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:: IIM Shillong interviews have kicked off :: All the best to everyone and please post your interviews. Please try to conform with the format given below so we can all have idea why a particular question has been asked to you *PROFILE...
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10- 85.2% (CBSE)
12- 89.6% (CBSE)
B tech- 8.746/10 (ECE,SASTRA University)
Work Ex- 18 months TCS (at the time of GD/PI)
Extra curricular: Have lots of them at various level- national/district/college/association/department (but these do not matter much here)
CAT: 98.26%
Location: IIM Bangalore, 5th May, Morning slot

It was about a company recruiting(on provisional basis) a person for his software skills, but the
person does not perform well, and so has to be removed. But before doing so the manager gives a recommendation
letter to the person so that he can find some other job.
But after being sent out the person moves to court stating that why did the company release him even though
they gave him a recommendation letter.
What should manager/Company do?
(The case study was 1 page long and had many other things in story format. I just brought the main things above)
No of participants: 5
Format : 5 min (reading), 15 min (Discussion) and 5 min (Summary)

Performance: My performance was great. I never had such a great GD previously. Initially I though we may run out of points as there were only 5 members, but it did not happen. We has healthy discussion. All spoke except once guy.
After the GD one of the participant came and congratulated me on my performance. I was indeed happy.

Panel- Old Professor (OP), Middle Aged(MA), Young Person(YP)

OP- he was a technical guy and asked all technical question
MA and YP - I guess they were IIM Shillong professor, though not sure

Pleasantries exchanged
OP: So you are from Purnea, where is it?
Me: told the exact location
MA: You are associated with thanjavur also, do you now tamil?
Me: sir little bit
MA: (Smiles and says) Kunjam Kunjam
Me: Yes sir kunjam Kunjam
MA: What is Thanjavur famous for?
Me: Sir for temples - more than 70 and talked about Brihadeeswarar temple- UNESO heritage, etc and then talked about it being called rice ball of tamiladu- here gave reference to women being empowered by allowing them to use bicycle.
MA: there is something else also more famous?
Me: talked about thanjavur history- chola capital, then talked about thanjavur paintings and its specialty.
(MA was satisfied by now)
MA: How do you find people there.
Me: Told them I found them very helpful and explained with a situation where once the village panchayat helped us in critical situation.
MA: you were in dean's list of you college. what is this for?
Me: told top 5% or 10% of University
OP: do you have proof for this... he tells YP to verify
Me: I said yes sir I do have it.
MA: why were u not in dean's list in 3rd and 4th yr.
Me: Results of all streams are taken into account and in my stream it is difficult to score.. so we did not have any student from my stream in final yr in dean's list.
OP: But I heard mechanical is tougher, they have to make tough drawing, electronics is easier.
Me: We were not able to meet our professor's expectation so less marks.

YP: You have written about an ethical dilemma. How was it a dilemma for you. ( I has written one full page there in the form 😃 )
Me: Explained him in details and then some cross questioning happened on various scenarios based on the dilemma

