XIMB: Panel discussion on ‘India @ 75’ held

The panelists addressed the students on the various problems faced by the country today and how those problems could be overcome to achieve their vision of a developed India. Various solutions were proposed to the problems currently faced by the nation, and the students were urged to join campaigns like aTeach for Indiaa, so that they are a part of the solution and not the problem. The panelists also spoke about developing the tourism industry, and training the students who tend to drop out of high schools, so that we have a large number of skilled workers who could be employed in various industries.

The issues of malnutrition, preferring meritocracy over heredity and bridging the gap between the rich and the poor were also discussed with all the panelists offering their views on the same. The vision discussed was that of an India where the economy is more resilient, the drop-out rates and female foeticide rates are low, there is the worldas largest pool of skilled workers, and the GDP growth is highest in the world, while the pollution is the lowest. This session was followed by a question answer round, in which the panelists answered the questions asked by the students and also discussed projects like aTeach for Indiaa.

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