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All the best to everyone for their B interviews and please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use an earlier format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:* Acads X %,Bo...
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Yes it feels gr88 to include in your signature
IIM Bangalore
PGP Batch 2010-2012
Banglore known as the Garden city
I wanted to be a flower in that garden and why not ? I have been watered blossomed well I converted IIM Banglore 😃 YIPPIE
yes .. This is how my journey started ..
i entered IIM B wht a place.. 3 idiot ka shooting idhar hua tha.. i felt like searching that water tank ( tanki) whr those 3 sat n got drunk
I actually went i touched all the walls coz i did not believe m here right at IIM B my dream place.. i still can feel the touch on my fingers
100 acres man itna baada so big huge gr8 place.. so beautiful so much just can express i just knew i have to be here..
Essay topic was : The recent financial crisis highlighted the perils of Capitalism
OOPs laga bouncer kya tha.. i mean i actually felt was it HEBREW.. Thank God 30 min were thr.. I swear i could manage..Man genarllly runs slow lekin jab kutta ( dog) piche laga to full speed kuch to hormone stimulate hoke he reaches i guess mere saath bhi aisa kuch hua I had to write excellent essay ..
Preparation : 1/5
Performance: 4.9/5
Then comes PI.. two prof and one Alumini..
I gave the best smile i can gotta winning point yaaarrrr.
-> How will you design telescope with good resolution ?
i used resolution = 1.22 wavelength/diameter.. Basline diameter as IIM B means 100 acre.. and calculated something
-> how do u define wavelength ? said
-> Tell us more about ur records( Guinness ones) and the followed question what record can we create for IIM B
-> Why is absolute grading better than relative u feel ? the IIM B is crazy to keep relative big debate on that.. which bottom lined on 3 idiots funda .. excellence ke piche bhago kamyabi apne aap piche ayegi
-> U think ur an idot if yes why should we take an idiot.. i gave big answer about how i can be asset to IIM B .. n wht they would miss out on if they dont take me 😉 I also explained them different types of definations of IDIOT .:-) .. winning point.. all laughed
-> Which all calls and converts
-> about the obstacles i faced and how did i overcome
->about my past etc etc
Can you imagine 1 hr PI.. i guess even they were tired last question
Do u have somthing to ask us?
I asked tum log itne varried interviews kyu lete ho kisika 10 min kisika 20 min why why? i mean wht r u guys looking for ins us?
They said this that. etc etc n the last words were aapka interview 60 min coz u have done so much in ur life ;;;;; YAAAAAAAAAAA
i knew m thru.
wht a day

IIM Bangalore 2010-2012
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Interview date : 5 April 2010
Venue: Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai

10th : 93.2
CGPA: 8.89/10
Work ex: 0

My interview was scheduled in the afternoon slot at 2 pm. I reached the venue 15 minutes before. I went into the waiting room and saw the seats were completely full. Looks like I wasn't the only one dying to convert the IIMB call . Well we waited till around 2:10 and then a lady prof. came to check if every one was there. We were then called to a separate room for the essay writing.

In the essay writing, we were provided some general rules and regulations and everything was told to us in complete detail. The essay time was 30 minutes and 10 minutes were given for formulating the thoughts and the next 20 minutes for writing the whole thing down coherently. The essay topic was 'Will India become a superpower in the near future'. The topic suited me and I was able to write it reasonably well, although, there were some overwritings and cuttings. But I think I did fairly decent job at it.

After the essay writing was over, we were asked to go in the waiting room again and wait for our turns. The first interviews will start in around 10 minutes :lookround:. I was feeling the heat every moment. A Govinda movie plus a cookie in the waiiting room cheered me up a little bit. :grin:

I was the second guy on the list and the first guy was also my college mate as well. I was hoping that he would do well as well and make things easier for me as far the college impression is concerned :).

Well his interview lasted around 20 minutes and I was called in about 5 minutes after that. The panel had 3 members (1 lady prof. (LP), 1 prof. (P1) and probably an alumni in the middle (A) )

Initial questions were asked based on what i had written in my SOP.

LP : You are from the same college (DAIICT) which the earlier guy was , right ? (was kind of expecting this question).
Me : Yes ma'am, we are batchmates.
LP : You have written that you come from Meerut. Tell me something about the place.
Me : blah..blah..blah..(all gyan )
A : You have written something about winning HP Innovate. What is it and what did you do ?
Me : Told them all about it
LP : OK, tell me why should we take you ?
Me : humbly said that I wasn't a one in million guy but someone who was eager to learn things and knew what difference an MBA from a place like IIMB could make to my life. Also told her the kind of projects I was involved in college and the kind of learning I acquired in DAIICT which separates me from the rest. (she seemed impressed :grin:)

A : You seem to be pretty socialist guy, why do you want to come in a capitalistic arena like this .
Me : Told that Man is a social animal and can't live in isolation. Even the biggest of corporations have performed their social responsibilities. Told them about my own business and how I've seen that every business is about generating capital and putting it to good use for the welfare of the society.