OP: What do you do at TCS?
Me: told that I am a test analyst, but my work revolves more with interacting with clients and 3rd party then talked about mortgage business (my field) (took 2-3 min to explain this)
OP: Goldman Sachs was in news. What for?
Me: Told roughly, but could not convince him
OP: So, you do not know the exact reason?
Me: Yes Sir
OP: What is Sup-prime borrowers?
Me: Gave a laymen answer and related it to crisis. (op was convinced)
OP: Where did you have training?
Me: Ghandhinagar and then Delhi
OP: What were you trained in?
Me: Talked about scheme and HR training, then told Testing.
OP: what is white box testing?
Me: told roughly (just the definition)
OP: I am asking how do you do it?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know .I do not do white box testing. I am in Black box testing.
OP: How do you test the complexity of code.
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know.
OP: What are the different complexities in code?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know.
OP: Did you get training on Software engineering?
Me: No sir
OP: how much technical do you remember?
Me: Sir little bit.
OP: let me ask you from your last semester, that would be most recent. (this was a death blow for me- I had goofed up last yr of engg after placements:) )
OP: Tell me about the OSI model that you studied in Communication networks?
Me: Told- talked about the seven layer, but could name only 5 of them.
OP: So you know top and bottom and nothing about body.
Me: Sir I am not able to recall it.
OP: What is TCP/IP?
Me: Told, and before ending I mentioned FTP also.
OP: FTP full form.
Me: Told
(then OP was going through other subject in last yr, and I did not wanted him to ask me anything on that, so I told him that I know 8051 microcontroller also)
OP: you know only 8051. Why?
Me: Sir, this is the basic microcontroller taught to us, but I do now about other- then talked about pic controllers.
OP: I heard something about 8056. What is it?
Me: Sir, it is 8086, its a microprocessor and told diff between 8051 n 8086
OP: Can u draw the internal structure of 8085.
Me: Sir, do you need block diagram.
OP: yes that only.
Me: I started drawing, but after some time he stopped me.
OP: What is ALU.
Me: Told
(now OP again flips my grade sheet... and now he finds satellite communication.)
OP: Have u heard about Sriharikota.
Me: Yes sir, there is ISRO GSLV launch pad.
OP: What is GSLV. Full form.
Me: Told
OP: Can it be placed at any height.
Me: Sir, it is at a height of 35000m, but I am not able to recall the reason.
OP: What is Escape velocity.
Me: Described and told the exact value

YP: So Purnea was in news recently.
Me: Sir the floods
YP: no no that is long back.
(he was referring to tornado which affected this area, I don't know how I missed it . I had read about it :banghead:)
YP: How do you find the developments in ur state.
Me: Told about developments in my district... and ended by saying that these now hinges on the election coming at the end of year
YP: Tell me something significant about your region.
Me: Talked about madhubani paintings... ended up saying NGO play a good role here
YP: Can you name any organization related to it.
Me: Sorry Sir, I do not know.
YP: What is govt doing to remove poverty. Tell me any program undertaken by govt.
Me: Talked about NREGA.
YP: What is its new name.
Me: Told- Rajiv Gandhi Rural Employment Guaranty Act (again wrong- its Mahatma Gandhi :wow: )
YP: How is it removing poverty. What is the criteria about selection.
Me: Told all I now, but not to YP satisfaction.

MA: Tell me something about Shillong.
Me: told about culture, location, golf, rock-band, etc
YP: Can you name any rock-band from there.
Me: Sir I am not able to recall
MA: what is the population of shillong.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: What is shillong's area.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: Any idea about population and size of NE region.
Me: Sir I don't know the exact figures.
MA: Ok tell me as % of India.
Me: Sir size should be 10% to 20%.
MA: 10 to 20 percent is big difference.
Me: Sir it should be close to 10%.
MA: any idea about latitude and longitude of Shillong.
Me: Sorry Sir
MA: What is India's longitude value.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: Where does it pass through.
Me: Sir don't know exactly, but I guess its Nagpur. (Again wrong answer from my side)
MA: Does it lie E or W of Greenwich Meridian.
Me: Sir East.
MA: are u sure?
Me: Yes Sir.
MA: Any idea about latitude passing through India.
Me: Told about Tropic of cancer. told the exact value.
MA: Sun rises at different places at different time. Any advantage about it.
Me: Thought for some time.. but could not recall anything... (could have talked about India US timing diff-- boon for IT industry)
MA: Tell me anyone situation where geographical problem has lead to a political situation.
Me: Thought.. and then said about the floods in bihar and it became political... but MA was not satisfied
MA: Any other
Me: took long time to think ... and then said about the cauvery river dispute between Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
MA: where does cauvery meet in sea.
Me: Sir I don't know.
MA: it is near to chennai, aren't you able to recall it.
Me: No sir.

