SOIL Gurgaon: Educating the next generation of leaders

SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon) is a business school that aims at educating the worlds next generation of leaders and professionals in meeting evolving global challenges while working towards sustainability. In a recent research study carried out at IIM Ahmedabad’s Ravi J Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation, SOIL was named as one of four B-schools setting trends in business education. It has been co-created by 32 leading companies from across Industry verticals. These firms include Aditya Birla Group, Dabur, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, M&M;, TATA Steel and many others. For the complete list of our consortium partners, visit They partner with SOIL in the following ways:

Curriculum Design The curriculum is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the industry while focusing on contemporary global corporate themes.

Selection of Students – Each student at SOIL is interviewed and selected by a panel comprising a cross section of leaders from the Industry Consortium.

Live Case Studies – Senior management from each company spends time with students in the classroom sharing insights from their experiences and discussing live case studies.

Mentoring Every student is assigned a leader from the corporate world as a mentor who helps the students work towards achieving their learning goals. Mentors include Sanjay Gupta, Former India Leader, American Express; Arun Kumar, HR Head – Godfrey Phillips; Badri Agarwal, Former President Bharti Airtel & Bharti Foundation; Anil Munjal, VP HR, IT & Finance, Maruti Suzuki amongst others.

Career Forward Consortium companies lead our placement process, greatly enhancing the scope of successful placements.


SOIL has its own resident faculty and visiting faculty which includes academicians from international universities such as Stanford, Insead, Harvard, Carlson Business School and IIM Bangalore. We also invite international consultants and industry practitioners who have been practicing in India and abroad as regular visiting faculty experienced & widely respected in their respective subject areas. Some of the prominent names are Ronald Schramm, CEO, China Macro Finance and former professor, Columbia University; Kalpana Sinha, Director, People and Organizational Capability at Microsoft; Dr. William Davidson, Founder MESA Research and Former Research Director, Harvard University.


Academies introduce students to the practical aspects of the theoretical concepts. The SOIL academies are a series of workshops, interactions and live projects where students get to share experiences with industry leaders. The choice of academy does not have to be related to the course undertaken. A Human Resource Leadership Program student can take up consulting or any other academy. The academy is one of the key ways that students network with industry leaders and imbibe their best practices. For a taste of academies, visit

Social Innovation Program

The Social Innovation Program (SIP) at SOIL involves a team of students working closely with an organization working towards community development. We have partnered with 16 NCR based organizations this year and our students spend one day every week working with these partners. Students gain experience of dealing with multiple stakeholder interests for the NGO, tight deadlines and working without a formal structure to guide them. This program helps students to work with a whole systems approach which stresses on the importance of contribution to the community.

Leadership Series

Apart from the focus on foundation courses that are taught at other business schools, SOIL has a very industry relevant curriculum that emphasizes strategic thinking and leadership skills. For instance, there is a conscious focus on Inspired Leadership which is facilitated through the medium of Theatre and Performing Arts by Lushin Dubey, and through Susie Roys Wellness program. Apart from these, students have found immense benefit in the Leadership Series where a diverse group of achievers interacts with them every fortnight.

Across the year, through conferences, events, and workshops, SOIL provides every opportunity to students to be a part of the campus community. All in all, SOILs endeavor is to provide every student with an experience that is memorable and life changing. Visit to know more about our ongoing leadership series.


This year SOIL had 60 students in 2 programs Business Leadership (BLP) and Human Resource Leadership (HRLP). 55 students opted to be a part of Career forward process. 140 Companies across industries engaged students in conversations around their careers. The 36 BLP students in the placement process were interviewed on an average by 5.6 companies. Post selection and formal discussions, 45 offers were extended. The average and median salaries were Rs. 9.9 Lacs and Rs. 9.35 Lacs respectively with Rs. 21.16 lacs being the highest salary. On a student to student basis, the batch saw an 84% rise in their salaries from what they were earning before they joined SOIL. The 19 HRLP students in the placement process were interviewed on an average by 7 companies. The average and highest salaries were Rs. 5.97 lacs and Rs. 10 lacs respectively. On a student to student basis, the batch saw a 110% rise (excludes freshers) in their salaries from what they were earning before they joined SOIL. IT & IT consulting were the major recruiting industries followed by Manufacturing and FMCG, Management Consulting, Real Estate, Engineering. Functional distribution shows that IT has had a major share followed by Sales & Marketing and Strategy.


SOIL follows a rolling admission process with 3 rounds. Candidates first submit an online application which includes details on academic performance, work experience (if any) & essays on their career aspirations & previous experiences. In addition 2 recommendations are sought from people who have seen the applicant work closely. The applicants are then short-listed on the basis of their overall profiles.

The shortlisted applicants will be required to take the Caliper Profile Assessment & appear for the Talent Appreciation Process (TAP). The Caliper profile assessment is a psychometric assessment of their leadership quotient. This is followed by the TAP, which is a Personal Interview conducted by a SOIL Faculty along with a leader from the Industry Consortium. For details on admission deadlines and programme fees, visit

(Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is upto the readers to research and verify the claims and judgments in the article before reaching a conclusion.)

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