Scratch team from SCMS-Cochin wins the HR game at Rajagiri Fest after beating tough competition

Nita Raghupathi and Jayeeta Patatunda of SCMS Cochin recently got the HR game trophy home from Rajagiri Fest (INFLORE). Called House of Targaryens, named after the popular TV show Game of Thrones, the game brought together participants from more than 30 colleges in the country. The SCMS team battled big names like Christ University Bangalore and XIME-Cochin to emerge victorious.

What makes their victory more sensational is the fact that the team was put together just couple of days before the event. And with Nita’s (one of the team members) Finance background, she could do with all the help she could get as far as HR concepts were concerned. But together they put in the hours and hard work to beat intense competition at the event. According to her, their cohesion, team spirit and agility while making decisions saw them through.

While Nita’s Finance background and lack of HR specialization was a hurdle for her, Jayeeta had other problems to grapple with. “Public speaking has always been my biggest fear. But thanks to my time at the institute, I have grown in confidence and have gained a level of fluency. I have to thank IMLP sessions and case presentations at SCMS for helping me hold my own and put my point across comfortably. It has been a complete personality change for me,” she admits.

Working towards the overall development of its students has always been a major goal for SCMS Cochin. And Jayeeta’s words ring true for many present and former students from the institute who have benefited from programs initiated by the school. Case study presentations that she talks about have been an integral part of teaching pedagogy at the institute, and Nita reiterates their importance through an incident at the recent event.

“During the rounds, we had a case study presentation. As we have done numerous case study presentations at the institute, we had an upper hand. Also, we were made to do a series of Job Description assignments as a part of HR curriculum. In one of the rounds, our task was to choose a person on the campus, perform a job analysis and prepare JD within 40 minutes. Given our experience, we had an advantage in that round.”

And they went on to win the HR game beating big names. But Jayeeta is quick to share the credit with her faculty members who, according to her, have always been accessible to them and supported them to the hilt. Ask her what the biggest take-away from the competition was and she says, “Just to get the real feel of National level management fest and the experience of participating was the biggest achievement.”

While the team might stay modest about their success, they are definitely not ready to stop here. As the girls prepare for their last term midterms they have their eyes set on more such upcoming events in order to give their dreams- wings.