Why Reservation is here to stay Part-I

I have seen many posts on PagalGuy running on these lines,

Three mistakes of my life:- Male, Engineering, General Category.

Got 99% no IIM call F*** reservation

And this article

You get the drift. I will start working on these one by one.

I will work on from the point of

Reserved categories:

Since ancient times,certain categories in India have been deemed low caste and were denied basic rights such as praying inside the temple, Wearing chappals and not being able to wear upper garments in front of their superiors a.k.a upper caste people.

Now these people could have asked: What is my wrong? Why am i being ostracized? Why cant i pray inside the temple like all of them? They were asking themselves,

“Perhaps my mistake was to be born as a lower caste”.

For centuries, they have remained poor, and will continue to remain poor unless and until they are helped on. Flash forward, Independence has arrived. But just because all are equals now, why should they get reservations, you may ask?. Well the upper caste peers have about centuries of advantage against the lower caste in terms of wealth knowledge and power. How can a newly redeemed section of the people fight against these odds and come up in life without reservation?

Now this is why wiser heads have set up reservation for the uplifting of the backward sections of society.

Is it right to compare the scores of one who has been access to every essentials and most luxuries with one who is just a first generation engineer?

The government thinks not and so reservation is here to stay.

Some may say those who earn 35,000 a month or 4.5 lakh a year shouldn’t be given reservation and all and that they are rich enough. To them i say, Bhai live on 35,000 a month with 4 mouths to feed and no ancestral wealth to rely on, and then you will know how much out of that salary is actually going to get saved for education.

Another common grouse is

“Equality is in the constitution, so why should they get reservation?”

The caste system was abolished only after independence and was flourishing for more than a thousand years, and select few sections of society has enjoyed years of special caste discrimination , Will declaring equality give the reserved castes any advantage that they have lost over the centuries? Bhai, for 1000 years our kind has suffered caste discrimination ( In some places they are still discriminated) but you grouse for caste reservation which has not even completed a century. Some say that many general category students are faking their certificates to get reservation and so it must be abolished. Well if some one is circumventing the system, shouldn’t the focus be on punishing them rather than to remove the entire system?

Part II: Why reservation for women is needed in IIM’s (in another post)

Now to wait for flak from the grousers ?