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All the best to everyone for their IIM Indore interviews starting tomorrow. Please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use below format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE:...
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Interview Experience:

Place: IIM Lucknow Noida Campus
Date: 5th April 2010
Time: 2:00PM

There were about 40-45 of us. They divided us into three groups of 13-15 each.

About Me:
44 months of experience in Embedded Software with ST Microelectronics
Class X: 80.8 % CBSE
Class XII : 87.8 % CBSE
B.Tech CSE from NIT Hamirpur 7.8/10 CGPI

Our Panel had two profs:
P1 : Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail

P2 : Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail

We were first asked to write an essay on the topic
" Next 50 years will belong to India and not China"

My essay started with lot of facts, figures and comparisons.
I stressed on the point that autocratic form of govt. in china may help them to achieve results for short-term but in the long run, they will not be able to sustain it.

I thought that I was not able to conclude well enough.

Then a psychological test was there, the format of which has already been discussed in the pages of this forum.

Just after completing the test, we were asked to wait till we were called for the interview. To avoid anxiety and nervousness get on me, I started a conversation with a few people, cracked some jokes and had a good time when I was not thinking about the interview.
It helped me a lot.

After the initial good afternoon, introduction, where you work stuff? It started:

P1: So Rahul, In your essay, you have mentioned that China is an autocratic country? Can you define an autocratic country?

Me: As a govt., China can impose certain rules and policies which are difficult to implement in democracy. [stared explaning ..control over media, industry blah blah ] As was the case in Tiananmen Square .

P1: [interrupted] That was 20 years ago. Some recent example please

Me: Take the case of Beijing Olympics Sir. Before the Olympics, China was facing a severe problem of pollution level in Beijing. So they implemented a rule where one day only vehicles with even registration number only could hit the roads and on another day vehicles with odd registration number only could do it. They implemented this policy very strictly and within one day. But In India, when Shiela Dixit tried to remove the auto rickshas from the roads of delhi for coming commonwealth games, we had a big strike the very next day.

P1: But the Govt. was able to convert all auto rickshas in delhi from Petrol to Gas. And this helped to reduce pollution.

Me: Yes they were, But it took them some time. In China it happened with a blink of an eye.

P1: Okay, But this quick implementation of policies should help them and keep them ahead.

Me: Yes Sir, but for a short period of time only. In the long run, it will be very difficult for them to sustain it. Sooner of later, the form of govt. they have will create unrest in the people.

P1: [ took the names of some reports from UN ] these reports say that china have a good happiness index.

Me: Yes Sir. But History tells us that no form of autocratic govt. was able to sustain for long. And In my opinion, China will be no exception.

P1: [.. somehow seemed convinced with my last argument..] you have also mentioned that India has good English speaking population which can cater to the needs of outsourcing.

Me : Yes Sir, A lot of jobs are been outsourced from US and Europe and India has had a major chunk of it.

P1: But Outsourcing forms a very small part of this worlds economy. Okay, Now suppose a European firm has to outsource its support operations, what factors will it consider?

Me: Stability of Govt, Efficiency of Labour .

P1: [interrupting] What ???? Stability of Govt. I thought you will mention the factors such as [came up with 5-6 six factors ]
[ I think this was done to create some kinda stress/pressure environment.

Me: Yes Sir, These are also the factors.

P1: Okay compare India and China in these factors?

Me: [Uttered facts and figures]

P1: How many governments have changed in China in last 20 years?

Me: . I am sorry Sir.. I dont know it.

[ P1 now handed the command to P2 who till now was silent and going through my file. I had a lot of extra-curricular activities to highlight, so I kept my B.Tech Marksheets, after my extra-curricular certificates. But P2 Somehow managed to reach them J ]

P2: what have you studied in Theory of Computation?

Me: [after a small pause] Sir, it was more popularly known as Automata Theory. We have studied some basic working of computer science. [ Tried to explain state machines to him]

P2: What about System Programming?

Me: [ again after a long pause, trying to re-collect]. We studied about basic steps involved in booting up of a system. We also studied about loaders, linkers, compilers and assemblers etc.

P2: What is the difference between compiler and assembler?

Me: [explained]

P2: What is this subject Dynamics of Behavioral Science in industrial Management?

Me: Sir, this was basically industrial economics. We studied about demand/supply, labour laws and we also studied Maslows Theory, if I remember the name correctly sir.

P2 looking at P1 [actually Maslows theory was a part of P2s subject which he teaches at IIMI]

P1: So, what is Maslows theory?

