FIIB New Delhi

Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi


"The Ideal MBA candidate" By FIIB


​ There is no such thing as a typical management degree course (MBA/PGDM/PGPM). Candidates come to Delhi to join to...

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More than just Acronyms: MBA or PGDM, which one is Better?


Many aspirants who want to get enrolled into Management Studies often ignore or aren't aware of the significant diffe...

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Should there be Reservations in Jobs?


One of the earliest evidences of Indian reservation practice was the "Caste System" when societies were divided into ...

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Tips on Managing Corporate Internship Challenges - FIIB


I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Sankalp, an Employability Workshop conducted by FIIB as a part of its Managem...

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Interview Tips- Understanding Why General Awareness is Important


"The Doctrine of Lapse" is a phrase I vaguely remember. It was in my History lesson of class VIII or IX. The definit...

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FIIB Debate on AAP Government's Resignation


Following Arvind Kejriwal and his Party's resignation just 49 days after coming into the power at the Delhi Assembly,...

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Equality for Women: Progress for All


International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th March to respect, appreciate and recognize the political, e...

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Be a Visible Communicator - FIIB


A common belief across the education and industry segment is that language is the only means to communicate whereas i...

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How to Score High in an Interview through Self-Exploration


In the process of indulging in various episodes of life, we often tend to forget to look at and to explore ourselves ...

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FIIB Debate: Is Racism within India an emerging Trend?


India stands in unity when Indians settled abroad face racial discrimination. But what happens when we succumb to rac...

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The Best Way to the Future is to Create it - FIIB


Winning takes it all! Team Elixir Biomedical representing DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai feels elated and ...

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