MA and YP says they are done with me... in the mean time OP was preparing a puzzle for me

OP: I have a puzzle for you.
(he draws a triangle with certain values and a median... and tells me to find the median's length)
Me: I started with stupid mathematical formula...
(10/15 sec after OP says Leave it)
Me: Sir, I can tell you the process
OP: Even then you would not be able to solve it.
Me: (Then I figured out the solution).. the triangle side lengths were not correct and told the panels
OP: Very good
OP: you may leave now.
(as i was leaving OP tells me to take a chocolate.. I took one.... OP tells why only one ... you should grab more... I said- Sir I am single so I would take One only... All Laughs)

Total Interview Duration : 45 min +

Verdict: Selected

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X - 89 %
XII - 95.5 %
Undergrad Major - 87.5%

Work-Ex: Nil

CAT %ile: 96.34

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them) - Quite a few mentioned

Topic: A case study
Number of Ppl present : 7
Time: 20 min.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: It was a peaceful discussion and most of us got a good amount of air time.
Other Salient Details: summary was asked to be written at the end of GD

Panel Members : 3 (old prof - O ; middle aged prof : M ; Lady prof :L)
O : So tel me sumthng abt urself...
Me :told..
L : U had a subject called Managerial Economics in ur 3rd year...?
Me : Yes mam..
L : so tel me what do u remember from that subj.?
Me: Told sumthng...
L: Whats breakeven analysis?
Me : tried explaining with an example, she wasnt much satisfied with d ans.
M : question based on d ethical dilemma section in the form..
Me : Narrated the entire incident..
M : sum cross questioning again based on my ans.
Me : tried to justify my ans. sumhow
O : (looking at my certif.) So u got a spl. position in maths olympiad?
Me: Yes sir, but that was way back in my 11th..
O : No issues, try solving this....he gave a geometry question
Me : could do it..luckily!!
O : one more maths q
Me : did it..lucky agn..
M : (from nowhere) Is panchayat raj a statutory body?
Me: Not sure sir, but i guess its yes...
O : So ur an ECE guy, let me ask u sumthng on antennas..
Me : sir plz sum oder subj. as im not well versed with dat subj. (dat was 1 subj. i dint like at all)
O : ok den lets shift to microwave...(my 2nd most disliked subj.)
Me : (mar gaya...ab kya karu) ..pardon me sir, but im not sure of this subj. 2
O : den which subj. do u know?
Me : digital electronics sir..
O : den he fired questions on dig. elec.
Me : could answer all!! ..(bach gaya).....
O : ok u may leave..
Me: Thanked each 1 n left...
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CBSE 87 12 TH

i reached the institut where our intrvw was scheduled almost 30 minutes b4 the scheduled time and on the way enquired cng rate from the auto driver (as i am from oil Psu ) but alas i did not hav change to pay to the auto driver so got change from other guy standing outside the institute( iit d ntpc) while sitting in the room i was telling other guys i am expecting to see few of my collg mates and ya my prediction turned true wen one guy and gal of my collg turned up . the gal and i had consecutive roll no. in collg but never succeeded in befriending her .I asked her firm 's name so that if i am asked in intrvw as she is from same batch and collg.

total of 20 or so studnts present were divided into 2 grps of 10 -12 and were given seperate case studies ours was " Due to NREGA many artisans and particularly traditional clothe craft associated people of raajasthan are leaving their traditional craft so wat needs to be done"

I did not speak much but added few novel points in as
-> there is a market for mj and there is a mkt for lata mangeshkar similarly there exist s a mkt for traditional clothes and we need to tap it
--> Gave eg of NAtional handloom of jaipur
-> suggested sum mkting techniques
most of the time i did not speak much because of the fear of interrupting sum other member as that wud hav created a bad impression ( i said this wen i was asked to giv my rating of mine performance in GD during PI)

there was one guy ( colleagur of my classmate in school who acted as traffic policeman)

i entered the room for Pi after wishing the three prof.
I was not asked to tell sumthing abt myself instead the prof asked wat do u do in BPCL
I explained i work in bpcl and earlier i was on shop floor but now seeing engineering in lpg bottling plant . one iim a prof wanted me to explain by way of flow chart how we fill the exact amount of lpg in cylinder i tried answering like we do in collg viva even wen we dont know here i knew but challenge was to tell in such a way that he understands i drew i flow chart but he kept giving opinions conveying that this is not wat he is luking for but still i continued askign in between to confirm whether this is wat he wants with my facial expression.