P1 : Asked me about the family business. What will I do once I do an MBA ?
Me : explained them about the family business and gave an honest answer that I wasn't so sure which road I will take after I do an MBA, may be join my family business, may be start something of my own or may be enter into social sector. But I told them I would figure it out once I get into IIMB

LP : why don't you join our course that we offer for second generation entrepreneurs and then go about joining the family business.
Me : Told her I wasn't so sure about that and my major objective was to learn and since I am not clear whether I will join the family business for sure so can't decide on that so quickly :)

P1 : What do you do in your leisure time (ah, finally :phew:) ?
Me : I am into reading. I am a big fan of Gandhi and I also enjoy reading books on social and political issues.

P1: Stopped me right there. Ok. I see Gandhi. Do you think Gandhian ideas are still relevant today ?
Me : Oh, most definitely sir.. They are infact more relevant today than they were during his time..

P1: Ok, tell me how many Khadi shirts do you have :lookround:
Me : Went blank for around 3-4 seconds and then told him that I didn't have an exact number but I did 2 or 3. Then I told him about wearing Khadi but the reason why Gandhi popularized Khadi. His ideas behind self employment and how NREGA today is a manifestation of the gandhian idea behind Khadi.

LP : Do you really believe that ?
Me : Definitely mam, gandhi focused on khadi to introduce self-dependency among people and how NREGA is doing the same thing today..of course there are a lot of problems in its execution and a lot more needs to be done but it's a step in the right direction (seemed satisfied)

(was a pause of about 5 seconds, i was expecting a technical round would follow)

LP : OK, Mohit, we are done now and is there anything you want to ask us.

Me: Asked them about the entrepreneurship cell and they told me that you don't need to be in IIMB to make use of it and I was thinking omg, shayad signal de rahey hai ki I might not make it

But i came out anyways. Had a happy feeling about the interview but the last thing was playing on my mind again and again.

Finally, the results came out yesterday and I was glad to see my name on the list and disappointed that one of my best friends couldn't make it, but I am sure he will get everything he deserve.

Extremely elated to get a final call from a place like IIMB. Hope my experience helps someone else in future.

- Mohit Maheshwari
Prospective Student IIM B (PGP 2010-2012)

'Attitude is mind's paintbrush, it can color everything'

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IIM Bangalore interview
30th March
Venue: IIM Bangalore

10th : 91.06
CGPA: 8.7/10
Work ex: 5.5 months

The interview was scheduled to start at 9am. I reached IIM Bangalore by about 8am. My group was good and we had fun chatting. There was a guy from satyam with 3 years work ex, a scientist from DRDO with 3years work ex, a guy from google with around 2 years work ex, a girl from manufacturing, a girl who was a ex satyam employee, a girl who was a CA. Two more people were from my college BITS Pilani Goa Campus. One guy my roommate

