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All the best to everyone for their FMS-MBA(FT & MS) interviews starting tomorrow. Please do post in your experinces.It would be good if we can use below format. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PR...
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Date - 31/03/10
Time: 9 30 am
2 months of preparation time is very harmful for any interview.
So before the D Day watched New York, and Motor Cycle Dairies.
Verdit: Life mein koi load nahi hai
X: 89.8
XII: 83.4
Undergrad Major: GPA - 7.425
Work Ex: 20 months
Sector: Management Consulting
Met a few guys whom I knew from Malay Sir's classes. Felling good.
GD Topic: Modernization is causing Environmental Imbalance.
I had seat no. 1 and instantly felt that I am at the disadvantage. Nobody was even looking at me.
1 min to think, 10 mins to discuss, 1 min to conclude.
Good GD. People kept on coming with points, mainly examples - Green buildings,fishing nets, buildings in germany with green rooftops, etc etc.
I came in 3 4 times. Average performance.
I was the 1st in line to be interviewed. Decided to forget the past (GD) and move on.
Members: VKS (Proff V.K.Seth), AV (A. Venkatraman), YS (Young Sir), S M (Smiling Mam) and ME (Bakra No. 1)

Bakra No. 1 come in.
Goodevening Sirs and Mam.
YS: So Anupam, you know about extempore. Your topic is " One needs to be a Cat in the Rat race".
Dimaag ki batti jali and fir jo jubaaan chali. Kept on introducing points every now and then and finally the panel said - Bas balak bas. Verdit - Excellent performance.
VKS: That was a nice extempore Anupam. Shall we begin with the grind.
Me - Yes Sir. Isi ke liye to him here
YS: So Anupam tell us about yourself, your hobbies, your goals, how you have progressed in life.
ME: Gyaan Gyaan Gyaan.
VKS: So Anupam I will ask you 2 Qs I ask every civil engineer.
Isi ka toh intezaar tha sir, 2 yrs work ex, Finance, Eco ki knowledge, but all u want is Civil
VKS: Wats the dimension of a brick and a tile.
ME: Lo sir, yeh bhi koi baat hui. Told
Now Mr.AV who was sleeping till now, started with the Rapid Fire Round
AV: Architect Delhi
ME: Told
AV: Architect Chandigarh
ME: Told
AV: Difference between a town planner, architect and a civil engineer.
ME: Told
AV: On what 4 parameters is a urban and sub urban area different form each other
ME: Told
AV: Whats special about Chandigarh in that sense.
ME: Sir - Bhagwaan se pucho, mujhse kyu --- Sorry Sir. I am not aware of that.
YS: UID programme
ME: Told
YS: Who is heading UID programme?
ME: Told
YS: Planning Comminssion Chairman, Vice Chairman
ME: Told
SM: CAT percentile and other Calls
ME: Told
SM: But we don't understand - You have a good profile, Why FMS ? SGo for MS, GMAT
ME: Sir 60 lakh mere uncle kaise denge - Told
ME: Sir ab jara Economy, production curves, demand supply, balance sheet, Profit loss, Budget pooooch lo.
Bahut months ghisa hun sir. Pucho Pucho
And the next statement is - You may go now.
ME: Sir 2 3 min toh aur bitha lo.
But with sad mind I said thank you
Verdit - Good interview, but they didn't seem interested in me at all.

Final Verdit - Converted J

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Sikkim became a part of India in 1975.
Arunachal Pradesh was called NEFA( north eastern frontier agency.

Acads: Average
10th: 79.5%
12th: 63.3%
B.tech: 68%

Extracurricular: decent
Workex: 36monthsin ERP Consulting

GD: Poverty causes environment degradation!

M: so, Naresh you know when did sikkim ..was included in our country..?
Me: sir, its recentlynot sure..the exact year.
M: bythwaydo you know which other north-eatstern state was having trouble with china?
Me: Arunachal Pradesh 😃 ( I know..am damn right here..)
M: do you know.what was earlier it used to call ?
Me: nope sir ( I think he was expecting.. something.. Aksai Chinbut not sure..)
M: Okhay, Nareshthank you J
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Well i didnt think i was going to post my experience here, what with a messed up extempore and average gd, i had more or less resigned to the fact that i had missed my shot at fms. But surprise surprise , i must have done something right because i made it to waitlist number 1. so here goes my experience, hope it comes in handy to students next year:)


X: 89%
XII: 86%
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age 76.3%

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

Topic:Regional blocks are the only way to safeguard national economies
Number of Ppl present:11
Time: 1 min to think 12 mins to discuss, 1 min to conclude

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
The professor first asked us whether we were ok with the topic, before anyone could reply the other professor said "ya, they must be knowing about this , all NAFTA SAFTA and other regional blocks, let them discuss"

so it started, the discussion was ok, nothing outstanding. We discussed about greece situation, asean, saarc, security issues, overcoming american hagemony and free trade.
Not a fish market except in small patches.

