Synonym/Antonym Quiz for ATMA, MAH-MBA CET

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of actual
questions from various past actual papers of various MBA entrance exams. Leave
your answers/ responses in the comments section below and soon we’ll let you
know the correct answers!

Directions for questions nos.
1 – 5: Select as option the word closest in meaning to the given word

1. Lynch

(a) Kill

(b) Shoot

(c) Madden

(d) Bear

2. Cantankerous

(a) Pleasant

(b) Quarrelsome

(c) Disrespectful

(d) Cheerful

3. Zany

(a) Serious

(b) Thief

(c) Funny

(d) Magician

4. Taciturnity

(a) Agitation

(b) Boldness

(c) Dumbness

(d) Reserve

5. Destitution

(a) Abundance

(b) Poverty

(c) Humility

(d) Moderation

Directions (Q.Nos.6-10) In the following questions, choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word that is your answer.

6. Provocation

(a) Compliment

(b) Stimulus

(c) Indignity

(d) Vocation

7. Loquacious

(a) Voluble

(b) Silent

(c) Verbose

(d) Garrulous

8. Subservient

(a) Disobedient

(b) Inferior

(c) Submissive

(d) Straightforward

9. Repel

(a) Repulse

(b) Confront

(c) Attract

(d) Rebuff

10. Remiss

(a) Forgetful

(b) Harmful

(c) Lax

(d) Careful

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   2(b)     3(c)   
4(d)     5(b)     6(a)  
7(b)    8(a)     9(c)    10(d)