XIMB: Annual fest ‘Xpressions 2008’ concludes

Keeping in mind the growing preference of the B-school community for online events, this year Xpressions had six online events. Flagship events like Kurukshetra (simulated business environment to test cross-functional decision-making ability), Skill City (a test of soft skills like communication, negotiation, conflict handling and resource management), Gladiator (an evaluation of a contenderas potential to be a cross-functional manager in an objective manner), Helios (the only pan-India B-school game for undergrads to test their inherent management skills), and Spardha (an opportunity to experience life in the hinterlands of Orissa) were held on campus.

On the night of Nov 08, Celeblitz nite was opened by Ushma, XIMBas inhouse band, followed by Evergreen, the band from Kerala, and Kross Windz, the band from Kolkata. Also, the event hosted a Hasya Kavi Sammelan with participants like Surender Sharma, Dr Sunil Jogi, Dr Suman Dubey and Surendra Dube. This was followed by a Karaoke nite by KJ SUBZ and concluded with a JLT a XIMBas own version of a dance party.

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