New Forum Launched By DoMS IIT Madras

Management Insights for Social Transformation (MIST) is a novel forum, initiated by the Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras, to put in place a channel for interaction between management students and social organizations and philanthropists. Through MIST, DoMS is aiming at inviting eminent people and unique organizations who have influenced the society in a defining manner, to share their experiences and enrich the students with their outlook towards the society at large.
The students of DoMS endeavor to synergize existing management practices and evolve new ones for the benefit of the society.

The first edition of MIST at DoMS, IIT Madras was graced by the presence of the Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai, Mr. R Nataraj. He has been known and acknowledged for his numerous awards for his meritorious service over more than 30 years and lately had initiated a scheme to make ‘Chennai City’ the safest and the ‘Chennai City Police’ the most efficient. On the occasion, the Head of the Department of Management Studies, Prof. L S Ganesh spoke on the need to sensitize people to the larger cause of the society.

Mr. Nataraj embarked on the topic by addressing on the major police functionaries, the modes of information supply, publicity of the activities, training structure for various activities, and use of technology in day to day activities.

The Commissioner addressed the issue of cyber crime, which is on the rise with growth in the number of IT companies in the city, and the Chennai Police’s initiative in creating special cells to deal with such problems. Mr. Nataraj also described at length, the technological initiatives taken by the Chennai Police, collaboration with NGOs for development of de-addiction centers, campaign against drunken driving; drive against juvenile crime and also about the latest HR practices used by the police to train the policemen with help from various IT companies. Finally, he concluded by saying that it is important to build the police force as an institution with a human face. He also stressed on the necessity of the students and the educated class to actively participate in their neighborhood so that the problems can be nipped in the bud before they get unwieldy.

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