One prof who was luking my marksheets asked " you hav microwaves as a subject do u remember it " and this was one of the 3 subject i got c grade in collg so i said i dont remember then also he asked abt why we dont use microwave in mobile communication ( google it up as i think we actually use microwaves) but it tried expalining the reason using attenuation funda that the rays are absorbed by the palnts and earth and reflection and refraction so not used but he did not seem impressed
next the same prof asked that earlier wen he used internet on hios computer at home via bsnl connection he cud not use his telephone but now he can use both simultaneously wat is the difference . I said i dont know answer but if u permit i wud like to give it a try .I explained in sum very technical knowledge using ip addressing and stuff although afterwards on googling i found i was totally wrong.

the senior most prof asked " what are the hardships being faced by oil mkting companies in indai" this i answered beautifully nuch of my answer was based on the oil subsidy article in www.deeshaa.org

I had written in my form abt that i was associated wid an NGO so one prof ( one wid french cut and who was giving stress questions to other participants ) asked with wat cause/agitation was recently Amir khan involved and i cud not recall he asked me to name a few activists and i named arundhati roy and aruna asaf ali ( as the intitue where intrvw was scheduled was on aruna asaf ali road.

I had written in the form that i liked reading sikh history ( as i was confident of answering any question on that topic)

the same french cut prof asked me Wat i know abt Operation Blue star .I knew many things and still my bood curdles at its mention but i understood he is asking the question to check if i get emotional or not so i replied in one sentence in very non- emotional tone.

In the form they had asked abt ethical dilemma and i mistakenly narrated an incident where i refused to pay a bribe and the prof pointe d out there is no dilemma in it as u did the right thing and i agreed with him and accepted my mistake.

I came out feeling that i have not answered many questions rightly but wen i saw the result proclaiming i am selected I thanked God and my gud wishers for there prayers

HaRpReEt SiNgH
Chardi kal'la wich rehnday ankhi putt sardara de
( sons of sardars r always in high spirit)
Sadde wang rakh honsla ( be brave like us)

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CAT: 99.00%ile
10th:80.6% (CBSE)
12th: 92.9% (A.P Board)
B.Tech: CGPA 8.82
Work Ex: 16 months( At the time of applying for CAT)

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on 30th April, 2010

Case was about a village and two of its communities. The farmers had given away a semi-barren land with a watering hole to the herders. The land was of no use to the farmers, and hence there was no trouble for 30 years or so. Suddenly, the government decides to build a canal that will bring water to a town from some river. This canal will pass right through the village and the semi-barren land. The land, which was previously of no use, now suddenly looks very attractive to the farmers. At the same time, the government has not yet decided on the ownership of the land. It is notorious for giving away land to a third party(presumably, which offers money/influence). What should the herders do?
The GD was of 20-25 mins duration, with 2 mins to think, 15 mins to discuss and 5 mins to summarize(written).GD was mostly peaceful, with quite a lot of ideas being discussed. The group also managed to bring the GD to a satisfactory conclusion.

3 people in the panel. An elderly(and very learned) gentleman to the right(LEG), Middle Aged gentleman in the middle(MG), and a young/middle aged gentleman to my left(YG). It started off with them asking the meaning of my name. MG then started asking me questions related to my work, lot of questions on databases etc. Then LEG took over, and started asking questions on acads. Browsed through the file, and picked out Graph theory for questioning 😁 . Asked me to define a graph, and loads of other questions(I didnt know what hit me!!!)... We were smiling most of the time though, and LEG finally let go of me, said that Graph Theory is a very interesting topic, and asked YG to take over. Most of the questions thereon were related to current affairs/ socially relevant stuff. Questions on the Foreign University bill, Right to education etc. Was grilled a lot here, but I thought I did pretty well(except for one place where I was asked to name all the Fundamental Rights, and I fumbled :D)... Other questions were very general, like my favourite city(calcutta) and questions on it, about myself in general etc. Finally concluded after about 45-50 mins and I was offered a toffee.
Was generally feel good, and it was only YG who did try to put me under a bit of stress. Both LEG and MG were chilled out and I especially liked LEG :D