Around 9:15 we were called for essay writing. Some preliminary instructions were given to us. 10 min to think and 20 min to write. Topic was Has media become a tool for propaganda in the hands of the rich and powerful. Wrote a pretty ok essay. Gave both sides of the debate and gave some examples on both sides. Overall it was a good essay. Time is enough.
I was sixth on the list. It was a long wait before my turn came. In the meanwhile I roamed around, joked with fellow interviewees and did some discussions. By the end of it I was pretty bored and maybe not in the right frame of mind.
One of the prof called me in. There were 3 ppl. One lady(HR prof), P1(head of entrepreneur ), P2
I entered. Forget to say good afternoon to them. Also the position of seating was not good. Had problem maintaining eye contact. I handed over my documents. P1 started going through the documents.
L1: Hand over your certificates and letters of reference
Me: Handover. Mention that I brought 4 letters of reference
L: Tell me about your childhood?
Me: I was born and brought up in Mumbai. Overall it was quite normal(WTF what was I thinking. There were tons of things I could have said. Led them towards my hobbies.)
Anyways I made an expression as there was nothing to tell
L1: Ok. Tell me what your father does?
Me: My father is a goldsmith. In fact my fathers entire generation are goldsmiths. Only in my generation we have diversified into other occupations Told them my cousin brother was a CA,me and my brother were engineers.(I dont think they were interested in all this)
L1: What do you want to do in life?
Me: I want to work in corporate environment and have an impact on the society. I want to improve myself, create jobs for my family and if possible do some public good.
L1: How many families you know who have done something for the society
Me: there are the Tatas. They built IISC. And me being from BITS Pilani there is the Birla family.(All of us smile(for the first and last time in the interview))
L1: You have mentioned Strategy consulting in your essay. Tell me what do you mean by strategy?
Me: Dont know what I said
L1: Tell me what is Oracles strategy?
Me: Oracle is trying to give an end to end solution. Our motto is software hardware complete. The process is fast if the same company makes hardware and software. Gave them an example of oracle exadata machine which runs 10 times faster. So customers will prefer us if we give both. Also its good for customers so that they have only one company to fix problems if something goes wrong.
L1: what do you think of Oracles acquisition of SUN.
Me: I think it is a good move. If we design both hardware and software it will be good for customers and us.
L1: There were some legal problems in the acquisition?
Me: Yes. But they have been sorted out. The main fear was of Oracle stopping support to some of SUNs products. But told them that oracle had agreed to provide support to SUNs products till 2018. So the issue was resolved(Could have articulated better here)
L1: Ok tell me what is SAPs strategy?
Me: SAP is mainly concentrating on selling its existing product.
L1: You think SAPs strategy is not good
Me: Oracles strategy is more futuristic and offers complete solution
L1: tell me strategy of some other company. Lets say WIPRO. Tell me WIPROs strategy(She works as a consultant for WIPRO)
Me: Maam I dont know. Havent had contact with them.
L1: Give some general idea?
Me: It is a low cost company
L1: But then even oracle came to india to save labour cost
Me: Said nothing
L1: How did you decide to take up consulting?
Me: I feel that my skills set matches consulting. I like to analyze stuff ,work with people. I was a founder member of maharastra mandal and was involved with organization of ganeshutsav. I took part in planning and organizing these events. Also working in a consulting company. Thats why I thought of consulting(All this was said in a blur. Should have told slowly and articulated better)
P1: Comes to me and asks There is some error in your mark sheet. The marks in the transcript do not match with the marks entered.
Me: The transcript gives cumulative marks where the form asks for per semester marks So I calculated separately and wrote.
P1 goes backs to his place and continues reading my certificates.
L1: I am done do any of you have any question
P1 and P2: No
L1: (Addressing me) Do you have any questions
Me: What is the criterion for income linked scholarships. Because we had merit cum need scholarship at BITS. Is there a similar process at IIM B
L1: It is totally linked to the income and need of students. The fact that students have got through IIMB means that they are meritorious. So no criterion is there related to that
P2: (Probably speaking for the first time) yes. Merit is already there. Its income related
L1: I think I am done do u have anything to ask
P1 and P2: No
L1: Thank you
Me: Thanks you . I come out. Feeling not very good
Spent the next few days worrying about how I did. Went to a friend and updated all of my why mba stuff.
No general question were asked as in related to hobbies,politics,reading
All these were my strong points which were not covered

Verdict: Did not convert

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Here is the Orkut Community for IIMB PGP 2010-12.

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i know this is spamming in this thread.... but well ... I need to vent out my frustration somewhere.
Had I got even 10 paisa for the time that I searched IIMB on google , I would have made money for my dinner already :lookround:
And on top of that , the site just does not open. It either times-out, or shows me the same page , the same characters I have started hating to see.
I need to courier my IIMC draft and am just waiting for this confusion to clear up.

There is one solution to this
If you know anyone in kolkata
Send ur iimc draft to them
Then u can wait till 30th morn and if results don't come still then u can tell that guy to go and deliver ur draft in person
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i know this is spamming in this thread.... but well ... I need to vent out my frustration somewhere.
Had I got even 10 paisa for the time that I searched IIMB on google , I would have made money for my dinner already :lookround:
And on top of that , the site just does not open. It either times-out, or shows me the same page , the same characters I have started hating to see.
I need to courier my IIMC draft and am just waiting for this confusion to clear up.

Still holding IIMC draft ?? Send it man, only 3 days left I think. Why taking unnecessary risk?
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Ambrish Awasthi Says
I am not sure about my post but what i can see in google news is- IIM Bangalore FPM, PGSEM & CFI Results 2010 Declared. But as per my knowledge we are waiting for PGP program result. So I am really not sure ki kya ho raha hai?

CFI means call for interview and it is indeed for PGP...well this story was published at 7:25 PM...but nothing really is available on the website..forget PGP ..the others (except for FPM which was released a week back or more) are also not available...of course now even the site is not opening...
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Guys, please dont spam with expected result dates and time. IIMB call getters discusion 2010-2012 thread just got closed because of some 40 pages of spamming abt final result. Also, in this thread only a bunch of puys posted their IIMB experience. In the previous academic year, a lot more than this posted. Please post more so that in the future, it is useful for the aspirants. Lets keep this thread only for the purpose of Essay/PI experiences.

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sahil_hybad Says
when are the result expected??? ny updates??

where is the gnrs with his mod wand? :lookround:
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when are the result expected??? ny updates??

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