SWIM 2008 organized at Great Lakes

The guests discussed about the success, women had achieved in the field of management and aspired to achieve greater heights. Ms. Anu Aga in her opening speech said that it was important to balance professional responsibilities and personal life and emphasized on Vipasana which is the art of living. Ms Sudha Raghunathan talked about her journey to becoming a maestro in classical music. She discussed the challenges faced during her journey, and how she won over them. Ms. Hemu Ramaiah opined that it is important to think out of the box to reach athe other sidea and achieve success. She elaborated on the lessons learnt in running an entrepreneurial venture. According to her, entrepreneurs must plan when to start and exit a business plan. Ms. Mridula Ramesh talked about four success enablers for women, namely role models, proving early competence in a language known by competitors, courage, and family support.
The event also had a panel discussion on the topic aEducated, Intelligent, energetic, and just in her forties a can she still pursue her career dreamsa. The discussion was moderated by Mr TN Seshan, former CEC of India. The panel included Ms. Pushpa Kandaswamy, Noted TV producer, Ms. Indra Subramanyam, MD, Ehrlich Lab, Ms. Lalitha Maheswaran, HR Consultant and Ms. Sarda Ramani, president of CI Global Solutions. Mr. Seshan introduced the theme, follwed by Ms Indra Subramanyam stating that desire is what takes women towards their goals. She also said that for a country to prosper, men and women must work together without compromising on domestic life. Ms. Pushpa Kandaswamy said that relations were more important than numbers. She vehemently supported the theme and emphasized that women are adaptable, efficient and capable of multi tasking. According to Ms Sharda, determination and grit are important and even if one were to take a break in professional life, one can still get back as and when one feels like, and make the best out of it. Ms Lalitha, a visiting faculty at Great Lakes, addressed the women in the audience and advised them to define success for themselves, and not neglect their own selves. She said every decision taken will have its own consequences, it is important to make a choice and live by it. This was followed by an open house

A Quiz competition titled aLes Quizerablesa between various companies and colleges was also a part of SWIM 2008. The quiz saw a total of 46 teams registering for Les Quizerable and was conducted by Mr. Vinod Ganesh. The teams were from companies like TCS, Cognizant, Citibank, HP, I-flex, KPMG, IRENVA, Frost and Sullivan, Abacus and Aura participating in the quiz. The quiz also had students from IIT, Madras, Anna University, SIIB, Pune, IFMR and many others. The total prize money for the quiz was Rs. 35000. The first prize was won by team Sumo comprising of Saranya Jayakumar, Rajen Prabhu and Kiran Vijaykumar.

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