Me: It describes the hierarchy of needs in human life. There are five levels of needs. Sir, I do not remember all of the levels as I had studied it 6 years back but I remember that at the bottom are basic needs and at the top is Self-actualization

P1: [smiling]: So what level are you at? Ofcourse It will be difficult for you to tell because you do not know all the levels.

Me: [with a smile]Sir, I can tell once I know all the levels.

P2 takes over

P2: So, what have you studied in communication systems?

Me: we studied about some basic methods used to transfer data over a wave, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation etc.

P2: Do you know about [took a name of some equation which I had never heard of]

Me: [with a smile]. I am sorry sir. I dont know about it.

P2: What are Data Structures?

Me: [ explained ]

P2: What are linked lists?

Me [explained with example]

P2: What is difference between union and structure?

Me: [explained]

P2: You are very comfortable with core computer science subjects but you are not comfortable with other subjects. Why?

Me: Sir, It is not that I am not comfortable with other subjects. It is just that I am in touch with computer science subjects. I have to refer to basics of these subjects for my work at office

P2: So, What is your nature of work?

Me: [Explained]

P2: [taking it from my explanation] what is an interrupt and what is the difference between TRAP and interrupt?

Me: [explained in detail]

P2: I guess that is it.

He then asked for photo identity proof and which I provided.. and that was it.
Also, During some of the questions, I asked the permission to explain with the help of pen and paper a couple of times, which P2 humbly refused.


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Faculty :- (1)Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail
(2)Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail

Essay:-very Good,PI:-Ok type from my side(stress Interview)

As soon as I entered the room,they started commenting me sarcastically that "Hero take your seat.(sarcastic smile).Your handwritting is very bad,Never seen this kind of worst handwrtting in my life...Blah blah blah".
Then asked me about my CAT percentile and why not other IIMs.
Suddenly asked,why there is a brach in engineering called "Electronics and Instrumentation",Why not separate branches.
Again why there is a branch called "Mechatronix".Why there is a branch called "electroniccs and communiccation".why not separate.
Then told me to debate on my Essay.
Define BPL?(International and Indian definition),what is the flaw in it?what percentage of Indian population is under BPL category??
I told"sir,27.5%"
Immediately Prof Ghosh asked,"how can you tell so confidently"??
I told,"sir,wikipedia source"
Now Prof Kapoor,"Beta ab bolo wikipedia se kya kya interview ke liye padhke aaye ho"(with a smile)??
I smiled and told,"sir,I know these basic economic terms from Daily newspaper."
Prof Kapoor,"nahin nahin,Sach main frankly bolo kya kya padhake aayeho".
Again scold me about my handwritting.
Then told me prepare for next year.You are capable of going to IIMA.
I was giving straight answers to each and every question or suggestion coming out of their mouth.
Then screwd me on my Hobbies.
Both got impressed by my quality work experience and responsibilities.
Finally told,"Why were not you able to convert any call last year.This year you are in trouble.you can go now."

I made a sad face,but was confident that i defended in each and every word.

Verdict:-50-50 chances of converting it.

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hi all finally i am in ....
here is my interview experience

Essay topic: is foreign university bill going to be a boon for indian education system.take a stand & write in 200 words.

write about +ve like it'll encourage a healthy competition, will set reference interm of curriculum ,infrastructure & quality of student , incresed option for student & will reduce brain drain from India.
along with all above raise some question like how it'll ensure proper representation of oppressed section of society , how government keep tab on their profit making habits & how will govt. ensure same standard of education as their parent education institute.

Psychometric test: simple 40-45 question mostly same question in diffirent way like r u shy person.

two prof
G :Ganesh Kumar Nidugala
U : U. K. Bhattacharya

M: me

i was second to be interviewed.
G: your this, you have done this (start reading my profile sheet)
G:temme what you do at you company?
M: told about my work profile.
G: what is an electrical engineer
M::o....bol diya ju man me aaya
G:your eassy is really good but you did n't write about how deprived section of socity would be given participation in this.
M: sir, i wrote about it just turn the page third line from starting (impressed).
G: so whats the solution?
M: sir, they can provide an affirmative action to student of these section by providing lower cutoff for entry ,scholarships & along with it these can ask to be part of this initiative through PPP model.
G: but its more like reservation. these are foreign institution they are here for business & reservation is not to acceptable in these universities.
M: this is not true sir, even all big universities in US have so seats reserve for blacks. now even going to next step they have reserved seats for Asians & African countries students.so just scenario is different but business model is almost same.
G: (to U)ok , i am done do u want to ask sthin
U: ok, you are in power distribution company.tell me how you people do business?
M: told him abot ABT,open market bidding for power units, long term PPA b/w generation company & distribution company.
U:so where do you bid for power units?
M: told him about power exchanges in india .
U: ok, how inducter work?
M: told.
U : can you represent inductor mathematically.
M : wrote a first order diff eqution for inductor .
U : what are the other calls you have?
M: L & I
U: what'll be preference of joining ?
M: first L then I (why shud i lie)
U: Ok, we are done , you may leave.

overall a goody goody process, answered every question almost.

verdict : Converted

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The results are out today and I am posting my experience today only because i thought it was not worth posting here..
Now i know the result I'll go ahead and share the experience with you.


