Verbal Aptitude quiz for MAT, ATMA


quiz consists of questions from various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave
your answers/ responses in the comments section below and soon we’ll let you
know the correct answers!

1. Which two sentences in the following convey the same
idea? Choose from the combinations listed below:

(1) He is in a fool’s paradise

(2) He can’t see the wood for the trees

(3) He can’t distinguish between reality and fancy.

(4) He is unable to separate unimportant details from the
really important ones

(a) 2, 3                         (b)
2, 4            (c) 1, 4                        (d) 1, 3

2. We can never make our beliefs regarding the world
certain. Even scientific theory of a most rigorous and well-confirmed nature is
likely to change over a decade or even tomorrow. If we refuse to even try to
understand, then it is like resigning from the human race. Undoubtedly life of
an unexamined kind is worth living in other respects-as it is no mean thing to
be a vegetable or an animal. It is also true that a man wishes to see this
speculative domain beyond his next dinner.

From the above passage it is clear that the author
believes that

(a) men would do well not to speculate

(b) progress in the scientific field is impossible

(c) one should live life with the dictum ‘what will be
will be’

(d) men are different from animals as far as their
reasoning abilities are concerned.

3. If the following segments of a sentence are to be
rearranged in logical order as A, B, C, D where would ‘3’ be placed

(1) to see that students do not altogether forget to
write especially during exam time

(2) the education groups are now asking for hand writing

(3) thanks to mobile testing and computer literacy

(4) writing in long hand is becoming a vanishing art

(a) A                (b)
B                (c) C                 (d) D

4. If leaf is to leaves and knife is to knives, then
belief is to ————

(a) beliefs        (b)
believes     (c) belief        (d) believing

5. Choose the sentence where the underlined word is used

(a) This latest novel is a pedestrian story about spies.

(b) The exam paper is not pedestrian but difficult.

(c) This is the pedestrian highway.

(d) Every week we are forced to listen to a pedestrian lecture.

6. When the fire alarm rang ________left the building

(a) all               (b)
everyone              (c) all the people                   (d) every person

7. Choose the correct meaning for the word:


(a) the person who is selfish

(b) the person who is concerned about others

(c) the person who isn’t misanthropic

(d) the person who believes that people always act from
selfish motives

8. Choose the word with correct spelling

(a) catagories

(b) diarrhoea

(c) ommission

(d) inaugrate

9. Pick out the right sentences.

(1) I will go with you.

(2) There was nobody I could go with.

(3) I have a glass with painting on it.

(4) The curtains do not match with the furniture.

(a) 1 & 2          (b)
2 & 3          (c) 1 & 4          (d) all

10. Choose the option which is the nearly opposite in
meaning to


(a) grant

(b) praise

(c) refer

(d) purchase

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1(d)    2(c)    
3(b)    4(a)     5(a)   
 6(b)   7(d)   
8(b)     9(a)    10(b)