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10th: 90% (ICSE)
12th: 92% (ISC)
B.Tech: CGPA 9.48 (Vellore Institute of Technology)
Work Ex: nearly 33 months (TCS) at the time of GD/PI


Case Study: A guy needs to reach Guwahati from Shillong asap in order to catch a flight to visit his ailing mother who might expire anytime. He's learnt driving recently. He has borrowed his friend's car and while driving through the highway by the night he accidentally hits an elderly man. So now whether he should help the man or get on with his journey as he has a flight to catch. We were given 1 or 2 mins to think, 15 mins to dicuss & again maybe 1 or 2 mins to summarise. Before the GD begun, our profile sheets were collected.

The topic was not just straightforward, but also didn't have enough material for a good discussion. Initially people were cutting across each other, but when they realised that they might not have anything to discuss about till the end, the discussion turned very peaceful with each individual getting enough opportunities to contribute (read: beat around the bush).


There were 3 people in the panel - an elderly prof on the right (he was mostly observing though did ask a few questions), a guy in the centre (he was asking mainly about technical stuff) & a guy on the right (he's area of questioning were mostly about ethical issues, including the essay we had to write which he read in depth).

I was asked in depth about my work ex. Since none of them had any idea about my field of work (Finite Elements Analysis), I explained them in detail as to what FEA means & the kind of projects I've dealt. They then asked me about DOE work which also I'd done. Though I didn't have a lot of knowledge about the technicalities, I replied the best I could, even relating to my final sem project work. I was also asked some basic Mech questions from the subject I mentioned as my favourite subject, and then asked me (here was a brilliant bouncer) to draw the bending moment diagram of the Howrah Bridge. I was then asked about the essay on ethical issue that I'd written, and the various repurcussions, fallouts, implications, etc pertaining to it. They also asked me regarding the Naxalite issue as well as the social welfare initiatives taken by the government.

It was a pretty long discussion (though never stressful), which was surprising since I was perhaps the last candidate to be interviewed (last couple of candidates, for good or for worse, tend to have a pretty short interview). From the expressions of the panelists' faces it was difficult to gauge their reactions, but I had a feeling the interview went reasonably well.

Interestingly I had mistakenly wrote my annual salary in the area for Monthly Emoluments, and we had a laugh about it. I'd also forgotten to mention my father's earnings, so after the interview ended I went outside, called up my father, came back in & filled the value.


The arrangement was exemplary. We had our interview at the New Kennilworth Hotel, one of the better hotels of Calcutta. We were seated in an AC room, and were also served tea, coffee & biscuits after the GD. We also had a nice discussion with a jovial & helpful member of the hotel management about IPL & KKR who was obviously a cricket lover. The only thing that bugged me was that I had to wait a really long time for my PI, and that was a real bore.


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Hey somjeet,
Where did you check the results from ?
Is it updated on the Site or did u get a mail ? I am checking on the site since mroning but it still says dat d results wil b announced on 12th May.

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Hello Friends,

I went through the GD/PI of IIM-Shillong...the last interview of the season yesterday at the Dadar Catering College , Mumbai at 9am...

I made some good friends and talked to them and their experiences...however my details of the process is as follows:

X - 86.7%
XII - 77.2%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 9.27/10.0

Work-Ex: 15 months (IT + Education)
NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT %ile:
DI- 96.xx

Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them)

Extracurriculars: Debate,Presentations made at IEEE-Calcutta Chapter,Tata innovista,Quizzing,
Hobbies: Stamp Collection,Bird watching,Swimming
Interests: Business news,Working on Green Tech,Painting,etc

Topic: Case regarding a sleepy village with infertile land due to which villagers leave the village to work as unskilled labourers in cities and get frustrated due to unhealthy condition and living far from families.Two young man try to set a dye plant in that village but banks dont give any investment.So villagers give investment by donating and initial capital was arranged.But Minister of environment who is very honest & strict even if liking the project raises the issue of one acid which is to be discharged to the river as an issue.You are Minister and what will u do?

