Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for MAT, ATMA

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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. How many positive integers
‘n’ can we form using the digits 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7 if we want ‘n’ to exceed

A. 320              B.
360              C. 540              D. 720 

Shyam, Gopal and Madhur are three partners in a business. Their capitals are
respectively Rs 4000, Rs 8000 and Rs 6000. Shyam gets 20% of total profit for
managing the business. The remaining profit is divided among the three in the
ratio of their capitals. At the end of the year, the profit of Shyam is Rs 2200
less than the sum of the profit of Gopal and Madhur. How much profit, Madhur
will get?

A. Rs.1600       B.
Rs. 2400      C. Rs. 3000      D. Rs. 5000

3. In how many ways can four
letters of the word ‘SERIES’ be arranged?

A. 24                B.
42                C. 84                D. 102

4. The smallest perfect
square that is divisible by 7!

A. 44100          B.
176400        C. 705600        D. 19600

A survey shows that 61%, 46% and 29% of the people watched “3 idiots”,
“Rajneeti” and “Avatar” respectively. 25% of people watched exactly two of the
three movies and 3% watched none. What percentage of people watched all the
three movies?

A. 39%             B.
11%                         C. 14%                         D. 7%

In a triangle ABC the length of side BC is 295. If the length of side AB is a
perfect square, then the length of side AC is a power of 2, and the length of
side AC is twice the length of side AB. Determine the perimeter of the triangle.

A. 343              B.
487              C. 1063            D. None of these

In a Green view apartment, the houses of a row are numbered consecutively from
1 to 49. Assuming that there is a value of ‘x’ such that the sum of the numbers
of the houses preceding the house numbered ‘x’ is equal to the sum of the
numbers of the houses following it. Then what will be the value of ‘x’?

A. 21                B.
30                C. 35                D. 42

8. How many subsets of {1, 2,
3, … 11}contain at least one even integer?

A. 1900            B.
1964            C. 1984            D. 2048

9. A small confectioner
bought a certain number of pastries flavoured pineapple, mango and black-forest
from the bakery, giving for each pastry as many rupees as there were pastry of
that kind; altogether he bought 23 pastries and spent Rs. 211; find the number
of each kind of pastry that he bought, if mango pastry are cheaper than
pineapple pastry and dearer than black-forest pastry.

A. (10, 9, 4)

B. (11, 9, 3)

C. (10, 8, 5)

D. (11, 8, 4)

Mukesh, Suresh and Dinesh travel from Delhi to Mathura to attend Janmasthmi
Utsav. They have a bike which can carry only two riders at a time as per
traffic rules. Bike can be driven only by Mukesh. Mathura is 300km from Delhi.
All of them can walk at 15Km/hr. All of them start their journey from Delhi
simultaneously and are required to reach Mathura at the same time. If the speed
of bike 60Km/hr then what is the shortest possible time in which all three can
reach Mathura at the same time.

A. 8 (2/7) Hrs

B. 9 (2/7) Hrs

C. 10 Hrs

D. None of these

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1(c)    2(b)    
3(d)    4(b)     5(d)    
6(c)   7(c)    8(c)    
9(b)    10(b)