SDM-IMD: Conclave on Customer Centricity held

While addressing the gathering on aCustomer Service a From Chidambaram to Chicagoa, Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries Ltd. said, aThe business today is no longer just customer centric, it is customer driven. It is the people who make all the difference in a business. Businesses need to be leadership driven, and the top management buy-in is the key.”

aSporadic efforts do not produce results. The top management involvement has to be sustained in program and process monitoring.a On the course of action to be taken Meenakshi said, aCustomer Service improvements should be like a movement, a continued perspective over a longer time frame. No improvement is too small. The solutions need not be complex, but often are simple.a said A Meenakshi, ING Vysya Bank.

While presenting a case study on the public transport system in Karnataka, K Jairaj, Principal Secretary to Government, Energy Department, illustrated the importance of customer centric improvements. aWe keyed into the four major factors influencing a customer a Safety, Regularity, Comfort and Accessibility and worked towards improving them.a

According to Abhishake Mathur, ICICI Direct, aThe four barriers in selling customer centricity to the top management are Non-Linear Rate of Return, Unaligned Focus, Lack of proper measurement techniques and a weak external support. The organizations need to address these issues and break these barriers for achieving the target.”

In his address, Mr. Manivannan, Deputy Commissioner, Mysore District said, aBe it private or public sector, whenever someone tries to change the system, there is a risk involved. The question is a Who will take the risk? Unlike private sector, there is no reward for taking the risk in government service. Despite that, people join government service because of a sense of duty, because of desire to serve the public. We should install a system to recognize these people, or the system will never change.”

Also, The conclave hosted panel discussions on the subject and was addressed by Dr Pradeep Rau – Infosys Technologies, Radhika Ramesh a Bharti Airtel and Mr. G Shankar Nair a Convener, Custommerce.

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