physical stress and mental stress have become the order of the day.stress effects our health and leads to ulcers and one need to be aware regardind the ways to cope up with stress .so here are some tips to cope with stress;-

  1. physical and strenous exercise like swimming , playing, dancing,jogging
  2. sleeping atleast for 6 hrs bcz sleep has a great therapeutic effect which helps in coping with stress
  3. laughter which is the effective way to cope up with stress
  4. yoga and meditation
  5. maintaing social relations
  6. taking a good diet which involves fruits , juices , sprouts
  7. avoiding faty food, smoking and alcohol

so dont feel stress bcz every one feel stresss in their lives at some point of time .so dont panic yourself nd follow the above tips an be relaxed ..stay coolll in this summer …

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