all of them?
Me- (shit itta soch ke bola ki ye profs ne shayad na padhi ho L) Sir I have just finished 1st, currently reading Restaurant at the end of universe.
Alum OK, why was Ford Prefect named so by author?
Me (WTF uska mood tha use ford car achchi lagti thi isliye rakha hoga) Sir, I am not aware but I will try to find this out when I get back home. (actual mein ford car pe hi uska naam ye rakha tha)
YP Some more easy questions and finally says you have any question? I open my mouth he says ok since you have no more questions. You may go now.
Me (arey bolne to do) Sir, I
YP (interrupts) Yes!! send in the next guy
Me (bhak ab sach mein qn nahin poochunga, bolne hi nahin dete ho) Thank you Sir, it was a pleasure.

Not sure what just happened. Ajab gajab interview .. too long. The guy after me went in and immediately came out and said they were all laughing and asked him to wait for 5 mins.

Verdict: Converted

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