Over 700 Students graduate at IMT Convocation 2008

In his keynote address, Mr Narayana Murthy urged the students to “identify as Indians first and foremost and to rise above affiliations to religions, castes, and regions; put in the interest of the nation ahead of personal interests; embrace a disciplined way of pursuing your goals; and be ready to work hard, without cutting corners, even if it means making short-term sacrifices for long-term success.”
The Distinguished Alumni Award instituted in 2005 by IMT, Ghaziabad was awarded to Mr Subhinder Singh Prem, Managing Director, Reebok India. The award had earlier gone to Mr Rajeev Karwal, Mr Prasoon Joshi, Mr Ravi Soni, Mr Arshi Narang and Mr Abhijeet Dutta Ray.
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