Panel Members Intro p1 p2 p3 p4 and me

Extempore Topic:
before me people got extempore topics as follows
-guru nanak(was his school name)
- time machine(because he had rescheduled his interview date)
-being mayawati
-arabian sea
-delhi as a capital

When i went in i was also expecting a topic related to the discussion, didnt happen.
i entered ,greetings, sat down

p2: ok this is your extempore round now p1 will give you a topic
after that you have 10 sec to organize your thoughts
when i say start you will have 1 min with you

p1: your topic is "title"

10 sec passes

p2: start

me : i start talking about title and am cutshort after 1st line:shock:

p1: its not "title" , its "titan"

p2: start (no 10 sec to think this time, he said start immediately. my punishment for getting the topic wrong)

me: had to start blabbering immediately, i wont like to recollect what all i spoke for that 1 min but it was 1 of the most inarticulate 1 min speech i have ever made:splat:


i hadnt let the exempore feel go and the questions started

p3: so your name means?
me :told
p4: tell us something about yourself
p4: what are your hobbies?
p1: do you follow yoga?
p2: so why the sudden change to MBA?
p2 which wil be your dream company?
p1: Which entrepreneur inspires you the most?
p4: you are from gujarat, have you heard about "SEWA"?

I am guessing it lasted around 5 mins, i suppose the pi was good but i was simply overwhelmed by my inability to perform in the extempore
left the building quite dejected because of the same

My learnings from the incident:
- once the extempore is over, it is over. dont carry it with you in the pi as well. its just 10 marks after all

-dont have any preconceived notions. my xlri interview was a quickfire stress interview with panel members continously staring at me, this was the opposite. The panelists here were so good that they had me completely convinced regarding their lack of interest in what i was speaking. Their body language was meant to tell me " you are so boring that we have mentally left the room". only after leaving the room did i understand that it was just a ploy to check my response. It does become a bit difficult to speak passionately and persuasively when the opposite person refuses to acknowledge your existence:shock:
Also the interview had periods of silence everytime i finished my answer.

Anway now the result is out and i have a good chance of converting my waitlist number, i suppose my written test performance helped compensate for the forgetable extempore

will just like to tell the upcoming batch of aspirants not to loose hope because of what you might consider to be a bad performance:cheerio:
Anything is possible:)
all the best

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why can't you people see that this thread is for experiences and you are speculating like anything!
please maintain some decorum on the forum.
it is not expected from experienced users like you all.

continue here.

if anyone wants to update his/her post with the final verdict or wants to post the interview experience on this thread, PM me.

www.raghavabbhi.com | My take on CAT: http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/all-i-wanted-to-speak-about-cat-25002933/6315307
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told by one of my firends that the results may have been delayed by a week!, no source and no credibility...but thought id tell u guys anyway...even m waiting for the result...groans welcome..hehe

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hi puys,

What is the current status of the results..!

Any news about the results being put on the notice board...??

Latest report from college results not yet seen here....
work is on.. keep ur fingers crossed...
all the best..
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Are they going to give just the results of the shortlisted candidates or will they be uploading the marks of all the people who have written the test.
I am equally eager to know my marks, even though I have not cleared the test:(

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We have around 2 months time before we join an institute....and many of us are also done with all gd.pi's....
Now we can benefit by adding some skills to our profile :


SENIORS, please pour in some inputs

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Hey All,

Itzz tym now tht we all are done with the interview part and are now just relaxing a bit before we start hitting F5 key repeatedly ....

I wish u all t very best for t results and ppl who visit the campus for resultzz kindly chk out mine as well and send me a SMS or call on ..

PS: I don't know if contact numbers are allowed in posts or not but i request MODS to let it be here for some tym and i vl remove it later in t nyte