Number of Ppl present:9/10
Time:5 min + 15min (thinking + discussion) + 5 min (writing summary)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
I made the start by summarising the whole case and then people sighted their suggestions and many people gave gud ideas and i contributed well..

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Yes they asked to write on the blank portion of the application form to write the summary.Cudnt write much but covered salient points in 2 paragraphs.

Panel Members Intro: Dont know but one person was expert in Technical
There are 3 members one young sir, a madam , one old man....
It lasted around 40minutes and the questions ranged from technical to opinions...
Young sir asks technical question which i answered about 70%-80% of them..
Q1)How can u differentiate between an npn and pnp transistor?
Q2)What is a Impatt diode and gunn diode?
A)Cudnt answer convincingly!!
Q3)What is a tunnel diode?
A)Told him in detail and did a gud job
Q4)Can u tell me different regions of a CE transistor? and their biasing?
A)Explained in detail...and was cut by him
Q5)What is the frequency range of GSM mobiles?
Q6)Why different??
A)No idea
Q7)Ok tell me why mobile phones are called Cell phones??
A)Becoz an area where signal needs to be supplied is divided in forms of hexagonal cells...
QWhy hexagonal??Hands out me a paper to draw!!
A)(thinking in mind...is he asking this and is thinking i dont know ...lol)
Drawn and labelled with all the things as in Mobile Switching centre,Base Station,Antenna...he is staring now at me....
Q9)How can u say that a device is VLSI and not ULSI?
A)(haha) told him....
Q10)Draw the circuit of IGBT??
A)Dont remember...
Q11)Smiles and says didnt u read Power Electronics and didnt u get a 'O' looking at my file?
A)I said yes but missed it during my brush-up session last week..
Three members are 'LOL'ing....

Now comes the aged proff to the arena...
Q12)ok u have done Engineering from a Pvt college i.e KIIT...but u have also Utkal Univ in orissa...how do u compare??
A)told him different aspects and my opinions...and had a brief discussion with respect to that topic...
Now the lady comes in the picture and asks me questions basically on Politics..
Q13)How much would u rate our Government (on a scale of 1 to 5)??
A)i saaid a 4...
Q14)then she asks u r a pro-Con-Gress and laughs and asks why??
A)I gave him examples of our leaders and their schemes like NREGA,UID,etc..also told abt the bottom of pyramid..
Q15)Then suddenly she asks abt bottom of pyramid and CK Prahlad...(CK died last nite only)
A)With full of emotions i explained how gr8 a man he was and how he created a new paradigm in mngmt...
She seems satisfied with my answers...

Now aged sir comes and asks me about my State orissa??
Q16)Why Orissa is a backward state??
A)Another big discussion on how Orissa has evolved in the last decade or so...praising Naveen Pattnaik and how corruption is not much,....and the discussion went on for some time...

Q17)then the lady asks me What is the difference between Naxal and Maoism.?
A)I gave a brief outline of their ideology and etc etc,,.then old sir says but why CPI(Maoist) are supporting them...i corrected(:banghead:) him saying that they are a banned organisation and CPI(Marxist) is not supporting them...then the Lady whispers to the old sir and he says yes yes,,,,i stand corrected:banghead:..then he asks me abt Lenin...and i gave him a big smile and said i Dont have much idea...and he seems to be happy now...

Q1Last question was abt a paper i gave at Tata Innovista abt Green TEch and abt the technology??
A)I gave them a proper outlook and said that i hope to work on it and present to the Govt...but till now i was giving time to prepare for MBA..

The interview ends and they bid me with a smile....

I felt i did good in the interview and if i get a Reject then it will be due to Profile of other people being better than me!!!!

VERDICT: CONVERT (happiest day )

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oops sorry din see the last postt...sorry

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@ Seniors.....Any clue when r the resulst expected....

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The final results will be out on the 12th of May, 2010.

CAT Results for Admission to IIMS Management School in India


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