XIME alumni reunite in Bangalore

The agenda for the day also included the release of a book called ‘Institution Building in India – Some Experiences’ by XIME’s loved and revered Director Prof J Philip. The book was released at the hands of Fr E.H.McGrath SJ, Former Director XLRI, in the presence of academicians, industry leaders such as Mr. Bijou Kurien, Head, Reliance Retail; Mr Sarosh J Ghandy, Chairman, XIME; Mr Sharu Rangnekar, Management Educator; Fr Abraham, Director XIMB and Prof.M.R.Rao, Dean of ISB, Hyderabad and XLRI Alumni. The book details Prof Philip’s foray into the corporate world to being a Director at IIMB, to finally starting XIME.

Fun, Frolic, Games, Laughter and recalling nostalgic memories of XIME was the theme of the day. The present batches studying at XIME ‘broke the ice’ with the alumni through a game, which was, as expected, played with infectious zeal.

Performing live at the campus was an international band, that dished out some foot-tapping numbers on their Hawaiian Guitar, Drums and Keyboards.

What followed next was the Batch parade with, now eminent personalities of the corporate world, taking to the stage and introducing themselves. The Parade which included a Red-carpet welcome for the alumni, (some of whom had flown in from the UK, China and Australia) had all the razzmatazz associated with the Oscars. It was only obvious that the colours of personalities of the alumni spilled onto the audience. As the ex-XIME students introduced themselves in interesting ways the audience soaked in the humour, amidst continuous applause.

All in all, as the day came to a close, alumni and students alike were left asking for more. What they ask will be delivered to them of course, in XIME Alumni Meet 2008!

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