MICA Presents Theatre Production : Sankalp

The play ‘Suraj Ka Saatwan Ghoda’, adapted from Mr. Dharamvir Bharti’s popular novel by the same name, opened to a packed house, which consisted of high end corporates of Ahmedabad and their elite customers. While the first day was a corporate show, the next two days i.e. 5th and 6th of December were for the general public of Ahmedabad. The play attracted over 270 theatre enthusiasts every day who came from areas as far as Gandhinagar and Baroda to witness the play.

The play revolves around the romantic involvement of the protagonist with three women from different strata of India‘s social hierarchy: the lower-caste, the middle class, and the intelligentsia. In Allahabad, every day the bachelor Manik Mulla tells stories to a group of friends at his house. Over two evenings, he tells his friends three different stories of his love affairs to define what love is all about. These three stories are independent stories about three different women with whom Manik had relationships, first as a pre-pubescent boy, then an adolescent and lastly as a mature adult. After each story, the friends discuss about the human traits and the definition of love. Each story is intertwined with the notion of love, romance and separation. Manik plays with a handful of characters tossing them in different patterns for each story.

The play unfolds in parts which are woven together to form a single narrative involving humorous dialogue .The play spread across seven afternoons goes on from being frothy, light-hearted stories to poignantly dark evolution of characters leading themselves to self-destruction and ending on a hopeful note signified by the sun’s seventh and last horse.

The main sponsors for this year’s show include SBI, Coke, Silver Touch Technologies, and Gopi Group and Radio Mirchi who was their Radio Partner.

Sankalp is an amateur theatre group that has been started by the students of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. It is a non- profit, entirely student managed activity, where all aspects of theatre, from acting, marketing to sets and costumes are managed by the students. Every production so far has been selected so as to cater to the taste and preference of the Ahmedabad audience.

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