Why has IIM-C revised PGP admissions results and put students on hold?

We spoke to Admissions Charperson at IIM Calcutta Prof Subrata Mitra and this is the explanation he offered: All the IIMs release PGP admissions results with the number of admission offers exceeding the maximum intake for the program. Why? Because usually, some students with confirmed admissions choose to not accept the offer while some accept the offer and withdraw later. This year, IIM-C observed that the number of common names between the admissions lists of various IIMs has reduced as compared to recent years. The institute realised that the number of students who accept admissions offers could exceed the maximum intake for PGP admissions. Hence, the number of confirmed admissions offers was reduced and certain students were put on hold.

Hence the admission list was revised.

Prof Mitra told PaGaLGuY.com, aThis year, IIM-C can accommodate a maximum of 408 students for PGP admissions. As far as infrastructure is concerned, it is a tight situation here at IIM-C. Hence, the number of offers made has been reduced and certain students have been put on hold.a

On being asked to clarify the status of students put on hold, Mr Mitra said, aThese students are on a higher priority as compared to the waitlisted students. Students on hold who are contacting the institute over phone are being told their rank on the on hold list. This is a peculiar situation. It is not a normal position and this is the reason for on hold ranks not being displayed on the website.a

He further said, aThere will be a meeting on Tuesday to reassess the situation. May 1, 2009 is the deadline for students to confirm admission at IIM-C and by then we would know the exact shortfall. After May 1, offers will be made to students starting from the top of the on hold list.”

Apart from the 100 odd students who have been put on hold, approximately 100 students across various categories have been waitlisted. The institute said that the number of students which currently hold confirmed admissions offers is confidential.

Edit: We had stated in the earlier report on PGP admissions at IIM-C that 408 students had been named in the results declared on April 10, 2009 whereas the figure refers to the maximum intake for this yearas admissions. The error is regretted.

Update: The Telegraph, a Kolkata based newspaper reported on April 13 that IIM-C has reduced a list of 700 selected candidates by almost 100. We have confirmed with the Admissions Chairperson at IIM-C that close to 700 students were given confirmed admissions offers when the PGP admissions results were first declared.

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