Live life king size !! Be happy n keep smiling :)
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29th Morning:
GD : Education serves better than any other service.
Was a good GD, everyone spoke, I chipped in 2-3 points. OK performance.
PI: I think the worst I have ever given
4 panelists ( 2L + 2M)
P1: Extempore topic is " All human beings are equal "
Me: thought for 2 secs and started with poem
God made all things bright and beautiful and all creatures grt and small, made some points abt how the circumstances in a persons life brings inequality thou everyone is equal. suddenly i went blank and dint speak, they asked me to continue but i could not:banghead:
P1: why do you think so much of inequality exists?
Me: wealth,caste, gender, I was actually blabbering
P2: Do you really believe that all humans are equal?
Me: yes mam
P1: u have got very nice extra currics-- kuchipudi
P2: have u given ur arangettam?
Me: no mam, but i have performed solo on stage many times, also in International Telugu convention
P1: who are famous names among kuchipudi
Me: shobha naidu
P2: havent u heard abt reddys- radha reddy reddy and raja reddy?
Me: yes mam, even they are ..
P1: they have been awarded padmashree..
Me: yes mam
P1: wat was the latest book u read?
Me: chetan bhagat-2 states
P2: but chetan bhagat is not a grt writer..
Me: mam, he writing is very relative to youth, also has a humour element
P1: other than chetan bhagat any other writers?
Me: Jhumpa Lahiri, Ayn Rand
P1: which book of jhumpa lahiri have u read and wat is ur opinion on the book?
Me: namesake and told abt how US resident indians suffer from identity probs
P2: does this happen in reality?
Me: yes mam, it does.
P1: wat does ur father do?
Me: blah blah
P2: ur mother?
Me: blah blah
P3: have u heard abt recent google news?
Me: no sir, not sure of it
P3: realted to google
Me: I dont know sir
P3: U dont follow news na( with a very disgusted look).. Wat other news have u read recently
Me: budget, headley,..
P2: women reservation bill
Me: yes mam, the bil..
P1: how many seats are there in lok sabha and rajya sabha?
Me: :shock: I dont know the exact number.. ( panelists smile)
P1: ok we are done
Me: thanks all

P4 dint even bother to ask me nor did he hear my ans i guess..


GD: Colaition governments are true reflection of Indian democracy
PI: 4 panelists again ( 2M + 2L )
P1: why is your name kartik? its a boy's name?
Me: sir, i was born in the month of kartik, november
smiles all over
P1: wats ur final year project?
Me: sir, it is unmanned railway gate system and gyan..
P1: ok can u give me any other implementation of this principle?
Me: gyan.
P1: tats not a new idea.. wats unique abt ur design?
Me: the implementation of principle is unique.
P1: have u developed a prototype of rthis or is it just a design?
Me: yes sir, its in college
P1: ok ur extempore topic: heat
Me: spoke abt heat being form of energy, used for cooking, moulding, now a days temp rising everywhere, modernization, global warming..
P1: u dont play sports?
Me : no sir, not a sports person.
P1: there is term called over heats in sports before final round.. can you explain?
Me: i can guess it tat may be players are subjected to rigourous rounds of sports to check sustainability :shock:
* laughs everywhere:oops:
P1: ok, wats over heat in economy?
Me: i can interpret it as economic crisis
* laughs everywhere:oops:
P1: ok wat extra currics u hav?
Me: sir, ive learned kuchipudi and carnatic music?
P1: who is ur guru in music?
Me: told
P1: how many years have u learned kuchipudi?
Me: 6 years
P1: 6 saal mein toh kya sikhoge..
P3: hav u given ur aramgettam?
Me: no mam, but represented vizag on state level and also performed in international convention
P1: can you chereograph on ur own?
Me: yes wateva my guru has taught me..
P2: ok wat gases r responsible for global warming?
Me: cfc's
P2: expand
Me: chloroflouro crabons ( i was sure it was responsible for either ozone layer thing )
P2: ok wat releases cfcs?
Me: consumption of fuels, refrigrators
P2: ok wat is being done to reduce cfc content?
Me: CNG consumption
P3: CNG?
Me: compressed natural gas
P3: wats LPG?
Me: Liquified Petroluem gas ( with a doubt on mind)
P3: u r an engineer only na.. y so much of doubt
P1: ok, there is LPG in economy also, ill tell wats L stands for.. its liberailisation.. wat does P, G stand for?
Me : again with a doubt Globalisation and Privatisation *laughs *
P4: wat u r telling is right, tel it aloud
Me: repeat
P4: wats kyoto protocol?
Me: told
P1: so its ur first time in delhi?
Me: yes sir
P2: how do u find the place as opposed to bangalore?
Me: bangalore is much cleaner , greener and cooler than delhi, but delhi is capital of india, so bound to be like this
P1: so u dont like delhi huh.. how many more hrs u have to tolerate this place? * smiles *
Me: till tomo morning
P3: how have u travelled to fms?
Me: metro and yes mam, metro is very very gud in delhi
P1: finally u found one gud thing abt delhi * laughs *
Me : bakra
P1: and there is fms in delhi.. haha..
P1: ok thank you, we r done..

I guess all through my interview they were laughing, dint understand whether they were laughing on me or my ans or wat..

Jus keeping my fingers crossed !

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