Social entrepreneurship event aMarketing Maestroa held at JBIMS

The event required students to set up a trading enterprise with a unique brand name. This enterprise had to create its own portfolio by sourcing NGO products strategically from E-Cell and subsequently selling them in the market in a stipulated time period. E-Cell had procured the products from the NGOas Mouth and Foot Painting Association (MFPA), National Association for the Blind (NAB), Doorstep School and OM Creations. The main goal of the venture was maximizing the profits which would be donated back to the respective NGOas.

The first prize was sponsored by Mr Arun Sehgal & Mrs Chhaya Sehgal, the founders of Winning Edge and alumni of JBIMS. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr Harshid Rajan, Director Gammon India. The teams devised their own strategies to sell the various products to maximize their profits and Return on Investment (ROI). The teams were evaluated on ROI, profits and total sales. There were prizes for the most effective strategy, innovative enterprise name and the most exciting experience.

Devina Jaca from the winning team said “It was our first sales experience and we were actually amazed by the way we convinced our prospective clients. In all, the Marketing Maestro was a fun event, filled with varied experiences I would cherish for long!” According to Chandan Roy whose team was the first runner up, aThe marketing maestro not only taught me the abc of marketing but also how to use the perfect blend of attitude, body language and confidence to deliver when it matters the most. And since I intend to specialize in marketing, it was a great learning experience in all aspects.a

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