XLRI: ‘Ensemble 2008’ to be held in November

The theme for Ensemble 2008 is Magis: Delivering Excellence. The major events of Ensemble 2008 are the Idea Summit, the flagship game, Olympians, and a special event sponsored by the Principal Partner, Aditya Birla Group. The Idea Summit is a panel discussion on the theme of Entrepreneurship with participants including Mr Gagan Banga (CEO, Indiabulls Financial Services), Mr Rahul Butalia (CEO, ISEO Chemdis Pvt. Ltd.), Mr B V Bhargava (Chairman, CRISIL), Mr Prabhakar Valivati (MD, Mentor Partners), Mr Raghunath Medge (President, Mumbai Dabbawallahs), Mr Rajesh Mahajan (CEO, Maspar), and Mr N Sivaraman, Director, (L&T-VIAdel; Engineering Ltd.).
Aditya Birla Group Boardroom event has quarter of a million rupees in prizes. The participants, will get a chance to suggest a Global Growth Opportunity to the group. Apart from the prize money, the winners are also offered a chance to sit for Pre Placement Interviews, which they can convert into offers. Cognizant Olympians is the flagship event, where participants will compete against each other to attain the position of the Olympians. The winner of the event takes home one lakh rupees.

The games at Ensemble 2008 vary across business verticals and apart from the management events, there will also be events for adventure-lovers, budding entrepreneurs and quizzing enthusiasts. This year, Ensemble 2008 has two events for the ones who are socially inclined a Samarpan, wherein the participants have to develop a sustainable social B-plan, and Ashraya, which encourages participants to use their skill and knowledge in helping Self Help Groups to put their funds to right use. There is also an on-spot quiz competition for quizzing enthusiasts, El Dorado. The quiz-master for the event is Barry OaBrian.

The preliminary rounds of these events have already kicked off online at the Ensemble 2008 website (www.ensemble-xlri08.com). Ensemble 2008 will culminate in a rock competition followed by a rock show by the Indian band Bandish.

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