President & CEO, Cognizant Technology Solutions visits LIBA

Mr. Narayanan’s focus was on the function of a business analyst in the industry. He talked about the opportunities that change creates, and the need for higher education in management as well as other fields. Contrary to the perception that the country generates more educated professionals than are employable, Mr. Narayanan said that we still face a talent crunch with a dire need for quality professionals.

He emphasized on the fact that with single skills one can survive but with the various skills, which are developed during the course of MBA study, the individual can thrive in the corporate world.

He spoke about the evolution of an entrepreneur: the first two to four years are training intrinsic that lay the fundamental business groundings, the entrepreneurship and innovation spirit evolve and finally empowerment.

A volley of questions were hurled at him by the inquisitive future business managers of LIBA regarding CTSs expansion plans, knowledge management, scope for careers in research and development, and the company’s focus on services rather than product development.

In this regard, he stressed on the need for placing emphasis on the learning process. Around 1% of CTSs revenue is spent on knowledge management. Channel One, the portal of Cognizant for knowledge dissemination helps employees learn access and transfer information extensively. Also, CTS doesn’t intend to venture into product development, to assure its clients that the solutions provided would be specific and exclusive to their needs only.

He pointed out that the primary reason why there are more innovations in Silicon Valley was the prevalence of a culture of tolerance towards failure. While they maintained a never say die spirit there, in India, one would be written off as a serial failure. This indicates a need for an attitudinal shift in the Indian perspective.

While technology is important there also exists a need to create new business models and develop required competency to survive in the volatile business world-something a management education provides.

In the words of Mr. Narayanan, “With technology, there exists only shades of black and white-but the world is full of uncertainties, only those who can thrive amidst ambiguity can succeed.”

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