There is someone on the roof

It was 2’o clock at night, like every other night there was deafening silence everywhere. Everyone was asleep okay not exactly my grandmother was awake. Truth be told, she is awake 24×7. She is a humanized version of a day and night owl (if that exists). We always trusted our grandmother’s instincts and Intel. Then she heard something, she woke my grandfather up and told him that there is someone on the roof. He got up reluctantly and put on his hearing aid. Any other day, they would not pay heed to it but just 3 days before that day, there was a robbery in our neighbor “RAMESH JIJAJI’S house. Everything seemed possible at that time. My grandfather is not exactly a fearless person in fact the exact opposite and he even takes after A.K HANGAL so he had every reason to wake my father, uncle, mother, aunt, elder sister and even my 10 year old cousin up. He didn’t want to leave any man behind so that’s how he strengthened his so called “special security force”(SSF). We were hit by a storm of chaos. We started looking for weapons ranging from cricket bats, wipers, toy swords, Laughing Buddha statue to vintage Nokia phones. We were prepared to take down any enemy be it china or Pakistan with such heavy artillery and ammunition. Our hearts were thumping, adrenalin was rushing, fear was palpable everywhere. We slowly started moving towards our destination, we reached the Ist floor felt as we had reached the middle of Everest. One more floor to climb and someone or may be more than one were awaiting us. Somehow we were there at the terrace door. We were contemplating who would do the honors of opening the wooden to be precise, Rosewood wooden door. Nobody was ready to take the initiative, my elder sister showed the needed courage and desire to do it. I was wondering if goddess DURGA had entered her body to exterminate our evil thieves. My elder sister aka “commander of SSF” opened the door hoping for an ambush or perhaps land mines. We screamed our lungs out while moving ahead to attack. Believe me you, what we saw was “phantasmagorical”. No, I am just joking. We saw nothing initially, we kept going ahead to spot someone or something and there we saw our “Culprit”. It was a cat (cute white colored kitten). We cleared the area, we occupied our territory back from the hostiles. We did not even lose the trust in the source of our Intel i.e. grandmother because there was someone on the roof.