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    I am Utkarsh Sharma!!

    I belong to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I did my schooling from
    Delhi public school Bhopal with commerce as my main stream in 11 and 12. I did
    my under graduation from Bhopal School of social sciences in Bachelors in
    Business Administration. I belong to a family business background hence I was
    always inclined towards running a business and was always interested in how
    things worked in a corporate. Therefore I chose a path which was business
    knowledge oriented and would help me get the maximum exposure.

    In the final year of my Graduation I started preparing for
    CAT with a hope to get a good B-School. I was still unsure of what do I want
    from an MBA. My dreams, visions, and aspirations were that of an entrepreneur.
    I explored my options and nowhere in the country was a course that had an
    entrepreneurial focus or an entrepreneurial touch in curriculum. I was
    skeptical of doing an MBA as I was having my dad’s business on one hand and a few offers
    from different colleges across the country on the other. I was very unsure of
    what I wanted to do.

    One fine morning I went to my coaching institution and I
    came across the representative of WOXSEN. I was handed the brochure and after
    reading the brochure, I thought did they open the college only for me! I was
    awestruck, what I wanted was there. Finally a college with entrepreneurial
    mindset and thinking, a college that had the potential to groom and make
    entrepreneurs, it was the kind of college I was looking for. Without wasting a moment, I visited the website and filled in the form. I was happy that I had
    associated myself with a brand that has a vision. My identity was associated
    with an institution that has a belief that they can change the world.

    My experience so far in Woxsen has been great. I am in the 2
    year PGPEM program. I have made great friends and getting a chance to meet great people. I am proud to be associated with a brand which builds
    an Entrepreneurs and their dreams.

    By Utkarsh Sharma.

    Vice President, Student Council.

    Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad

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    1. @Soumyadipc06
      Three years have passed. Even today Woxsen is known for its great infrastructure, globally acclaimed faculty (IIMs and Ivy league colleges), and excellent placement (100%). Woxsen is truly a great experience and prepares the students for corporate life in 360-deg ways. It is one of the best colleges in India today when it comes to management education.
      April 2019

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