My Last Working day in my first company…..

So,it came on Monday.I was with this MNC for 2.5 years,landed here straight from campus placements.Initially it was all fun,I along with my classmates had 4 month training at mysore,those were one of the most beautiful moments in life,the trainee facility in Mysore is one of the best one can get in corporate world.we studied together ,played together,laughed together…then the training got over.we were separated and were posted to different locations- pune, bangalore,hyderabad etc.It was as if the holiday was over.I got posted in pune.When we first entered our new offices,it was all serious,everyone was welcomed with a straight face and had different ‘first day in office’ story to tell, but that friendliness was missing in office.

Slowly everyone got accustomed to our new atmosphere,me too.I made new friends at workplace.Things started to fell in place but everything was happy happy only till 1year.Then people starting job hunting,particularily which is in their home town.For me and friends its Delhi.Some were lucky others were not.Some left and some continued.Seeing others leave and settle with their families in delhi ,i too started feeling homesick.I tried at that time too but was not lucky enough to get a job in delhi ,hence i continued ,assuring myself all the way that whatever happens,happens for good.Finally the day came in january 2014.i landed a good job in decent company at good package.I was very happy,my happiness knew no bounds.Time passed by and this monday was my last working day in my office.I don’t know why my eyes were numb the whole day.On one side i was so much happy that finally i will be going back home but on other side i was feeling nostalgic that day .The feeling was completely new.The same office which i wanted to leave for such a long time,and its my last day in that office and i was like ,if i can get one more day to collect all my memories,all the time spent here.On my last evening tea with my colleagues in office we discussed how time flew by,wonderful moments which we spent together.All wished me good luck, while i was leaving i could see in their eyes,that thought,that Yes time has now come to look beyond…..