X: 84.2 % (CBSE)
XII: 91.4 % (CBSE)
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : ECE, 85.75 % from NIT Kurukshetra.

Work-Ex: 42 months, VLSI/Semi conductor

CAT Score: 97.5 %ile

Case Study/Essay: Government cannot nullify the income imbalances by concentrating only on IT/ ITES sector.

Number of Ppl present: 10
Time: 1400 hrs
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: No discussion only essay.

Other Salient Details: A psychometry test with 44 questions, 10 minutes. We were told to be honest in answering.

Panel Members Intro: Prof. A and Prof. B and me
I was the third last in my batch. It was quite late by the time my turn came.

Door opened by B and he warned me to handle the door carefully. I did what was expected of me

A: From your pic on form you look like a film-star..Are you the same person?
Me: Very much sir !!

B:Why have you come here? You have a call from K..Why don't you join IIMK ?
Me: ..Was interrupted within seconds

B: bangalore has a great weather.Why don't you stay here and continue in your company? Its good for you career.
Me : Tried to say something about the weather in Indore and my aspirations ..Was interrupted immediately

A:Weather in Indore is pathetic..
Me : Confused

B: Which institute did you go to for preparation?
Me: None.I am a working professional don't get time....

B:What is the difference between verification and validation ?

B: Explain in lay man's language
Me :

B:Which college are you from ?
Me: NIT Kurukshetra

B: Charas gaanja lete hoge tab to...
Me : Never heard of any1 taking charas or gaanja in my college

B: Drink smoke to karte hoge ?
Me: . No sir. i don't drink or smoke.

B: Why were you so different in college?
Me : I am not different.There were many ppl in college who didn't smoke or drink.

B: Bangalore mein pubs to jaate hoge girl friend k saath?
Me: No sir. I don't have a girl friend..

B:You are lying man
A: Which sport do you play ?
Me: tennis,cricket

A:What is the difference between playing styles of Amritraj and someone(i don't remember the name) ?
Me: (Googly on tennis...thinking wat to say ). One is a good serve and volley player and the other one is a good baseliner...

B: There are only few playing techniques in tennis.Are you guessing ?
Me: Yes I am..:banghead: Actually sorry about that , i don't even know about the second player that you are talking about.

Both A and B look at each other and laugh about my reply...

A:You play tennis ?

A: Are you able to hit the ball to the other court ?
Me: . yes sir !

B:How good are your technical concepts ?
Me: They are ok.

B: But you are a gold medalist ? They should be too good.
Me: They were at one point of time.Its been 4 years...

A: What are achievements apart from academics ?
Me: Sir, I am good at sports (Interrupted )

A: Have you played at national level ? state level ?
Me: No sir

A:We are done ! Any question for us
Me: No sir (I think i know the verdict.. :banghead: )

Total time : 5-10 minutes...

I think they were trying to stress me out but i maintained my composure and wasn't disturbed at all.

Verdict : Converted ..

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Do we get any hard copy of letter?alongwith DD,acceptance letter,HOSTEL allotment letter we need to send anything more?

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Got Thru IIM I...

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I got admit to IIM I. Hoping to see some of you guys there 😃

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IIMI results are out. I got thru.

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i probably think he will convert I too, no doubt it was kinda scary , usage of "fraud" was not very discreet, but i think profs were so confident that he would go to B anyway that they were testing his patience n other aspects

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I am late in posting this and I am sorry for that.

A: Why have you come here? you have already qualified for Bangalore?
V: I have not qualified sir, just attended the iv.
A: You are very active at PG?
V: no sir. joined after I got calls. only few posts.
A: I read your IIMB exp. at PG. you are so sure. you are asking every body to relax. overconfident?
V: No sir. just to make them comfortable.

yeh kya hai bhai?>??????? this is so scaryyyyy...they r reading people's i/vs on pg?????????? it may work against me if tht happens!!!!
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