SIESCOMS: Discussion on ‘Terror Management’ held

The panelists included:
1) Mr Surendra Mandhane – Retired ACP, Navi Mumbai.
2) Dr Aakash Akinwar a St. George Hospital (C.S.T), who also witnessed the Mumbai terror attack
3) Mr Rana Uday Kumar Singh a GM (Operations), Watchguard Security Services
4) Mr Harish Iyer a Creative professional at Shobiz, and a Social Activist
5) Mr Sonal Dabral – Bates 141, Executive Creative Director, Asia Pacific, and Chairman, India

6) Ms Rashmi Dhanwani – Ex Journalist & Social Activist a International NGO, Breakthrough.

Mr Rana Uday Kumar Singh, talked about the absence of proactive security measures and how much things need to change; stressing the need for an independent training agency to handle terror attacks. Mr. Singh recommended that a basic security module, be made part of the curriculum at the school and college levels. Mr Harish Iyer, a creative professional at Shobiz and an activist, discussed the impact of the new media. George Koshy, brought in the aCitizena angle, which was the highlight of the discussion. Asking members of the audience, aWho failed you?a he spoke of citizens as part of the entire link, when the usual suspects were mentioned a politicians, intelligence, and the entire government system. Harish brought the evening to a conclusion, by stressing the importance of doing small deeds.

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